Greg Mankiw Principles Of Economics

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A copy of the 7th edition of “Economic Principles” by Prof. N. Gregory Mankiw, who teaches economics 10. Megan M. Ross

Greg Mankiw Principles Of Economics

A year after the college’s largest class required students to buy a $131 set of certain materials, Economics 10 professor N. Gregory Mankiw is following the system, but donating all royalties from the materials to charity.

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Last year, Mankiw announced that college introductory economics students would have to purchase access to an online learning platform that costs about $132 to access the necessary review material, problem sets and quizzes. Although Mankiw said he negotiated a lower course price at the time, many students criticized the move, saying the materials were too expensive for the popular introductory course.

This year, 633 students enrolled in Economics 10a will still have to purchase course packages. But in the course syllabus, Mankiw wrote that he would now “donate all royalties earned from 10 Ec 10 student purchases of this material to charity.”

Mankiw also notes in the program that the course package also includes materials for the second semester of Economics 10, for a fee of about $66 per semester.

Still, some Ec 10 students now say they believe the non-resalable, mandatory course package is too expensive for the course as a gateway to economics and other social science concentrations.

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After Ec 10 ordered a $132 course package, the Undergraduate Studies Committee added a question about the cost of the course materials in the Q Guide.

“I think it’s important to put things in perspective. We paid almost tens of thousands of dollars for a Harvard education,” Wang said.

Thomas H. Baranga, head of the course department, acknowledged in an email that “MindTap’s software is not perfect,” but wrote that he believed most of the problems had been ironed out.

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