How Does Yelp Help Businesses

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We’ve all heard of Yelp. You might think this is a helpful website advising you to stay away from the new Asian-Fusion spot on Main Street (the service is terrible, and so are you).

How Does Yelp Help Businesses

Food poisoning). Based on how other customers rate restaurants and other businesses on a five-star scale, you can decide whether various establishments are worth your time. You can even see pictures of places, food, menus, hotel rooms and more.

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But Yelp isn’t just about customer reviews of local services. The other side of the veil is an entire business tool designed to drive more customers through your door. Working like a social media account, Yelp for business owners lets you post photos, chat with customers, and even buy targeted ads to help grow your business. From free options that allow you to “claim” your business, to paid subscriptions that offer ads and high-quality video support, Yelp for Business Owners may be just what you’re looking for to give your business a boost.

But is it worth the cost? What can Yelp for Business really do for you? read to find out

Yelp for Business is free at the basic level, but there are paid options if you want more features. Let’s take a closer look at the costs.

The main idea behind the free tool is that you can claim your business and build a large presence on Yelp. In most cases, your business already has a presence on Yelp with positive and negative reviews, photos, and traffic. When you claim your business, you’ll get that information, including the ability to reply to comments and add your own photos. In most cases, especially if your business has been rated and reviewed on Yelp, there’s no reason not to at least check the Business Yelp version.

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If you want to take advantage of Yelp’s proven reputation with customers, it might be worth trying out their advertising service. The self-serve option allows you to set your own advertising budget and target people looking for similar services in your area. Yelp doesn’t publicly publish their rates, but the general consensus I’ve seen from small business owners is that rates start at $5 per day. Choosing this plan allows you to “optimize” and remove competitors’ ads when customers view Yelp pages. This service costs an additional $25 per month and allows you to choose your own photos from the front page.

Signing up for the Full Service option gives you the ability to add a video to your Yelp profile, as well as a “call button” on your page. Both of these will set your Yelp page apart from the competition, which can be valuable if there are many businesses similar to yours in your area. The full service package also includes support from Yelp’s team of marketing experts to help you create ads and deal with negative reviews and difficult customers.

By all accounts, Yelp is very easy for business owners to use. It’s easy to add photos and respond to customers on the Yelp website. Designing an advertising campaign is also very easy as you can set your budget. From there, Yelp chooses which keywords to optimize for, which pages to display your ad on, and the rest. So far, so good. However, if you decide to subscribe to Yelp advertising (to take advantage of Yelp’s high trust among Internet users), be aware that some things are not possible. Need to geo-restrict your ad? No, I can’t. Want to identify specific keywords to target your traffic to? No no. So while Yelp for Business is simple in practice, it lacks it

Well, we have partially answered this question. The limitations of your advertising options are a major drawback for a local business advertising platform. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there. Aside from being a bit confusing to use, Yelp for Business

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With prices starting at $350/month and going up from there, you’ll spend more on Yelp than on Google, Facebook, or any other ad. Additionally, I’ve read several user reports (read: I’ve seen a lot) that claim that it’s difficult to determine how effective the ads are. Yelp fans talk about the site’s excellent reputation with customers and how often users visit the establishment after checking out the site. But in reality, figuring out how to apply these statistics to small business owners can be difficult.

Additionally, Yelp’s customer service representatives can be charitably described as…persistent. I’ve had more complaints from business owners about this aspect of Yelp than anyone else. When you tell Yelp that you might be interested in an advertising deal, they push hard, even insisting that a higher price is good for your business and you can’t afford it.

Must be submitted and signed. As a small business owner myself, I can’t imagine the constant confusion of having to defend my decision to limit a budget that a vendor thinks is reasonable. After all, this is a business

Yelp is a proven site that users – your future customers – trust almost automatically. That said, Yelp for Business can be expensive, on the dark side, and less effective than advertising. My personal opinion is this: Signing up with Yelp for business owners is worth it if you have a significant following on the site. If your business has positive reviews and a decent history, you can at least file a business claim on Yelp and upload official photos. You may even have to opt out and pay for some ads. Make sure you have a strategy for using Yelp to market your business.

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If your business is new and you have little or no presence on Yelp, you may not want to get your business verified. At the very least, you should have a solid experience with this review site before paying for their ads; your money will be spent elsewhere.

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