Graphic Design Associate Degree Online

Graphic Design Associate Degree Online – The university’s 100% online graphic design program is designed to prepare you to apply critical thinking skills to solve problems visually. You will learn to master visual communication, skillfully use standard software and hardware, and apply appropriate production methods to print and/or web design.

In this Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design program, you’ll build a portfolio over time so that you graduate with creative work to present for interviews. You will also become an expert in Adobe’s widely used creative software suite – a must for every designer on the market today.

Graphic Design Associate Degree Online

This course explores techniques for creating original solutions to creative problems encountered in graphic design. The importance of research and research methods is also emphasized. Prerequisites: None

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This course analyzes the basic elements and design principles necessary to solve graphic design problems. Topics covering various elements and principles are studied and practiced. Problem solving and critical thinking are developed through discussion and practice.

This course introduces students to key Adobe software applications. This course covers the unique tools each program offers, the techniques associated with each tool or set of tools, and the proper application of each technique. Students will also learn a range of skills necessary for a designer, including timekeeping, billing and contracting.

This course covers the history of contemporary graphic design. Students evaluate and discuss current design issues while emphasizing the evolution of visual communication and its impact on current design. Students learn about famous designers and design movements and develop the ability to compare and contrast their work. Prerequisites: None

This course covers specific foundations for print design. Topics explored include typography, grid implementation, layout, balance, and color. Students are introduced to the design process and use it to take a project from initial concept to final print. Prerequisites: GD116, GD210, GD211

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This course covers the specific foundations for web design. Topics include web standards, user interface design, pattern libraries, HTML and CSS. Prerequisites: GD116, GD210, GD211

This course covers the basics of JavaScript. Topics cover the functionality and implementation of vanilla JavaScript and how to modify it to work in modern browsers. Students will be able to use front-end JavaScript to add custom behavior and interactivity to various web applications. Prerequisite: GD 230.

This course analyzes how typography is used effectively in graphic design – both in print and on the web. Appropriate development of types, classification, concepts, and visual manipulation are explored as students create type-based projects. Prerequisites: For Masters in Graphic Design: GD220, GD230. For juniors in graphic design: GD 220.

This course applies basic graphic design concepts by creating projects ranging from posters to business stationery and from one-color to multi-color projects with real-world specifications and problems. Prerequisite: GD 260

Online Print Design Certificate

This course provides an in-depth study of interactivity, including elements of user experience and methods for designing and developing effective interactive interfaces. Prerequisite: GD 230

This course is about branding. The process is explored by designing print and web projects related to brand strategy development and implementation. The research method used specifically for problem solving. Promotion techniques are emphasized and developed. Prerequisite: GD 260

This course focuses on creating effective identity solutions (logos, logotypes and badges), typography sets and color palettes. Research on client, stakeholder and audience needs is used to define solutions. Prerequisite: GD 350

This course explores engineering and advanced techniques with a focus on page layout and publication design. Various activities allow students to further develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: GD 320

Certificate For Graphic Design

This course applies concepts in user experience and user interface design that reflect modern delivery systems. Use of course material through in-depth exercises and projects that reflect modern issues faced by today’s web developers. Prerequisites: GD 260, GD 332, GD 232

This course explores advanced aspects of web design. By creating multi-page websites, students will apply the latest web standards, design techniques and develop a variety of assets as they apply an in-depth understanding of contemporary theory. Prerequisite: GD 430

This is the final course for graphic design. Preparation for future employment or postgraduate study is emphasized through a comprehensive portfolio of work (both print and web) for potential careers in the graphic design industry. CV development and self-promotion are also discussed. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all graphic design specialty courses.

This course examines the political and philosophical traditions of the American republic, particularly those embodied in the ideals, values, traditions, founding documents, and institutions of the United States. Prerequisite: 60 credit hours

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This course focuses on the creative tensions that exist between the power of tradition and change as countries experience social, cultural and political change. It considers how change can renew the vitality of the republic. Prerequisite: 60 credit hours

This course examines community participation in relation to individual freedom and responsibility. It cultivates active citizens, who have the power to bring about positive change. Prerequisite: 60 credit hours

Take general studies that do more than meet the requirements. In college, this course builds foundational skills applicable to any career—critical thinking, qualitative reasoning, and ethical leadership. And you can take courses individually or in course groups, linking the three courses around a single theme and building skills over time.

Our wide range of options allows you to choose a program related to your major or broaden your perspective in other areas of interest.

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Associate Degree In Graphic Design And Rich Media

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Artists don’t just express themselves creatively; they also develop self-confidence and self-discipline in the process! If you are an artist yourself, a career as a graphic designer may be for you.

Bfa In Graphic Arts

As a field of study, studying graphic design is versatile and valuable across all industries, combining traditional artistic approaches with modern tools.

The combination of creativity, raw talent and technical ability produces cost-effective results that benefit a company or business.

The basic role of the graphic designer is to create visuals for print and electronic content. Their work includes designing flyers, brochures, magazines and advertisements using state-of-the-art technology and traditional art supplies.

Creating logos or establishing visual identity standards for brands and organizations may also be their responsibility. It’s not uncommon for designers to create color schemes, fonts, or other visual elements

What Is Balance In Graphic Design? The Balance Principle Of Design

According to data from the Norwegian Agency for Labor and Employment, in 2021 there are more than 254,000 jobs available to individuals seeking a career in graphic design. Graduates of the Bachelor of Graphic Design program can become designers in various backgrounds.

A professional in this field works with developers, art directors, and writers to define conceptual content, structure it, and create it.

For prospective students, if you are passionate about the arts, you may want to add a formal education

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