Graphic Design And Illustration Jobs

Graphic Design And Illustration Jobs – You want to start a new career in graphic design. But can’t you take three full years of work to get a university degree? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In 2019, many people want to retrain as artists in a flexible way that allows them to keep their day job. And many college courses have emerged to help make that possible.

At Shillington, we have campuses in the United Kingdom, New York and Australia, where intensive three-month courses over a nine-month period can also be done temporarily.

Graphic Design And Illustration Jobs

Most importantly, we have a proven track record of finding people for graphic design jobs. Of course, Shillington’s courses are often taken by students who want to prepare for industry beyond their theory-based degrees.

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So what is really important to prepare you for the industry? In this article, we’ll look at some common phrases from real job ads and see how they reveal the unique qualities you need to land your first graphic design job.

Then we’ll look at each of these qualities and how Shillington’s part-time course can help you fulfill them…. Without quitting your day job.

Real job requirement: “We are looking for an enthusiastic young developer and designer who has an eye for detail and can produce pixel perfect work with a rigorous QA process.”

For many companies, the days of on-the-job training artists are long gone. Fierce competition between design studios and ever-increasing client budgets mean that creative directors don’t have much time or resources to train new hires. Instead, they need someone who needs less guidance.

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It’s an old catch 22: ‘You can’t get a job without experience. You can’t get experience without work.’ That’s why Shillington’s classrooms are specially designed to reflect a real-life, fast-paced studio environment.

When you first create a comprehensive study plan, it’s just the beginning. From here, you will build from the basics to learn the technical skills and courses needed in the design industry.

You will learn by doing in an environment led by professional designers and designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. This means that you will start receiving degrees in theoretical courses that do not have a strong practical component.

Real job requirement: “Ability to work on design problems from start to finish: translating research data into ideas for creating disruptive new products and features, and then building full processes and relationships around them take care.”

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Every design studio lives and dies by keeping their clients happy. And the skill of fulfilling a client’s brief to create eye-catching visuals that look great in your portfolio and get lots of likes on social media is a whole different beast.

It’s really about digging into the client’s needs and business goals, coming up with original and innovative ways to help the studio achieve those goals, and then executing them fully.

Of course it can’t be taught in an explicit way, it’s usually a skill that you know through experience. So on Shillington’s design courses, you are given real-world briefs and expected to meet them at the end, providing the right technical material for print, digital or physical production.

By taking you out of the lecture hall and into this kind of real-world environment where your work will be judged by leading experts, you’ll be fully prepared to jump in at the deep end when it comes to of your previous design work; And employers are not slow to recognize this.

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Actual job requirement: “Ability to handle a heavy workload and prioritize multiple projects. Able to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a highly dynamic environment, able to work under pressure, problem solve and meet deadlines as required.

Knowing your handiwork and knowing how to get to the client in a nutshell are one and the same thing. It’s one thing to do it in a difficult time.

Managing tight deadlines in a real-world studio environment is easy to promise, but hard to do; Even experienced designers can struggle. So how do you convince an employee that you have the right stuff?

To be honest, the only evidence to convince them is the actual report. That’s why Shillington’s design lessons don’t give you endless time to complete your projects, but tight deadlines that reflect what you’ll have in the real world; Anything from two hours to two days.

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In a way, you are treated more like an employee than a student. And while that may sound intimidating, it gives you real confidence that you can meet the demands of a real-world job and helps you convince an employer that you can do the same. .

While recruitment ads require expertise in a long list of planning tools, it can be difficult to read between the lines. After all, there is probably no designer alive who knows every aspect of Photoshop. What if you’re not so keen on Illustrator but you’re a fan of Sketch? What qualifies as an “intermediate” level of experience?

It’s best not to worry too much about these kinds of things. Employers’ requirements vary depending on their specific goals, for example, they may not provide you with a written test of a particular tool or ask you to explain how its various functions work. Instead, they often look for designers who have (a) a broad understanding of basic software and (b) the ability to use it to create real-world projects.

In this spirit, Shillington teaches full-time and part-time students industry-standard design programs – Adobe Suite InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop – as well as the digital prototyping app Sketch. You’ll start from square one with software demonstrations, sharing best practices, tips and tricks, and teachers available for one-on-one guidance.

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But more importantly, by immersing yourself in real-world issues, you’ll learn how to make software do what it does; Just like designers working in the real world do.

Although design is a business, it is not a product line. In addition to looking for people who can be trusted, employers are looking for people who have talent, ideas and inspiration, which means they come up with ideas in advance instead of sitting back and waiting for instructions.

At Shillington, you won’t be working on projects independently like you would an extracurricular; You will work with your classmates just as you would in a real studio. You will also receive written and oral feedback and constructive criticism as you develop, develop and present your ideas. All of these require a thick skin but give you a good foundation when you have to do the same thing in your first job.

Practical Job Requirements: “You have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate creative processes, ideas and solutions to teams”

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It’s no use having great ideas if you can’t express them quickly, clearly, and quickly. Customers don’t have time to wait for your finished product before deciding whether they like your idea, so communication is one of the most important skills a designer should develop.

At Shillington, you’ll learn how to articulate your ideas, processes and results in a way that clients and creative directors can easily follow.

That means developing a level of empathy for what different people need to know; creating a story that describes the evolution of your ideas and the purpose of your plan; And in short, because in the real world, people have a short time and they don’t have time to wait and listen to you.

Real work requirement: “A portfolio of digital design work, personal or professional. We want to see not only the final work but also the .psd document.”

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The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. And no one will hire you as an artist unless you show them some impressive work in the portfolio. But it’s not just about the eye candy.

You are not an artist, you are a designer. The difference is that design solves a problem. So employers also want to see how you approached the problem and how your plan solved it.

At Shillington, you’ll leave your graphic design studies with an industry-standard portfolio that includes a wide range of projects and styles, including digital, print, package, UX/UI, branding, campaigns and the rest. That portfolio will clearly show how your idea evolved into your final design, and you’ll develop the skills to expand on it skillfully in your interviews.

If you are looking to change careers and become an artist, Shillington offers all the requirements that will allow you to successfully apply for positions in a competitive industry with confidence and success. Choose to study three months full-time and nine months part-time in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane ->

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