How To Decorate Open Living Room

How To Decorate Open Living Room – The open space is perfect for everyday living and entertaining! When the living room, dining room and kitchen merge together, it contributes to a relaxed and contemporary environment. Plus, you can watch the kids and the dog while you cook dinner! Get inspired by our six open house decorating tips!

If the space lacks visual boundaries, such as walls, it is important to maintain a fairly uniform style. You don’t have to match every little detail, but remember that your style choices will be seen from different angles.

How To Decorate Open Living Room

How To Decorate Open Living Room

While the style of the open house should remain consistent, never be afraid to play with color! Use a neutral palette throughout and decorate each area with its own colors. The result is a harmonious flow between spaces, while each space still has its own fun identity.

Ways To Decorate An Open Floor Plan Without Overcrowding The Space

Does it have one or two particularly attractive features? Take, for example, a large fireplace or a beautiful bay window! Let these focal points guide you, customize your furniture and decor according to the features you love most!

How To Decorate Open Living Room

If there is no clear division between rooms, area rugs can be used to create them. For example, place an area rug where you want a dining table, and then another place where you want a couch or sectional. Not only does it help ground the space visually, but it also helps determine the traffic flow of the area.

Thanks to the open floor plan, you have the freedom to design separate spaces that serve a specific purpose. Just create a cozy corner in a reading corner or study area! This is a great way to give an open concept home a more intimate feel.

How To Decorate Open Living Room

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Kitchen plants and fresh cut flowers make the airy space livelier and livelier! From tree species to smaller houseplants, you can never go wrong by tying your space together with a little greenery! Elizabeth Sweet is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Savannah College of Art & Design’s master’s program in interior design. Proud to have worked in the editorial departments of both Chicago Home + Garden magazine and Better Homes & Gardens, she has 12 years of industry experience. Her words have appeared in the pages of Southern Living magazine, as well as on the websites of Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Chicago Magazine, Dwell and others. Find her at and Instagram.

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How To Decorate Open Living Room

Large living rooms that connect the kitchen to the living room are more common than ever – but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to decorate. Just ask the experts! “While the opportunity to live in a larger space with multiple functions is so popular, designing these types of rooms in a seamless, thoughtful, and cohesive way can be more difficult than it seems,” says designer Jean Liu of Jean Liu Design in Dallas. . Memphis designer Sean Anderson agrees: “Open spaces can present many design challenges, but they don’t have to be intimidating.”

Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

If, in many ways, you feel like fewer walls means more confusion about what goes where, read on. We asked 10 Southern designers to share their business tips and lessons for success.

How To Decorate Open Living Room

Birmingham designer Dana Wolter of Dana Wolter Interiors says creating warmth and continuity in an open floor plan is possible with a large rug and a consistent pattern. “We like to use one large rug as much as possible—or place two rugs together as one large rug—to connect spaces,” she says. “We also repeat cushion fabrics and color palettes in each seating area for continuity and cohesion.”

Jean Liu of Jean Liu Design in Dallas, Texas uses colorful and thoughtful furniture compositions to create a sense of comfort. “Some of our best tips for making these spaces successful are developing multiple furniture arrangements to increase the comfort of the great room and maximize the functionality of the space,” she says. “If individual furniture groups are a must, consider treating all parts of the room with a uniform color palette to unify the space. However, we don’t need to feel limited by the type of material. We like balance and balance of scale. types such as fabrics with leather, wood with stones, new pieces with antiques.”

How To Decorate Open Living Room

Open Concept Apartment Interiors For Inspiration

Memphis designer Sean Anderson says that a cohesive and functional open plan is all about scale. “The right size of furniture and decor can make a den space balanced and even cozy,” he says. “A great way to define areas in a larger space is to use rugs for the visual effect of several rooms in one large area.”

For designer Brynn Olson, planning the space is the most critical step. “When your space is designed with purpose-built furniture arranged in an inviting way, you’ve set the stage for warmth and comfort,” she says. His best advice for success? Place several seats next to each other. “We often achieve this by placing the sofas back-to-back or connecting the spaces together with a tete-a-tete or chaise longue if necessary.”

How To Decorate Open Living Room

Charlotte designer Gray Walker of Gray Walker Interiors says, “When I design an open floor plan, I always try to float the furniture. I try to create ease of movement with nice spaces and nice conversation areas. Large pieces of art anchor the walls . and add visual weight to the ‘shell’ of the design. I love floor-to-ceiling art in an open floor plan with floating furniture. There are so many opportunities for drama in a large space without losing intimacy. Each space is part of the whole, so keep your color palette consistent and use one paint color throughout the open space.”

How To Decorate Your Home: Tips For Tenants

Designer Jan Showers of Dallas firm Jan Showers & Associates explains how she put together a large living space. “We took a huge room and divided it into spaces that were perfect for the living room, dining room, bar and kitchen,” he says. “If the room is big enough, it really makes it a lot easier. I’ve done open spaces that were smaller than that—you have to make sure the scale is smaller there. Scale has so much to do with all the decor..”

How To Decorate Open Living Room

“It’s more important than ever to define space in an open living space. Otherwise, everything feels like it’s floating on the open sea,” says Austin’s Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design.

His best advice? “I try to create depth, rhythm and visual calm with architectural elements such as subtle ceiling changes, arched openings and colour, but I also love decorative items such as rugs, large lamps and couple furniture,” she says. . “My strategy is to tame the chaos by dropping large anchors into the landscape of the open space. Start with a large sofa, saturated paint, a giant chandelier or a large rug if you’re feeling conflicted! Always play with scale, light and color to create spatial hierarchy and make your large space feel easy and purposeful.”

How To Decorate Open Living Room

Open Floor Plan Decorating Ideas Straight From Designers

Nashville’s Roger Higgins of R. Higgins Interiors believes in the power of paint in open spaces. “If your room is painted in one color, you can add visual interest and break up the space by painting the doors or woodwork in a contrasting color, or by painting the ceiling,” she says. “Incorporating lighting can also help define a space. For example, lamps can create an intimate space in a space, while larger lighting can help separate a seating group.”

“One thing people don’t always realize about open floor plans is that you can drop the kitchen into the house,” says designer Mary Clair of Cumbaa, Mississippi-based Cumbaa Design Company. “Furthermore, every element of the space, by carefully planning, creates a unified family-oriented kitchen and living room atmosphere, making it easy to get together. The kitchen and living areas are ideal for an open floor plan, because that’s where families gather the most.”

How To Decorate Open Living Room

Dallas designer Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs sees open living as a great opportunity. “Open concept living can seem intimidating when I’m looking at a big, blank canvas, but I always try to remind my clients of the endless possibilities that can open up when working in large spaces,” she says. “The biggest advantage of an open concept is flexibility. Know the most important places in your home and the gathering places for your family. Once you figure it out, the design of the space comes together.”

Defining Open Spaces With Home Furniture

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How To Decorate Open Living Room

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