How To Create A List On Mailchimp

How To Create A List On Mailchimp – Here’s a tutorial on how to get started building your list and getting off to a good start with email marketing using MailChimp.

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How To Create A List On Mailchimp

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How To Create Your First Email List With Mailchimp

We have updated our privacy policy to adapt to changing global privacy regulations and to give you an idea of ​​the limited ways in which we use your data. A Mailchimp list is the backbone of your email marketing. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to work with Mailchimp lists and how to manage them in a way that increases efficiency and delivers consistent business results. We’ll cover these vital questions in this article, which provides a detailed overview of Mailchimp list basics. Let’s dive in!

Practically speaking, a Mailchimp list is a database of information about your contacts that you mass email using Mailchimp. It’s called a “list” because its core element is a list of your customers’ names and email addresses. However, over time, listings typically include customer location, engagement statistics for each contact, etc. collects many other types of data, such as

Another term for mailchimp list is tracker. This is what lists are now officially called in the Mailchimp interface, tutorials, and other materials. However, many marketers continue to call them lists, as the term was widely used in the past by Mailchimp. In this article, we will use both terms interchangeably.

Any mailing list cannot be a Mailchimp list. The platform has certain requirements. First of all, you should only include people you collect on the relevant terms. This means that you cannot use third-party email lists or copy email addresses from publicly available sources. You should also be careful about the contact information you collect for purposes other than registration.

How To Create An Automated Email Campaign In Mailchimp

For example, if you run a restaurant and customers provide their email address to participate in a promotion, you can’t accept them as subscribers just because they gave you their contact information. To register with them, you must have their express permission to send them marketing material.

This is the process of organizing, updating and protecting your audience data in Mailchimp with the help of the platform’s built-in list management functionality.

Proper list maintenance is vital. Amassing a large database of contacts alone does not necessarily translate into increased sales or engagement. For example, you may have a large target audience, but a low open rate and a large number of inactive users. In such a case, you will need to re-engage or delete inactive subscribers. Otherwise, you can be stuck with wrong statistics and spend money on users who are not interested in your services. Such clients may even report your emails as spam and cause additional problems.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your Mailchimp lists up to date, analyze them, and implement improvements based on the findings.

Mailchimp 101: How To Set Up And Use The Damn Thing?

As you can see, list management is closely related to performance, productivity and ultimately business results. Now, let’s learn more about working with Mailchimp mailing lists.

Before you begin, you’ll need to gather contacts from email signup sources (for example, banners or website widgets). Alternatively, you can create a list of contacts you collect in other applications, as long as it’s not a third-party list and all other Mailchimp requirements are met.

There are several ways to build a list in Mailchimp. The first one is manually adding contacts one by one and the other ways are different types of imports.

After that, you will be able to add a subscriber’s details in the form provided. The only required field is the Email Address, but you can add many other details such as the contact’s name, birthday, phone number and tags.

Ways To Clean An Email List In Mailchimp

While this is a fairly simple way to build a list in Mailchimp, adding contacts one at a time only makes sense if you have a few contacts. This can be useful when you are just starting out or need to update some details. In most other cases, bulk contact import seems a much better option.

Mailchimp offers several options for importing contacts. Which one is best for you depends on the format of your contact base. You can import contacts from a CSV or TXT file, import directly from other applications, or manually copy and paste from a spreadsheet.

Most apps allow users to export data in CSV format, so getting a CSV file of your contacts should be easy. This file must contain a column of email addresses. It may also contain other columns, but these are optional. Note that you may need to format your contacts before importing according to Mailchimp’s requirements.

Select the application you want to export contacts from and click the Add button next to the selected option. In the next step, you will need to connect your chosen platform account with Mailchimp. The exact flow depends on the application. We’ll take QuickBooks Online as an example.

How To Create Interest Lists In Mailchimp

After you select QuickBooks, Mailchimp will display the integration details. Select the contact’s status and press the Connect to QuickBooks button. Make sure you are signed in to your QuickBook account.

Another way to import contacts is to manually copy and paste them. It is implied that most users copy from an Excel workbook or Google Spreadsheet, but in reality contacts can be copied from any list.

Now you know everything about importing lists in Mailchimp. Over time your audience will continue to grow and at some point you will need to back up and export your list data from your Mailchimp account. Let’s see how to do this.

After dozens of campaigns, your Mailchimp list will be filled with contact information, opt-in criteria, etc. It will collect a lot of valuable data such as You will need to protect this data. Otherwise, you risk losing it due to random error or technical problem. The best way to protect your data is to back it up and update it regularly. Fortunately, you can do this automatically.

Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp [2023]

For example, you can back up your Mailchimp list data using This is a popular tool for exporting data to Google Sheets, Excel and BigQuery. It allows you to connect Mailchimp to any of these apps and set a custom schedule for automatic updates. So once you’ve set the link and extracted the Mailchimp data, you’ll have a backup in Google Sheets (or Excel/BigQuery depending on your preference). After that, will regularly pull the refreshed Mailchimp data into the selected spreadsheet or dataset. This is very useful as your backup will always be up to date and you won’t need to do anything to protect it. By the way, you can also use to combine Mailchimp lists.

Read the Mailchimp Contact Export Guide for details on how to automatically export Mailchimp list data. You can also use the flow described in this article to export other types of data, such as campaign reports.

Another way to import data from Mailchimp is to use a native CSV tool. However, this option requires you to manually transfer data every time you want to update it, so it’s not the best solution for backup purposes.

If you need to manually export your contact list, go to Public -> All Contacts -> Export Public -> Export as CSV. For other list data, such as engagement metrics, you’ll need to export your campaign reports separately.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Integration

This type of list is useful when you need to remove some recipients from your mailing list. When you add people to a Mailchimp block list, they stop receiving your messages. If customers decide to unsubscribe themselves, their email addresses are also included in the secret list. In the latter case, the contacts are automatically added to the list.

There are two ways to create a Mailchimp blacklist. The choice depends on the type of people you want to include there.

To do this, go to Public -> All Contacts and then select all contacts

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