How Do Coupons Help Businesses

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Coca-Cola was the first brand to entice consumers with discounts when it issued the first coupon redeemable for a glass of Coca-Cola in 1887.

How Do Coupons Help Businesses

More than a century later, you can still see the psychology behind the first online discount. Getting a discount releases oxytocin, which in turn makes shoppers happier—and less likely to abandon their carts.

It’s Your Business: From Clipping To Clicking To Scanning, Coupon Marketing Has Come A Long Way

By 2017, 97% of retailers identified discounts as their top pricing strategy, and customer expectations for discounts have only increased over the past two years. According to a 2021 survey, 60% of US shoppers say online discounts have become more important since the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Future of Business report found that 52% of consumers would significantly influence their purchase if they received a personalized discount.

The right type of discount can maximize sales, prevent shoppers from abandoning their carts, and entice first-time customers to try a brand. However, using the wrong type of discount can have adverse consequences, including lower profits and a devaluation of the brand

We’ve put together this guide to help you figure out how to offer the right type of discount to the right customer at the right time, including the best discount strategies you can start using today.

Discount pricing is a strategy where discounts are applied to products to increase sales through sales, coupons, codes, or bundles. This strategy attempts to change the customer’s perception of the value of the product or service.

The Birth Of Discount Coupons By Oscar Hutchison

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Ultimately, the right approach to discounting depends on what you’re selling, who you’re targeting, and what brand experience you want to create.

Specifically, is your target market more inclined to shop with discounts that automatically appear at checkout? Or are they more likely to buy after receiving a discount code to enter at checkout?

Your options are to offer a self-service discount model (where customers enter codes manually) or you can set up your online store to automatically apply discounts to customers.

Five Ways Coupons Can Help Your Business Attract Loyal Customers

Discounts can be fixed value, percentage, or in the form of a store product, collection or variation discount. Importantly, discount codes provide strict control over prices and promotions:

Even better, brands with an omnichannel retail strategy allow customers to shop for discounts online or at brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Out of Print, which sells t-shirts, bags and accessories printed with out-of-print book covers, offers site-wide discount codes for first-time buyers and exiters who haven’t purchased yet.

“It’s the impetus to make that first purchase,” said Chuck Mazzone, director of digital marketing at Out of Print. “But customers are more focused on our product than doing the math in their head and figuring out the final price.”

How Are Marketers Adapting Their Strategies To Confront Consumers’ Inflation Concerns?

Check if the trading platform has a native automatic discount feature. You should be able to offer customers discounts that are automatically applied at checkout and in the cart. Create a percentage, a fixed amount, or buy X and get Y automatic discount.

Although the discounts happen automatically, they are largely controlled by the set rules. In order for automatic discounts to be applied correctly, your customers must add all eligible products to their cart before checkout.

Plus applies safeguards to prevent abuse of discounts. Specifically, automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes, meaning customers cannot apply multiple discounts to a single order. Discount codes cannot be used by customers who have a discount automatically applied at checkout.

“Offering automatic discounts is much more fluid than sending customers a discount code that they have to enter manually,” Mazzone said.

The Smart Coupon Email System Plugin For Woocommerce To Get More Customers By Smart Coupon Eamil System Plugin

Entering codes has become increasingly difficult as more and more purchases are made on mobile devices. The real benefit of automatic markdown is that it does the work for the customer, meaning one less thing to worry about. “

Thousands of brands use Scripts to automatically apply 13 attractive discounts to increase sales. Similarly, Plus brands can pre-negotiate discounts using Launchpad.

The original price is crossed out and appears next to the discounted price, everywhere from the product page to the checkout. After the discount period ends, Launchpad will automatically reset the discount and return to the original price.

In addition to increasing sales, discounts also prevent consumers from abandoning their online shopping carts. The option to redeem a coupon can also encourage new consumers familiar with your brand to make their first purchase. However, the psychology of pricing or the strategy behind pricing a product is not limited to just the money you save. Discounts are only part of the purchasing decision and must be taken into account:

Consumers Love Coupons

By taking these inputs into account, marketers can take advantage of what is commonly known as bias, or our tendency to rely too heavily on, or become anchored to, a single piece of information when making decisions. With discounts, the goal of marketers is to lock consumers in at the original, higher price. The introduction of discounts that ensure lower prices can make the product more valuable to consumers. If the three inputs listed above make it possible, marketers can even artificially adjust product prices, which can lead consumers to perceive the same discount as more valuable.

Black Friday is an excellent example of highlighting discounts. The marketer’s job is to lock you in at the original price: the bigger the discount, the better the deal.

A flash sale offers a discount or promotion. This leads to shoppers’ fear of missing out (FOMO), and the sense of urgency and exclusivity encourages impulse buying.

Anchoring can lead consumers to buy products they don’t need simply because they think they’re getting a deal too good to turn down.

Insert A Coupon Into Your Content

Judicious use of flash sales allows your brand to control peak seasons and product launch dates, rather than relying on a few big shopping seasons each year.

Short-term, heavily discounted sales (a three-hour flash sale seems to work best) can be effective at increasing traffic, conversions, and revenue for short-term profit. When done right, flash sales can also increase customer lifetime value and provide long-term benefits.

In fact, the anchoring effect can trigger another powerful psychological principle: our desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Because giving up on a bargain can be painful, or at least the thrill of the experience, shoppers often prefer to complete the purchase to avoid the unpleasant feeling of missing out on a deal that everyone else is enjoying.

Currently, no two target markets are the same. Likewise, there are no two product catalogs. So test your discounting strategy individually and let the results guide your strategy.

How Using Digital Coupons Could Boost Your Business

What is most likely to work and increase sales? Here are some of the key campaigns that top-performing Discount Plus brands use to boost holiday sales and year-round.

“Inventory is always an important factor when considering discounting,” Mazzone said. “We always think carefully about stock levels before we mark down. When stock is low, we don’t discount. That way we don’t disappoint our customers by selling products we don’t have.”

Because of your goals, it’s critical to segment your customers to offer discounts based on their preferences or purchase history (via email, etc.). Segmenting your customers prevents you from sending them irrelevant discount codes. Save time and money on email or PPC ads that lead to irrelevant or impersonal promotions.

Note: Depending on your goals (such as moving unsold inventory quickly), segmentation may play a minor role. It can also be de-emphasized during large events or site-wide holiday sales, simply to boost sales or gain new customers.

Things To Always Have In Your Wallet

With clear goals and a defined customer base, you should experiment with traditional discounting techniques such as bundling, bulk, prepay, and seasonal discounts.

The popular BOGO discount is one of our best performing discounts. It has also grown as brands use it creatively to offer more freebies or rewards. For example, Hygge Gear, which sells multi-purpose headbands, uses the coupon code BOGO:

You can mix and match the products of your choice, turning them into creative promotions to reward existing customers and increase sales. Buy X, get Y (50% off or one free), shipping and other types of discounts all allow for more flexibility in building your loyalty program. Track your discounts to see which ones perform best so you can replicate your biggest successes.

Small, unexpected gifts can be a cost-effective way to reward customers and build loyalty. For example, club and party wear brand INTO THE AM used pop-ups to automatically offer free gifts to customers who added certain items to their carts. Not only are the gifts customized based on what customers add, but the company allows customers to choose their favorite gifts:

Vermonters Swarm Website In Search Of ‘buy Local’ Coupons

The brand’s sister company, Emazing Lights, has also added a free, lightweight product that doesn’t factor in shipping costs and comes in flat-rate containers.

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