Grants In California For Individuals

Grants In California For Individuals – The Living Cultures Grant seeks to preserve and strengthen the traditional arts in the state of California with $5,000 grants to California-based nonprofit and tribal entities and other organizations working with fiscal sponsors. Projects involving any genre of traditional art – including but not limited to dance, music, food, material arts and oral traditions – are welcome.

Due to changes in funding, the Cultures of Life 2022 grant round will only be open to applicants from the following counties:

Grants In California For Individuals

Please see the information session on funding opportunities from 10 March 2022 in English above. To view the March 16, 2022 briefing in English, click here.

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The Living Culture Grants Program was developed in 2004 to provide grant funding to diverse cultural communities in California. The Living Cultures grant helps cultural groups and nonprofits across the state implement community-based projects that aim to strengthen a sense of place, encourage traditional creativity and ensure cultural continuity.

ACTA allows us to live our dreams.” —Tsering Wangmo, Chaksam-pa Tibetan Dance & Opera Company, 2019 Living Cultures Grant.

Through this grant program, ACTA supports artistic development, community engagement, personal well-being, collective energy, and the preservation of culture and history throughout California.

A 2008 Living Cultures grant supported the preparation, practice and performance of the traditional songs and dances of the Pomo Cloverdale Indians by their then newly formed dance group. Photo: Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.

Center For Nonprofit Leadership

In 2017, ACTA funded the annual Lavagem festival organized by BrasArte, a non-profit organization dedicated to the music and dance traditions of Brazil. Photo: Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.

In 2009, the Coyote’s Paw indigenous art cooperative applied for Living Cultures funding to develop workshops in the construction of traditional wire bows. Photo: Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.

In 2019, the Ukrainian Arts Center in Los Angeles received funding to produce workshops in traditional regional arts, including Easter eggs or egg decorating. Photo: Timo Saarelma.

In 2011, Living Culture’s beneficiary organization Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena held a series of traditional music and weaving workshops for the Triqui community in Salinas. Photo: Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.

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The 2022 Live Crops grant round opens on March 1, 2022. Applications are due by May 3, 2022. For the 2022 round, activities between July 15, 2022 and July 15, 2023 will be supported. Subscribe to ACTA’s monthly newsletter for the latest information.

In 2022, ACTA awarded a total of $148,200 to 30 organizations to support folk and traditional arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click to view details of the 2022 grantees.

REACH LA is an award-winning Living Cultures organization serving African American and Latino gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. Photo by Abel Gutierrez.

Please consider applying online through Submittable first. If you feel more comfortable applying by mail with a printable, downloadable application, you can use the English or Spanish application below.

Community Resource Project, Inc.

Please consider online lawyers for medio de Submittable. Sientes más cómodx solicitando por correo traditional por medio de una request que puedas descargar e imprimir, puedes acceder a ella y descargarla abajo en inglés o español.

The Living Cultures Grant Program is a program of the California Traditional Arts Alliance (ACTA) and is generously supported by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Walter and Elise Haas Fund. California ReLeaf believes that urban forestry projects should be led by local communities. This is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do: local groups better understand the larger vision of the community of which the trees are a part and can build trust and leadership that will to care for the trees for generations. California The ReLeaf Grants Program increases access to urban forestry funding by awarding grants to community groups.

The obligations of direct public funding – such as the high minimum price, greenhouse gas calculations, drafting and reporting requirements – are often prohibitive for small groups. That’s why we offer lower minimum prize amounts and technical assistance to help keep funds available and projects successful. Past grantees have included not only urban forest nonprofits, but also youth organizations, museums, neighborhood associations, social justice organizations, faith-based groups, sustainability initiatives, and more. We prioritize projects that demonstrate strong community engagement and place trees where they will best impact multiple community benefits.

