Graphic Design Short Courses Online

Graphic Design Short Courses Online – Nationally accredited graphic design online training for anyone seeking additional specialized courses in graphic design. Our courses are an excellent choice for designers and creatives to learn relevant skills and get ideas from designers.

Has it always been your dream to be creative? Do you want to work as a designer, drawing ideas, implementing ideas and designing yourself?

Graphic Design Short Courses Online

More and more companies are discovering that focusing on design is an important way to stay competitive. Design plays an important role in this. The role of the designer and the goal of this course is to combine visual language with clarity and understanding.

What Is Graphic Design? Online Class

OfG’s online design courses are government-accredited, wide-ranging design study career paths. Our courses open up participants to knowledge covering all aspects of graphic design and graphic design in a comprehensive and intuitive manner.

OfG offers government-approved graphic design and communication training courses. The design of online training courses is oriented to professional requirements and oriented to practical work. Essential skills and relevant studies are well-defined and focus on practical application.

All course activities are closely related to the specific knowledge studied. To achieve this goal, we have absorbed the work of a large number of professional designers, media designers and design agencies. This means that OfG students first receive high-quality material and useful information on skills they’ve been familiar with and topics they’re looking for.

You can easily and quickly complete the 12-module distance learning program. So, you can complete a graphic design course while working on a job or continuing education courses online. This is our specialty.

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At OfG, you’ll implement real projects in real situations. Our mission is particularly prominent in fields related to communication design. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced specialists.

Since 2010 we have been developing and improving our courses in close cooperation with renowned graphic designers, media designers, graphic designers and advertising agencies and international companies.

Design is design, what is design? , Visual Perception, Constants, Principles of Perception, Drawing Rules, Graphic Design, Shape and Objects, Shape and Design, Basic Shapes, Basic Image Elements, Dimensions, Golden Ratio, Apparent Weight, Symmetry/Asymmetry, Optical Center, Design for Professional Practice Design, drawing, drawing ideas, drawing lessons, working tools, choosing a workspace, practical exercises, monthly assignments.

Color and Perception, Color Expression, Color Combination, Black and White, Color and Effects, Color and Culture, Color Theory, Color Wheel, Psychological Effects of Color, Complementary Colors, Essential Colors of Color, Saturation, Lightness, Color Contrast, Color Matching, Color , Color in Design, Use of Color, Color and Possibilities, Color and Marketing, Color in Visual Communication, Color Management, Color Conventions, Color Design Strategy, Color Systems and Space Color (RGB, CMYK, CIE-Lab), Color Systems, Colors and Materials, Color Profiles, Custom Colors (Pantone, HKS, RAL), Internet Colors, Printed Colors, Color Palettes, Practical Exercises, Monthly Assignments.

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Image and Perception, Image and Effect, Image and Reality, Image and Power, Image and Advertising, Image in Design, Graphic Design, Image Selection, Image Size, Cropping, Composition, Image Format, Image Manipulation, Using Photos, Marketing and Awareness , Visual Storytelling, Images and Metaphors, Authenticity, Image Management, Image Search, Image Storage, Editing, Graphic Photography, Photo Design, Photography and Media, Color Photography, Monochrome Photography, Photography, Photography, Image Composition, Third Order, Photography , creative photography, photography, photo manipulation, image editing, step-by-step editing, using layers, freeform, cropping, using filters, color depth, graphics (PDF, EPS, SVG) and graphic pixel formats (TIFF, JPG, PNG , RAW ), screen scanning and printing, resolution, file format, practical exercises, assignments every month.

Writing Styles, Text and Effects, Guidance/Guidelines for Types of Writing Numerals, Legal Standards, Legal Drawings, Reading Styles, Handwriting Rules, DIN Format, Foreign Fonts, Computer Formats, Font Formats, Writing Families, Typefaces, Special Families of Typefaces , Font Styles, Font Sizes, Font Blends, Essential Fonts for Graphic Designers, Helvetica, Research Typefaces, Graphic Design, Typewriter, Colors, Typewriter, Typefaces and Typefaces, Typefaces and Font Rules, Fonts as Visual Effects, Microtypography , Giant Typography, Typewriters and Logos, Font Licensing and Font Management, Font Suggestions, Exercises, Monthly Assignments.

Signs and Development, Signs and Culture, Signs and Power, Signs and Semiotics, Sign Systems, Sign Categories, Sign Types, Signs, Information Signs, Signs, Visual Signs, Graphic Images, Graphic Design, International Photography, Design Pictograms, Types Use and design, concept of pictograms, signaling/signaling systems, ADV, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, notice boards, traffic signs, warning and prohibition signs, images, pictures and graphics, images and specials, graphic design, videos and websites, Licenses and guides, practical exercises, monthly assignments.

