How Much Do Coders Make Per Year

How Much Do Coders Make Per Year – Free Code Camp asked 15,000 people who they are and how they learn to code. I grouped them by gender, continent, and whether they were ethnic minorities, then examined their differences.

) an unprecedented look at how people learn to code. The entire dataset was released on Kaggle.

How Much Do Coders Make Per Year

Here’s how new programmers from different genders, ethnicities, and continents differ in salary, age, and hours spent learning.

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This next salary is their first since promoting their new coding skills. Expected next salary is one of the two main questions in the Free Code Camp survey, the answers to which depend on the quality of the coding resources.

How Much Do Programmers Make? [programmer Salary Guide]

For coding skills, North Americans expect the highest salaries, while Europeans expect the lowest. Expectations are everywhere in Asia.

The 25th percentile of North America expects the same as the 75th percentile of Europeans: 50 thousand. The average North American expects $60,000 a year.

I wonder if some Europeans have forgotten to convert pounds, euros or one of the other European currencies to US dollars.

By the way, here’s how to read this chart (and the other charts in this article): “x” is the mean. The horizontal line is the median (also known as the 50th percentile). The bottom of the box is the 25th percentile and the top of the box is the 75th percentile. The length of the mustache is 1.5 times the height of the box. Circles are deviations. All y-axes are on a logarithmic scale to better visualize highly skewed data.

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The average woman expects $9,000 more than the average man. A 25th percentile female expects to make $14,000 (!) more than her male equivalent. New programmers seem optimistic about the changing landscape of diversity in the workplace.

The median difference is $10,000. The difference between the first quartiles is 15 thousand. Minorities are also optimistic about the changing diversity of jobs.

The expected salary is about the same whether you put in less than 10 or up to 40 hours a week.

Those who put in more than 40 hours a week have an average expected salary of 3-5k. USD higher than the rest, but that could be a random fluke. Only 694 out of more than 15,000 respondents spend that much time studying.

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As such, the expected next salary varies greatly from continent to continent. There appears to be an inverse trend in the gender and ethnic minority wage gap.

Most of these respondents are in their twenties and have a bachelor’s degree, suggesting that some are forgoing traditional forms of higher education (such as master’s and professional degrees) and using those 40+ hour weeks to learn to code.

By the way, this is the situation I find myself in with my optional Masters in Data Science.

As awareness of the quality and availability of online education increases, I expect more people to join the higher education ranks.

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The hours spent training question is another question, the answer to which depends on the quality of the coding resources.

The time spent learning to code is almost the same across all continents. An average of 10 hours per week is standard.

Thus, unlike other expected wages, study hours do not vary significantly by demographic. Most everyone spends between 5 and 20 hours a week studying.

Each contains the best-fit lines labeled with its correlation, as well as dashed lines indicating the median for each axis variable. I removed the new coders who are 65 and over because they are statistical outliers.

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Salaries by Age Female new coders have a higher average current salary than men ($2K), but higher salaries for women are concentrated among millennials.

Male new programmers have a higher-than-average share of very high ($150,000+) current salaries, which is consistent with a slightly higher average (not shown).

In terms of gender, the above age-salary ratio does not apply when new programmers are planning their next salary.

The correlations are much smaller, both close to 0.1. Again, we see a huge difference between the medians: $59,000 for women and $50,000 for men. Both are higher than the current average salary for each gender.

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Minority’s current salary is 4 thousand. USD higher than most. Unlike gender, the current wage distribution is almost evenly distributed by age.

The ethnic majority has a current salary of more than $150,000, but this time does not match the higher average (not shown).

For ethnic minority status, such as gender, the age-salary relationship did not hold when the new coders predicted their next salary.

Both correlations are much lower, again close to 0.1. The $10,000 difference in average expected next salary is staggering: $60,000 for ethnic minorities and $50,000 for ethnic majorities. As with gender, both are higher than the current average salary.

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So, as expected, with future salaries, new female programmers have a higher average current salary than male new programmers. Also ethnic minorities and ethnic majorities.

However, older women do not fare as well as older men, which is the only hint of a wage gap I could find in the entire data set.

In terms of gender and ethnic minority status, older new programmers appear to be willing to take a pay cut when they move to a job that advertises their new programming skills, while younger people intend to take advantage of the demand for programming and earn a solid salary at an early age. his career.

The number of hours spent learning programming is almost constant across gender, ethnic minority status and continent. Most people spend 5-20 hours a week.

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Expected next salary (to acquire skills after qualification) varies greatly by continent. The lowest median is $30,000 (Europe) and the highest is $60,000 (North America).

It seems that older new programmers tend to take a pay cut in their new job where they demonstrate new coding skills, while younger new programmers prefer to start their careers with a high salary with the right skills.

New Coder 2016 traditional gender and ethnic minority wage gaps are not prevalent in the study. In fact, they are the opposite. New programmers may not be representative of the entire working population, whose data shows that both wage gaps still exist in 2016.

Do you know why ethnic minority status and the gender pay gap cannot apply to new programmers? Share something relevant (

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A more detailed version of this analysis can be found on Kaggle, where you will find statistical tests that support the conclusions of this article.

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If you have any questions or concerns about this series or the R code that generated it, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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David Venturi (@venturidb) | Twitter The latest tweets from David Venturi (@venturidb). I am developing my master’s in data science. @queensu chem eng/econ… twitter.comIf you’re looking for a career that puts you at the intersection of technology and creativity, coding might be the job for you. Coding isn’t just 1’s and 0’s, although there are many. Coders make things, and coding is applicable to almost any field, so there are tons of opportunities to find a coding job that you love.

But what does a programmer actually do? The answer is: it depends. So in this post, we will break down all the factors that affect the annual salary of a programmer.

But the whole story is a bit more complicated. Programmers who specialize in a specific area of ​​coding make much more money. And coding salaries also vary greatly depending on where you are. Finally, the salary you can expect as a programmer will increase significantly as you gain experience and complete coding bootcamps.

Coders can expect to earn between $67,370 and around $116,220 per year. But again, what a programmer does depends on many factors. Let’s break it down.

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We all use gadgets and applications every day and programmers are responsible for creating all these things. The national average salary for computer programmers and developers is about $89,190 per year.

As the medical industry stores patient information digitally and some medical devices also require software, the healthcare industry needs reliable encoders. The average salary available for a healthcare software developer is $83,062 per year.

The financial industry relies heavily on coding, as banks and financial institutions need programmers to run day-to-day operations, including e-commerce systems. Improper coding can cause huge problems for these institutions, and many are willing to pay top dollar

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