How Has Social Media Helps Businesses

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How Has Social Media Helps Businesses

Before social media, businesses had to travel to live events to find their target audience. Unfortunately, the average cost of attending a small business conference is close to $1,000, making it difficult for startups to get in front of their target audience.

Importance Of Social Media For Business

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Considering that 3.5 billion people (about half of the world’s population) use social media every day, it is not surprising that 73% of marketers agree that social media is somewhat or very effective in their business strategy.

That said, social media doesn’t directly affect your business. In fact, it takes years to see a viable and ROI. However, if you use social media correctly, it can create more long-term relationships than any ad you can run.

In this article, you will learn not only the impact of social media marketing on small businesses, but also how it is used by the most successful brands in the world with simple examples and methods that can action.

Benefits Of Social Media For Business

The average person today has about eight social media accounts (nine for 16-24 year olds). If your brand is on some of these platforms, you will be seen “everywhere” in people’s lives.

You’ve probably heard of the Seven Rules, which say that prospects should see a brand’s message seven times before buying. People are exposed to more than 5,000 brand messages per day, so this number is likely to be higher in 2023. Therefore, social media is a great tool to help increase your brand’s visibility and better brand recognition.

At Single Grain, we tripled our traffic between 2017 and 2018 by using a multi-channel approach. A big part of this approach is repurposing content from social media.

We also spend a lot of time experimenting with different types of content and publishing natively on each platform.

The Biggest Social Media Trends In 2023

For example, we produced a variety of pre-recorded and live recordings, as well as written articles, and used Single Grain CEO Eric’s personal social accounts to help us gain traction:

Even without paid advertising, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter still have decent organic reach, especially if your employees and friends share and like your content.

A major influence of social media in today’s business world is the new level of personalization that brands can achieve: One third of marketers say that developing a more personal experience is a top priority. Additionally, 81% of consumers value brands they know and understand when a sale isn’t appropriate.

With social media, it’s easy to get into your prospect’s daily routine. This helps them develop a more personal relationship because they can show them ads based on your interests and past interactions.

The Business Impact Of Social Media: Then And Now

For example, this HubSpot ad was shown after someone viewed the CRM software but didn’t buy it:

An image that effectively conveys the value of the product itself looks like a simple mobile phone image. Like the photos of most of your Facebook friends

Professional, mobile photography helps HubSpot blend into your posts instead of looking like an ad. This gives the brand a more personal and human image.

Another differentiating feature for many businesses is messenger bots (especially on Facebook and Twitter). When used correctly, these bots can take personalization to another level. Why?

Branding Through Social Media To Set Sail Your Small Business

By showing up next to messages from friends and family, your prospects will begin to see you in a more personal light.

But you have to be smart when using chatbots. In the example above, just the first message is an automated message. If the message is received by a robot, they will not respond. When a person responds, it makes the person a good communicator. Chatbots can be annoying if the bot can’t answer your prospect’s questions, so make sure people can jump in!

Moreover, this company does not initially use chatbots to sell anything. This conversation is aimed at understanding what the future wants and needs. Remember that during chats, sales reps can reference content shared with prospects to improve personalization.

The first way for entrepreneurs to do this is to create their pages in one or more social networks and encourage interaction.

Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Guide For Businesses

Glossier is a great example of a brand that communicates well with its customers and has a truly loyal following. How many other brands have loyal customers posting posters (“Lost Lip Balm: If Found, Back to Zain Amin Year 13”) to find the missing product they bought from your brand ?

The best part here? The customer then posted it on Twitter and it got less than 600 likes and the brand retweeted it!

Social media allows you to grow a loyal following by sharing your customers’ posts, so you can see how customers use the product after the sale. Passion for your product is contagious and before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of brand evangelists.

Another great way that social media allows us to build a loyal following is by creating private groups. Noah Kagan of Sumo believes that building a social media platform is one of the best ways to grow a loyal following.

How Social Media Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your customer’s attention is already on social platforms. It breaks down the barrier to them opening an email or clicking a link because they’re already there.

The key to building a following is to regularly interact with people in your group. Noah offered to give a free 30-minute lesson to someone who lives in the group. Check the contract:

One of the keys to building a truly loyal following is consistency over time. Social media is a great way to build a loyal following and then transfer it to your own channels, such as email.

Influencer marketing is the most popular form of collaboration and is very effective: 65% of marketers say their influencer marketing budget will increase in the coming year.

Cmos Turn To Social Media During Covid 19

For example, GymShark successfully uses influencer marketing on TikTok. Here’s an example of a video that got them over 600,000 likes and 1,500 comments:

However, social media is not just an influencer marketing platform. It allows brands to collaborate seamlessly and expand their audience simply by sharing their posts.

Without social media, collaboration is more involved and often requires sending a special email to a partner list or hosting a webinar.

This is especially useful for startup websites looking to generate traffic. My Ignite My Site marketing blog is a great example of this. The website grew out of interviews with influencers who shared content on social media. In fact, 73% of the traffic we get comes from social media!

How Social Media Has Changed Business For The Better!

When someone is researching a business before making a purchase, one of the first places they will check to see if they have sales or are active is the brand’s social media accounts. Prospects can see your fans and likes, increasing the credibility of your business.

Looking at business pages like this one for local sushi restaurants with thousands of great reviews will give you the confidence to try them for the first time.

While the average consumer expects a business to have at least 40 reviews before they trust its star rating, these businesses have an average of 39 reviews:

Since your customers are used to using social platforms like Facebook, social media is a great way to help write reviews. To increase reviews, be sure to send your customers an email asking them to leave a review and include links to your social accounts. Also publish it on your website.

Social Media Marketing For Businesses

Social media gives businesses control over reputation management. Even if you have an unhappy customer, potential customers will see how you react to the situation. This is important because 30% of people see businesses that respond positively to online reviews.

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it is a virtual platform for word of mouth. If you’re like 71% of other consumers, you’ll buy a product through social media at some point. Many businesses, such as Dropbox and Evernote, are referral based.

So how do you increase referrals? Offer great service and make every customer a fan. If you have a great product or service, you can use social media by running a contest.

Unfortunately, contests like “share to win” are banned on Facebook. said,

Social Media Strategies For Service Based Businesses

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