Layout, grid, design grid, multi-column grid, module grid, what is a design grid? , Page, Area Type, Build Area Type, Page Content, Page Page, Page Layout, Layout, Layout, Original Layout, Final Layout, Prototype, Page Layout, Text/Image Ratio, Layout, Dynamics and Contrast, Layout Tips, Magazine Design , magazine layout, title logo, requirements, magazine, professional magazine, client magazine, editor, sample issue, magazine analysis, magazine cover, editorial, headline, editorial, graphics, advertising design (cover), book design, book cover, poster design , Brochures, Flyers, Printing, DTP, Offset, Digital Printing, Prepress, Proofs, PDF Export, Practice Exercises, Jobs per KW and more.

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Trademarks and Trademarks, History and Structure Overview, Basic Structure, What is a Trademark? , Trademark Functions, Trademarks, Trademarks, Lettermarks, Digital Marks, Trademark Protection, International Trademarks (IR Marks), Trademark Analysis, Logo Structure, Logo Design, Logo Design and Positioning, Logo and Colors, Logo Design, Materials, Consistency, Resilience, Surroundings, Help, Logo Evaluation, Size, Shape, Attractiveness, Recognition, Originality, Legality, Quality Design, Signature, Logotype, Redesign, Numbers and Reasons, Key Image, Requirements, Effects, Analysis, Redesign, development, hands-on exercises, monthly assignments.

Image, Credibility, Corporate Design, Corporate Design Mission, Corporate Design Goals, First Impressions, Essentials, Corporate Design Goals Three, Essentials, Corporate Identity, Typewriter, Corporate Identity, Corporate Colors, Corporate Identity, Corporate Architecture, Corporate Style, Corporate Identity Advertising, Ground Rules, Conceptual Design, Analysis and Interpretation of Corporate Design, Business “Tools” (Letters, Business Cards, etc.), Laws and Regulations, Corporate Identity (CI), CI Process, CI Objectives, CI Management, CI Tools , Corporate Communication (CC), Corporate Behavior (CB), Corporate Language (CL), Business Manual, Corporate Voice, Speech Recognition, Guidelines, Best Practice: Best Practice: Lufthansa, Branding, Branding, Brand Development, Brand Protection , reviews, practical training, monthly assignments.

How does advertising work? Design and Planning, Design as an Economic Factor, Marketing Tools (KISS, AIDA), Marketing Slogan, Marketing Fundamentals, Customer Relationship Management, Product Portfolio, Marketing Space, Brand Marketing, Brand Marketing, City Marketing, Brand Marketing, Guerrilla Warfare, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Methods, Marketing Principles, Marketing Knowledge, Promotional Categories, Design Positioning, Using Google Ads, Advertising and Emails, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Structure, Structured Advertising, Commercial Advertising, Advertising, Product Placement, Design, Banner Design, Newsletter, Facts, Requirements/Terms, Practical Exercises, Monthly Assignments.

Screen design, insight, clarity, contract, credibility, design and web design, design and writing, web design and design, guidelines, layout, layout, basic elements, navigation, menu, homepage, media, description, considerations , guidelines (UX guidelines, improved communication, consistency, clear path to completion, better memory, less typing, faster feedback, form follows function, speak the user’s language), style choices, overviews, techniques, Basic HTML.

Best Graphic Design Courses Online

Design and Management, Personal Marketing, Advocacy, Job Creation, Client Acquisition, Negotiating Fees, Contests, Competitions, Project Planning, Briefing, Re-Information, Briefing, Research and Planning, Creative Content Presentation, Self Presentation, Store Secrets, Content, Inquiry , time management, prioritization, workspace, multitasking, file management, copyright, usage rights, personal studio, creative focus, exercises, monthly assignments.

Art History: Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau (Art Nouveau), Vienna Secession, De Stijl, Suprematism, Constructivism, Bauhaus, New Typography

During each class, you will submit practical assignments and receive professional feedback. All work you create on your OfG course can be used on your own website.

Graphic design training courses are designed to be customized using custom software, and you can use any graphic design program to complete it. This is not a software tutorial.

Online Course Graphic Design

In order to successfully complete the online learning courses, we need to have basic knowledge of software such as Adobe CC.

Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Media Designer, Communication Designer, Information Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Marketing Director…

You complete a 12-module online course to learn it. 8-10 hours per week (flexible as needed).

The time required for 12 months is approximately 10 hours per week. This corresponds to the job in the job

Short Course Training In Graphic Design

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