“California ReLeaf really helps small nonprofits formed by citizens who see a need in their community. Many cities across the country are not getting the attention and funding they deserve. The mentoring and grant opportunities ReLeaf offers enable small organizations to do the work they need to do. I am convinced that many projects across the state would have been undone without the support and encouragement of ReLeaf.” -A Cleaner Greener East Los Angeles, Grantie

Small Business Grants

If you are a public or private entity looking to fund or support urban forestry in California, we would love to work with you! Contact Cindy Blain, executive director

Since 1992, California ReLeaf has distributed more than $9 million to nonprofit organizations, local agencies and community groups across the state for tree planting and care, education and outreach projects, green job training and development. volunteers. Funding is provided through the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and the US Forest Service. We have also facilitated grants from EPA as well as corporate partners. Grant recipients engaged thousands of volunteers in planting and caring for nearly 200,000 trees and contributed more than $9.8 million in donated goods and services, volunteer time and matching funds.

“After years of wanting to beautify and add shade to our public spaces, we are delighted to have discovered a supportive partner in California ReLeaf. With their advice, we were able to do everything from efficiently selecting the best species for our environment to engaging various key community leaders. Their willingness helped us adapt the project when new opportunities arose. In fact, we were able to expand our project and plant even more trees than we originally anticipated.” -Avenal Historical Society

In 2019, we closed our first two major grant programs funded by California Climate Investments (CCI). The powerful stories of many of these grants are summarized in this document,

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In 2020, our forest improvement grants close. The stories of three of those honorees — A Cleaner Greener East LA, the Avenal Historical Society and the Madera Coalition for Community Justice — were captured on video and the others in written stories as well. Learn more about these grant projects below.

Interested in applying for a California ReLeaf grant? Watch this Treecovery Application Guide webinar to get an idea of ​​the application process and how to optimize your tree planting project. A new way to find – The California State Library announces a new tool to find all state grant opportunities –

Billions of dollars in state grants from dozens of state departments and agencies can now be easily accessed on the California Portal – a new tool created by the California State Library.

All grant and loan opportunities offered by California state agencies and departments on a competitive or first-come, first-served basis are now available on this easily searchable website, created using extensive data from users and state agencies .

Arts In California Could See A Renaissance Thanks To Huge Influx Of State Funding

“These grant and loan opportunities exist to help California’s communities and innovators succeed. The easier it is for us to find the right funding, the sooner Californians will be able to put it to good use,” said California State Librarian Greg Lucas.

Easy search is key to portal design. Over the past 14 months, the State Library team has been researching and meeting repeatedly with users and state grantmakers to gather ideas and understand challenges.

“We wanted to create a well-received and valuable tool, and to make sure that happened, we partnered with nonprofits, local governments and business organizations across the state—and our colleagues in dozens of state departments—at every stage of the process.” said Anne Neville-Bonilla, director of the California Research Bureau, the division of the State Library responsible for site-building.

Applicants can filter grant opportunities using keywords or choosing from a wide variety of categories. The portal also allows you to search by types of qualified applicants, including nonprofits, public agencies, businesses, tribal governments and others. Subscriptions and updates on new grant opportunities for more than ten categories are also available.

Grants And Local Services

The California Portal was created by the Grants Information Act of 2018 (Stat. 2018, Ch. 318; AsmLimón, AB 2252), which required the State Library to build a “centralized location … for finding opportunities for state grants” until July 1, 2020.

“The new portal will be of great help to non-profit organizations, legislators and government agencies. Nonprofits – especially those in marginalized communities – will have better access to funding opportunities,” said Jan Masaoka, executive director of the California Association of Nonprofits.

“Legislators will have a place to refer applicants. And state agencies will accept applicants from a wider range of geographic areas and different types of communities. We are thrilled to have worked with Assemblywoman Monique Limón on the bill and the outstanding staff at the State Library to develop this innovative project,” Masaokasaid.

During the project, the State Library team heard from more than 1,000 users through surveys and online sessions and met with more than 120 government officials involved in grantmaking through one-on-one meetings and cross-departmental collaboration sessions.

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“The state

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