High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas – With high ceilings and plenty of drama, the Grand Lobby helps guests arrive in style. Featuring stunning chandeliers, a beautiful staircase and beautiful floors, this shabby entryway is sure to inspire. Explore 25 sophisticated interiors including classic and contemporary spaces.

This Miami Beach home has a white spiral staircase that contrasts with navy blue walls. Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors Design.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Wood paneling and a statement chandelier complete the porch of this historic home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. Design by JKA Design.

High Ceilings And Rooms With Double High Ceilings

Enter this bright foyer with white walls, crystal chandeliers, dark wood accents paired with a light red carpet. Design by Denise McGaha Interiors.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Guests will be impressed upon entering this chic lobby with custom balustrades, plaster walls and marble floors. Design by Courtney Hill Interiors.

From the gleaming white floors to the stunning waterfall chandelier, this grand foyer exudes luxury. Talbot Cooley’s room was completed with a grand piano.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Stunning Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Located on the Upper West Side, this beautiful dressing room by Bennett Leifer Interiors features dark wood and light blue accents.

Stunning and sophisticated, this crystal empire chandelier is the focal point of the grand foyer of A-list interiors.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

From the light wood paneled ceiling to the brown and beige tiles, this beautiful entry is all about bright neutrals. Design by David Kleinberg Design Associates.

Two Story Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Decorated with gold accents, the grand lobby features a Lalique cactus table, an elegant empire chandelier and a grand empire staircase. Design by Haleh Design.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Earth tones abound in this beautiful foyer with a modern custom staircase and large steel windows. Design by Kimmel Studio.

This beautiful foyer is filled with bright white, complete with custom designed handrails. Design by Patricia Bonis Interiors.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Pendant Lights Staircase Long Chandelier Chandeliers Hotel Villa Stairwell High Ceiling Light Living Room Restaurant Chandelier Glass Ball Ceiling Lamp Metal Mesh 50x220cm Full Moon

Located on the Delaware River, this farmhouse-style interior features a two-story lobby with wood-beamed ceilings. Design by Judy King Interiors.

A statement wall covering, fun light display, and wooden floating staircase complete this Vero Beach foyer by DJDS.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Columns and a barrel vaulted ceiling give this beautiful foyer a classic, traditional style. Design by Walcott Adams Verneuil Architects.

How To Light A Room With A Sloped Or Vaulted Ceiling

From black and white gallery walls to inviting chandeliers, this foyer by CM Natural Designs will impress guests.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Alyssa Gautieri is a Chairsh editor who explores a variety of interior design trends, from unique artwork and furniture to funky exteriors and outdoor living spaces.

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High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

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High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

A vaulted ceiling can often provide a light puzzle, much like an arched ceiling, usually high and hard to reach with enough light.

Best Dining Room Light Fixtures

The shape of the vaulted ceiling is difficult to light as traditional lamps do not touch the sides and distribute the amount of light needed to function.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

If you are in the process of choosing a vaulted ceiling, there are many ways to make it functional, but aesthetic lighting plans to work with the vaulted ceiling, not against it.

The best approach is a combination of light sources for a layered lighting look, which allows you to achieve maximum brightness when needed, but creates a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. With a vaulted ceiling you should use a mixture of pendant lights, downlights, wall lights and floor level lighting such as floor lamps to create a balanced balance and distribute the light throughout the space.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Spiral Large Foyer Entry Ceiling Lighting Fixture Crystal Chandelier 5 Light 96"

Downlights are a popular type of ceiling light. When laid back, they provide a smooth, flowing look that’s perfect for a contemporary-style home.

Because vaulted ceilings are so high and have a large surface area, downlights are great as part of a lighting scheme layered with ceiling lights.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Downlights can be used to follow a sloping ceiling on their own, but they don’t offer much style to the same space when added with vaulted ceiling lights like hanging lights below.

