How Much Do Military Police Get Paid

How Much Do Military Police Get Paid – Learn more about how surplus military goods are transferred to police, sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies as federal aid.

Downtown Miami, Florida, USA – May 31, 2020: Police and military in Miami during a protest against violence and racism. (Shutterstock)

How Much Do Military Police Get Paid

The police obtain most of their military equipment through two federal programs: the LESO/1033 and 1122 programs. The LESO/1033 program allows the Department of Defense (DoD) to transfer surplus military equipment. to local law enforcement agencies for free, while the local agencies pay for delivery and maintenance. The 1122 program allows local police agencies to purchase new military equipment using their own funds with the same rebates received by the federal government.

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In the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991, Congress authorized the Department of Defense to transfer additional funds from the Department of Defense to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Congress later passed the NDAA for fiscal year 1997, which allows law enforcement agencies to acquire funds for lucrative law enforcement purposes—particularly those related to drug and terrorist activities. The program has been referred to in the media and elsewhere as the “1033 Program”, referring to the section of the 1997 NDAA that gave the Secretary of Defense permanent authority to transfer defense material to law enforcement agencies federal, state and local.

The Defense Logistics Agency Law Enforcement Support Office is responsible for managing the LESO/1033 program and the source of the data that appears on the city or county dashboard is the national funding database police This data is submitted quarterly.

The 1122 program, owned and operated by the Department of Defense, provides states and local government units with access to federal supply sources to purchase equipment to support highway, homeland security, and operations emergency response. There is no federal reporting requirement for 1122 Program purchases, so they are not represented in the National Police Funding Database. 1 / 3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – California National Guardsmen from the 185th Military Police Battalion, 49th Military Police Group salute as a vehicle carrying a late volunteer firefighter enters to the Napa County Sheriff’s Department in Napa, California, on October 16. … (Photo credit: USA ) SEE Original

2/3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – California National Guard down the street with members of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and waiting for a volunteer firefighter, who was recently killed during Wildfires in Northern California. … (Photo credit: USA ) SEE Original

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3/3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Capt. Antonio Ambriz of the Division Headquarters, 185th Military Police Battalion, 49th Military Police Brigade, California National Guard, greets fellow California Rangers during vehicles supporting a fallen volunteer soldier. in Napa County Sh. (Photo credit: USA) SEE Original

NAPA, Calif. – The California National Guard has paid tribute to a volunteer firefighter who died in the Northern California wildfires.

An element of the Cal Guard’s 49th Military Police Group organized a last-minute setup at the Napa County Sheriff’s Office for a joint memorial service, which is typically given to a service member. The movement that was quickly organized came after an earlier unexpected formation, when soldiers took to the street and saluted the fallen firefighter when a police convoy took a- into the compound.

“It didn’t matter if he was a civilian or not. He is here as we are, fighting fires. We are all here together,” said the Col. Robert Paoletti, 49th commander. “It’s the least we can do for someone who gave up his life.”

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Personnel from the California Office of Emergency Services, volunteers and sheriff’s office administrators joined the brief ceremony. 49th Chaplain (Captain) David Evans joined them as he recited a prayer for the departed. It was a military memorial to civilians on the front lines.

“It was truly an honorable gesture by the California Guard,” Napa County Sheriff John Robertson said. “They went out of their way to set this up, and (the victim) wasn’t even one of them or us.” The Guard had great respect for this.’

It was the opinion of Spc. Coby McGuire of the 330th Military Police Company. He was one of the soldiers who greeted the passing convoy and thought that was not enough for the sacrifice.

“It felt like we needed to do more. ” He only gave his life. This (entertainment) was the real deal,” said McIwire, who immediately came to his management with a plan, then took it to the next level. “Anyone who serves this country should be given the same respect. “

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The victim, who is from Missouri, was driving a water truck, Robertson explained. Details of his death have not been released.

“Everybody in the building wanted to come out and be a part of this, to feel this,” said Kim Henderson, an administrator with the Napa Sheriff’s Office who was part of the ceremony. “It was an honorable thing for soldiers to do.”

More than 40 have died in the wildfires in Northern California. More than 100,000 were displaced, seeking temporary homes in shelters and evacuation sites as far as 75 miles away. Dozens of fires simultaneously burned Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties in California. Among the protests, some want to end a program that sends military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. Above, police ride in an armored vehicle on May 31 in Bellevue, Washington. David Reeder/Getty Images

For decades, police departments have received military-grade weapons such as grenade launchers and armored vehicles at no cost through the Defense Department’s controversial 1033 program. according to the office in charge of the program.

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As more images emerge of police in riot gear confronting peaceful protesters marching against racism and police brutality, several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for an end to the program arming civilian officials with gear typically used in active combat.

The 1033 program was launched in 1997 under the Clinton administration amid an effort to strengthen the police force’s ability to fight drugs. It transfers surplus or obsolete military equipment to applicable state and local governments, which are responsible for shipping costs only.

The program came to attention in 2014 as a result of the militarized police response to Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the police shooting of Michael Brown. The Obama administration responded by placing some restrictions on the types of cases that could be transferred to police departments, but those restrictions were lifted by the Trump administration in 2017.

Supporters of 1033 say it’s not weapons at all – much of the equipment being moved is everyday items such as office supplies and clothing. But critics say access to high-powered weapons and tactical vehicles allows local gangs to build large police forces and encourages police violence.

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“People are seeing for the first time how militarized the police are.” And this militarization could contribute to the higher level of violence we are seeing widely in this particular movement that is ‘ happening right now,” Sabrina Karim, a professor of government at Cornell University, told “Morning Report” host David Brancaccio.

“I will also say that military police do not particularly deal with complaints. But it’s also a kind of everyday police work. So you see things like the unprovoked attacks that killed Breonna Taylor,” she said.

Karim spoke with Brancacchio about how the program has changed the way police interact with communities across the country. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

David Brancaccio: So the idea is that the Pentagon originally bought these things for the military, they don’t need them anymore and they can give them to local police departments. And it’s not just flashlights. Some of this is very heavy stuff.

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Sabrina Karim: That’s right. So we have everything from office equipment, clothes, appliances, radios. But then we have some really heavy stuff, things like armored vehicles, assault rifles, grenades, and something called the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle (MRAP), which was created by the Department of Defense as an anti-attack strategy to combat IED attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This program for MRAPs, as they are called, was a very expensive program in the billions, costing about $800,000 per vehicle. And so there were too many of them because the army was developing more efficient vehicles. So what to do with the extra MRAPs being built? Well, one solution was to transfer about 600 of them to local law enforcement agencies through this program.

Brancaccio: And these vehicles were not considered an unqualified success when they were first used by the military. I mean, at first, they were fuel pigs, I remember.

Karim: Yeah, so they’re fuel inefficient, as well as combat inefficient, because they’re big vehicles that prevent soldiers from interacting with the community . And if it was ineffective against the terrorists, I really wasn’t

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