Hbcu Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

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Critical thinking, research, and communication skills are essential for success in any psychology-related career. Graduates of psychology programs may pursue further education or begin careers in entry-level positions in research, consulting, or academic fields. Possible careers in psychology include psychologists, human resource managers, counselors, case managers, and admissions counselors.

Hbcu Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

If you’re considering a psychology degree program, here are three HBCUs that offer top-quality programs in the field.

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According to US News, Howard University is ranked 68th among the best psychology schools in America. The school’s psychology department is “dedicated to providing a unique educational experience for students of diverse international backgrounds.” Prospective students may pursue a bachelor of science or doctoral degree in psychology. program in one of the following disciplines: clinical, developmental, neuropsychology, personality, or social psychology.

At Hampton University, prospective students can earn a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. The 120-credit hour program includes courses in Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Personality Theory. In addition, for those who wish to enter medical school, the program offers a Pre-Medical Emphasis, which includes prerequisite courses to replace Medical School electives.

Tennessee State University offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in psychology, some offered fully online or hybrid (in-person and online). The school’s Department of Psychological Sciences and Counseling is “committed to meeting today’s students and getting them where they want to be by providing quality teaching, training and psychology education to all students.” The university offers the following majors in psychology: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Emphasis), Master of Science in Professional School Counseling Programs, and Ph.D. in Psychology – Counseling Psychology Program. The clinical doctoral program is the first and longest running program at a historically black university. Accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) since 1987, we aim to bring well-being and health to diverse groups in an underserved global environment by establishing a solid foundation in the science of psychology in a multicultural context. Our mission is to train academics-experts from various backgrounds to use their services to understand and reduce social problems.

Established in 1930 under the leadership of Dr. Francis Sumner, Howard University Department of Dr. Kenneth Clark, Mamie Clark, James A. Beighton and Leslie Hicks. In this department Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark conducted extensive research on children’s knowledge of the racial differences between “colored” and “white.” This

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The case led to the landmark decision by the US Supreme Court that “discrimination was not fair.” This rich tradition has been maintained for the past 30 years by the graduates of the Clinical Doctorate Program who have worked tirelessly on the front lines. and addressing the health problems of underserved communities through grants, advocacy and clinical services.

Howard University’s Clinical Professionalism Program is a five-year program that trains culturally engaged physician-scientists to use science to understand how our communities interact to affect mental and physical well-being.

Commission on Accreditation Contact Information: APA Office of Program Counseling and Accreditation, 750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002. TEL: (202)336-5979

Congratulations to Nadiya Ferdinand (second year doctoral student) who has been accepted into the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program (IMFP). The purpose of the fellowship is to support the training of promising graduate students who are committed to rapidly improving the quality of care for ethnic and racial minorities with mental and chronic mental health and substance use disorders. Nadya’s research focuses on the role of environmental stressors and symptomatology in mental health service utilization among emerging Black youth under the mentorship of Dr. GiShon Mance.

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We are happy to announce that Dr. Tiffany Brown (Class of ’16)┬áhas been elected to the National Enrollment Board of Directors. Dr. Brown completed his medical training and postdoctoral fellowship at Penn Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He currently works as a Counseling Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania and a staff psychologist for psychological services. Dr. Brown has also served as an adjunct professor at Temple University and Drexel University, and as an adjunct faculty member at the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania.

The clinical program is a 5-year full-time doctoral program. Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 years of full-time graduate study at Howard and full-time off-campus training during the 5th year. At least years two out of three studies must be at Howard, and at least one year must be in full-time residence.

In order to train students to take a variety of approaches to clinical practice and research, students are also doing so

Course in neuropsychology. Developmental, experimental, personal, and social subfields that overlap with clinical expertise. A Child/Adolescent or Adult course is offered to students who are interested in courses that are more relevant to their research and clinical interests.

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Howard places a strong emphasis on clinical field training. Students receive supervised learning through various facilities in the District of Columbia and the Maryland area. Students receive supervised clinical training in psychological assessment, evidence-based intervention, and community counseling.1 Howard University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Overview Frequently Asked Questions I. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Doctoral Program Questions 1 2. Your Clinical Program Who is the director of training (DCT)? 3. Is the research plan oriented? 4. Is Howard University’s Clinical Psychology PhD program right for me? 5. I know that Howard University is a historically black university (HBCU). Most students and faculty are black? 6. Where can I find a copy of the Clinical Psychology Student Guide? 7. Are there opportunities to collaborate on research projects within the department and across the university? 8. I am interested in developing in neuropsychology. What are the needs of this child? 9. Are there internship and internship opportunities on campus? 10. Can I work full-time or part-time while in the program? 11. Can I complete the program in less than 5 years if some of my credits are transferred and I take a summer course? 12. Are classes offered during the day, night, or both? How many times a week do students generally attend each lesson? 13. Are courses in statistics or research methods required? 14. How many teachers are needed for the thesis committee? 15. Where do you expect your graduates to be employed after their PhD? II. GRADUATE LEVEL QUESTIONS 16. Is Howard University’s clinical psychology graduate program a doctoral or master’s program? 17. What if I only want a master’s degree? 18. Do I need a master’s degree before enrolling in a clinical psychology doctoral program? 19. What? will you take my master’s degree? 20. If I have a master’s degree, will the duration of this program be shortened? 21. How many teachers should serve in the Teacher’s Council? III. REGISTRATION AND ENTRY QUESTIONS 22. How are admission decisions made? 23. How competitive is your program? 24. What is the enrollment decision period? 25. When is the interview for applicants to the clinical psychology doctoral program? 26. How many students are accepted into the program each year? 27. Is previous research experience with a clinical psychologist necessary? 28. Should I take the GRE? What about the Psychology GRE? 29. How important are GRE scores and what GRE scores do successful applicants receive? 30. How important is my undergraduate GPA and how high should I be in order to be admitted?

2 31. Do I need a bachelor’s degree in psychology? 32. Is it possible to register in the spring session? 33. Can I ask my instructor or Director of Clinical Studies to review my application materials? 34. Are there orientations for new students entering the clinical psychology doctoral program? ***** Frequently Asked Questions I. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY PhD Program Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is the program APA accredited? The American Psychological Association has accredited our clinical psychology doctoral program. The last visit to our site is that questions about the program’s accreditation status should be directed to the accreditation committee. APA Contact Information: American Psychological Association Office of Program Advising and Approval 750 First Street, NE. Washington, DC Phone: ; TDD/TTY: Fax: Who is the Director of Clinical Studies (DCT) for your program? As of June 1, 2015, Dr. Ronald Hopson, PhD (Licensed Clinical Psychologist) is the DCT of the Clinical Psychology Program at Howard University. He is one of the eight clinical universities. The

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