Spacious Living Room Design With High Chandelier And Marble Backdrop

Many vaulted ceilings have real or false beams added to create a modern farmhouse-style interior. The advantage of the beam in the vaulted ceiling is that it is lower than the highest point of the ceiling, which facilitates light.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

As shown here, use beams to hang many possibilities, a great lighting idea in the kitchen island or dining room. If the room is shared with a dining room or living room, introduce a beautiful pendant light with a long roller towards the center of the room.

Timeless vaulted ceiling lighting combines downlights that flow along the slope of the ceiling with a central light that defines the central point of the ceiling.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Living Room High Ceiling Ideas

A modern black chandelier gives the room an earthy look, and this style will look great in modern farmhouse and modern country interiors.

If you’re trying to achieve an industrial look, go with some open Edison-style bulbs. They provide an industrial edge and a good source of light in the center of the room.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

A light bulb alone may not be enough to illuminate a vaulted ceiling, so you’ll want to incorporate other light sources.

Best Apartment Lighting Design Ideas

Vaulted ceiling lights with fans are a great choice for contemporary style interiors. This defining black fan light also works well in a modern rustic setting. The long drop allows the light to be evenly distributed throughout the room, combined with some white downlights for a subdued lighting scheme.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Create strong visual interest with a row of pendants on either side of the vaulted ceiling, a central, long-drop pendant lamp and sconces on either side.

The finished mix creates a stunning look and this layered lighting scheme means it can be turned on in the evening to create a relaxing atmosphere.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Decorating Tall Rooms: 3 Tips For Tall Wall Decor

Keep it simple by combining round pendant lights with vaulted ceiling lights. This perfect fit directs the light around instead of down.

It helps to adequately distribute the light in the room, while the beautiful brass finish brightens the white shiplap ceiling.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Black pendant lights are always a great ceiling light idea. A white vaulted ceiling can be rare, but combined with the right accent will enhance a space, while providing enough light.

Sizing It Down: How To Decorate A Home With High Ceilings

Dazzle the vaulted ceiling with a little glam. A pair of pendant lights flank one side of the well-proportioned, well-lit vault.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

This type of pendant light has the defining feature of black accents and a mirror effect that helps diffuse the light in the room.

A vaulted ceiling sometimes requires only one lantern fit. Everything is proportional to the size of your space, because it cannot be used in the design of a large living room with a vaulted ceiling.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Yonhgve 70inch Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Pendant Light 2 Tier 54 Lights Extra Large High Ceiling Chandelier For Dining Room Kitchen Island Foyer Entryway, Black

The kitchen is one of those places where you really can’t save on light. In this vaulted ceiling, downlights are essential in the sloping roof to provide targeted light for task preparation. You can combine functionality with aesthetics by introducing a stunning chandelier above the kitchen island.

This gives you more flexibility than your vaulted ceiling lights, allowing you to change the light source into a dressing room role throughout the day.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Glass is a good choice for vaulted ceiling lights because glass reflects, diffuses and attracts light even when the lights are not turned on. They help bounce beams of beautiful natural light around the room, and they distribute the light evenly when turned on.

Crystal Chandelier Ideas & Inspiration

The base of the dome ceiling light is the long drop of the pendant light. Because ceilings are often so high and cavernous, long drops are needed to bring light to the appropriate place, but prevent the room from feeling dark.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

In the downstairs environment, a long drop is needed to cover the kitchen island for the lighting task, but the fan pendant light is used on the other hand as the kitchen transitions into the living room.

Black wall lamps give a distinct look to the wall below the sloping ceiling. When the cell light is there to read the corner and beyond, they can raise the wall where the light from above is not high enough to reach.

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Fixer Upper’s Best Living Room Designs And Ideas

Vaulted ceiling lighting is only effective if you combine several different sources. In the bedroom, the central pedantic lamp and the night lamp are a natural combination.

If you’re not a fan of downlights, floodlights are another great option. They don’t sit flush to the ceiling, but they don’t touch each other too much

High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

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