Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Hanging Pictures In Living Room – There’s an art to hanging art, so we’ve rounded up some expert tips to help you master it.

Figuring out how to hang your new wall art can sometimes be more difficult than actually doing it. Fortunately, all of us come with a free and easy-to-use hanging system, but that still leaves the question of where you should hang it.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

We’ve put together some practical tips, including those used by art gallery curators and museum directors, so you can hang your art like a pro and give your photos the podium they deserve.

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A simple rule is to hang your mural between 145 and 155 cm from the floor. However, the height also depends on factors such as furniture and ceiling height, so it doesn’t have to be a strict rule. It’s best to try it yourself and find what works best for your space.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

We recommend following the 4/7 rule. This means that when working with a blank wall, you should hang pieces that take up 4/7 of the width of the wall. A quick and easy way to calculate this is to multiply the width of your wall by 0.57. For example, if your wall is 3 meters wide, calculate 3m x 0.57, which is approximately 170 cm.

Now that you know the ideal wall art ratio, you will need one or more wall art pieces that are up to 170 inches wide. For example, you can print two murals that are 60 cm wide and leave a space of 50 cm between them. This adds up to a total width of 170 cm (50 + 60 + 60 = 170), which is 4/7 of a 3m wall. Place them on the wall and hey presto – perfect ratio.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

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Your furniture and wall art don’t have to fight for attention. Get them on track with these helpful tips.

Make sure your living room looks its best by following these tips for hanging art above your couch.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Art tip: This is where you spend most of your time, so choose a wall art of your favorite that you will never get tired of looking at every day.

Large Urban Wall Decor Boho Wall Hanging For Living Room

Image tip: Mantels are often busy with patterns and embellishments, so choose an image that won’t overwhelm. Try an open portrait or a series of small pieces with quotes.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Photo Tip: Family photos are a great way to tell a story as you go down (or up) the stairs.

Your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility, so don’t overload your walls with too many murals. Instead, choose one or more special pieces, hang them above your bed and follow the steps below.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Young Woman Hanging Picture Frame On Wall In Living Room At Home Stock Photo

Create a group of wall art in your home and it will become the focal point of your living space.

Picture Tip: Group wall art works best with different paint styles, color palettes and materials, so experiment!

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Unlike group wall art, network wall art consists of several different pieces, but all the same size and shape to create a symmetrical display on your wall.

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Image tip: Use similar images or a recurring theme such as nature, people or cityscapes. We recommend soft colored images so that the grid is not too cluttered or overloaded.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

So, now that you know how the experts hang wall art, you can go for it yourself. Share your wall art displays with us through #. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Hanging Pictures In Living Room

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(If you have trouble collecting and printing the frame, please contact our customer service team at info@ or 1-888-441-1246. One of our team members, not a robot, will help you through the process. .)

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

These four brackets will make hanging your wall decor quick and easy, even if you’re not confident in your construction skills.

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Either (1) pretend it’s your first time walking into your room or (2) you have a friend over who has never visited your house.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Often attention is immediately drawn to the main piece of furniture at the entrance to the room.

The best place to hang your large wall decor is above the furniture that serves as the focal point of the room.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Indian Wall Hanging Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Adding interest to a feature area in your room, BIG Wall Décor will make your room feel warm and inviting.

When your wall art is hung above your furniture, the center of the art will match the center of your furniture.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

It is more pleasing to the eye than art and furniture. Asymmetry is often interpreted as confusion or confusion in the mind.

Art Hanging Mistakes To Avoid Illustrated By Gifs

For the practical, you reason, “It would be better to group the artwork on the wall because the wall doesn’t move and the furniture can move.”

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

You will want to rearrange your furniture to change the flow and energy of your room.

However, you can move your wall art so that it is properly centered above your furniture in your newly organized space.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Most of the time, all you need is varnish, a putty knife and some sandpaper. No engineering or construction skills are required.

Step back and admire the art hanging at eye level, and you’ll be amazed at how big it looks.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

If you don’t have tape, how do you determine how high to hang your large wall decor?

How To Hang A Heavy Picture

Of course, if you have a tape measure, you can measure 48-56 inches against the wall. Then continue with steps 4 – 7 and hang your mural at eye level.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

The most important check is to step back to admire your large wall art. Don’t tilt your head back or look up to see your artwork.

You want guests to feel comfortable when they admire your wall art. If you hang the piece too high, they have to crane their necks to look at it.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Bike Hanging On The Wall In Living Room Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 56474302

Especially if it is your first time hanging a mural, your instinct will be to hang your mural too high.

Be sure to hang your large wall decor so that the center line of the piece is near eye level.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

The exact tools and hanging hardware will depend on the type of wall (plaster, plaster, cement, brick, etc.) For these instructions, we will assume that you are hanging your BIG Wall Decor on a standard plaster wall.

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Wall anchors, screws and hangers are included with your large wall decor purchase.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

To install your BIG Wall Décor hook bracket easily and efficiently, you need a hammer and a drill.

If you have specific questions about how to attach your hanging bracket to the wall before hanging your large wall decor, please contact our customer service team at info@ or 1-888-441-1246. One of our team members – not a robot – will be happy to help you.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

Wall Art Size Guide To Picking The Perfect Sized Artwork

We understand that command rods are convenient because there is no need to drill into the wall. However, we found that the command strips are not strong enough to keep your mural on the wall for long periods of time.

Because our frame is made of lightweight metal, there is a risk of damage to you, your home, or the frame if the frame falls off the wall due to improper hanging.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

However, for smaller wall art, it is recommended, but not necessary, to attach your hanging bracket to studs. Usually, hanging from a bracket with wall anchors is strong enough to support a smaller mural.

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No, you don’t need to hire a professional installer or handyman to hang your BIG Wall Decor.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

BIG Wall Decor is very easy to assemble and hang. It requires no experience or carpentry skills.

You don’t want to be set back to find out it’s crooked once you’ve hung your new large wall art.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

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To be honest, traditional wall art hanging systems have not made it easy to guarantee that your large wall art will hang straight.

Traditional hanging systems such as single nails or wire and nails must be perfectly installed for direct art. There is not much room for adjustment once the screw is tightened.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

And it’s so easy to set up that we can even give you a level without even using it!

Professional Picture Hanging Service Costs 2023

Here’s how an adjustable suspension bracket works. When you hang your large piece of wall decor and notice that one side is slightly higher than the other, you just have… blank walls? We know the feeling.

Hanging Pictures In Living Room

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