How To Create An Email Drip Campaign

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Have you signed up for an organization’s newsletter and suddenly feel out of the loop – like you missed a hundred emails for the most part? This is because new newsletter subscribers only see emails that come in after they’ve signed up. Everything before has disappeared into the void.

How To Create An Email Drip Campaign

In this guide, I’ll break down what marketing campaigns are, when they work, and how you can use them to drive customers away from the wrong users.

Complete Guide To Drip Marketing Campaigns, Best Drip Marketing Tools & Services!

Drip marketing is a strategy that will automatically send marketing emails on time or based on the user’s actions. It is known by many other names, including:

Drip campaigns are highly customizable. You can choose the exact cadence with which they are sent: maybe one email will go out as soon as someone registers, another will go out three days later, with one more going on for weeks before. And it can change based on the action the email recipient takes when the message lands in their inbox.

The content of the emails can also vary based on the activity the person has performed. Some examples of actions that can lead to a drip campaign are:

Since they come from a series of emails that have already been written, there is no need to write and send each one. They can be personalized with your contact name, company information and more.

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Simply put, drip marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time. If someone just signed up for your blog newsletter, for example, a drip campaign might send a welcome email immediately followed by another email two days later showing some of your content. Or if a potential customer has been hovering around your “big conversion” page for a few weeks but still hasn’t pulled the trigger, a drip campaign can be emailed to them with five reasons to buy the premium plan. The options are endless.

You know Drip marketing gets its name from the use of water – you gradually develop a relationship with your customers by nurturing them with information, as a farmer would do with sapling. I could sit here all day and write farm metaphors for business, but for your sake, I won’t.

The main reason to run a drip campaign is that you can identify specific users with email, segmenting your email list based on demographics and date of registration to purchase history and email with which the user was previously associated . That way you reach the right people when they are ready to buy.

As with all good things, you don’t want to overdo it. Too many emails will only distract your customers. But an email newsletter can be the best way to remind people to buy your product, show them how to use it when they buy it, and get new customers to speed up your email newsletter.

How To Setup Email Drip Campaign In Salesforce With The Workflow Processes And Process Builder

Setting up an automated drip campaign helps you get relevant information on the target readers and convert them into customers. Here are 10 examples for some inspiration:

Where there are leaders, there is hope. They just need to wait a little until they are ready to buy your product. Leadership can take many forms, such as introducing users to your service, helping them use certain features, or offering them a free trial.

Of course, you can’t stop every user from searching and buying your product, but sending emails can work for you.

You can use welcome, onboarding, engagement, or cart abandonment—along with other email marketing strategies, which we’ll look at below—to keep track of your leads and plan to move them to paying customers.

Email Drip Campaign

You’ve done a great job of marketing and attracted many new customers to sign up for a trial or request information about your product. But how will new users learn about your product and what makes it so good?

Pass the baton to welcome emails – they act as an instant guide to some of your company’s top content, and lead the way in using your product.

If someone signs up for your newsletter, you can use the opt-in system to send that user some of your promotional content. Or, if you have a new trial subscription, test the water with a survey of how other customers are using your system.

At the very least, a welcome email is a great way to say, “Hey, nice to meet you!”

How To Create Email Drip Campaigns For WordPress

Combined with exciting events or scheduled newsletters, which introduce visitors to your brand and your benefits, onboarding emails provide customers with a targeted “upsell” or implementation. Encourage them to use your products. The “sale” might download your company’s mobile app, sign up for a webinar, or try out a new feature.

You crafted enticing newsletters, offered flash sales, and ultimately coaxed your users into clicking that gilded “Add to Cart” button. Then: Your hard sell is gone.

It’s unfortunate to ditch the cart completely, but with an automated drip campaign, you can re-engage those fashion customers and bring them back to the “buy” button. When users leave an unpurchased item in their cart, use a drip to follow up and confirm it’s still available.

You don’t need to sell physical equipment for this to work. With an app, for example, use a special sales page – perhaps one that breaks down the benefits of your advanced plan compared to the beginning – to generate a result, and send some data text back to everyone who visited the page but didn’t. Ger.

Email Drip Campaign: Use Cases, How To Set Up, Tools, & Best Practices

Maybe wait a bit after people visit the page, and send the flow at a time when they will see the email and act on it – maybe during lunch, or in the evening.

“You may also like” isn’t just for Netflix binging—recommendation engines are the backbone of nearly every major online retailer (ahem, Amazon). The more companies know about you and your buying habits, the better they can predict your likes and dislikes. With this information, they can send you email campaigns that have products or coupons specific to your purchase.

For example, if you buy a Keurig coffee brewer online, the seller will send you coupons for 20-count K-cup packs or other Keurig products because they already know you have a brewer. They may recommend your favorite K-cup flavor only when they think you’ll run out of it, making sales almost guaranteed.

You don’t have to make billions of dollars to make the experience happen, though. Try targeting user segments with streams based on what part of your service they use the most, or what type of content they like the most.

How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign?

Whether your customer is renewing their subscription or it’s about to expire, you can use drip campaigns to engage customers during the renewal process.

For automatic renewals, try using an autoresponder that sends users a reminder that their account will be charged. You can load these notifications with contact information for your customer service team, or link to a page where users can update their billing information or information.

If your subscription hasn’t been renewed, create your drip campaign with a clear call to action to keep users coming back with your service. And for repeat users, send them thanks for staying with your service, and maybe ask them to share your product with their friends.

You can also use drip campaigns to ensure that your customers will renew – just set up a “thank you” autoresponder that goes out after they hit the “buy” button. In this endorsement, you can include some links to your latest products to re-engage your brand.

How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

It should be a no-brainer to send your customers an email receipt after they make a purchase (that’s just email marketing), but you can use this to communicate with marketing and sales. And with deals like airline tickets and hotel rooms, send a quick email the day before the event to put the important confirmation code at the top of the user’s inbox.

Then, perhaps, that same drip can send another email a few days later, asking them to rate your product or service and offering a coupon for future purchases.

The more times someone engages with your site, the more likely they are to convert

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