How To Do Local Seo

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With our guidance and use of scientifically developed marketing systems, our clients save time, increase profits and feel confident in their marketing efforts.

How To Do Local Seo

Research tells us that the human brain is designed to ignore things that are not important. If something takes too long to understand, people just move on.

Chapter 10: Final Thoughts & The Way Forward

Since 2000, we’ve proven that clarifying messaging and speaking directly to customers increases revenue, saves time, and prevents overspending.

If you’re ready to be confident about your marketing strategy, schedule a 30-minute session where we’ll discuss your marketing challenges and business goals. Then, we outline a marketing strategy and action plan that will allow you to reach your goals without spending a fortune. From there, we execute the strategy – while providing you with regular data-driven updates. By trusting our team to oversee your marketing strategy, you can free up your schedule to focus on what’s most important to you – serving your clients and having a life outside the office. However, without an effective marketing strategy, small business leaders haphazardly try to market their business in between their other responsibilities. This wastes time, wastes money and prevents business growth. On the other hand, Treefrog customers say that confidence in their marketing feels amazing. And because they don’t have to personally execute their strategy, they can devote their full attention to serving their customers and other aspects of growing their business. This is because they know that their marketing strategy will constantly help them reach their best customers. Schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss a marketing strategy for your small business that will save you time, increase profits, and give you confidence in your marketing. Whether it’s searching for the best tacos in town or researching to find a trusted pediatrician, users engage with local search results every day. It’s Google’s job to help them find the best resources in search results, and as a marketer, it’s your job to help your organization show up.

This 4-part series covers the basic concepts behind local keyword research and how to apply them to your local SEO campaign.

Reality check: When I first started out in marketing, I used to correlate local “keyword research” with the average search volume next to every phrase I typed into any keyword tool. It is not true.

How To Do Local Seo With A Local Seo Company

As I quickly learned, keyword research is much more than numbers next to phrases. If an SEO campaign is a textbook, it’s index terms, each term deriving specific contexts and goals. Individually, each keyword is relatively meaningless. But as a carefully crafted ecosystem, these keywords are the foundation of a successful local SEO campaign, from tracking results to writing content and prioritizing tasks.

So, let’s begin our journey in local keyword research with a system that makes keywords intrinsically valuable – Small World of Local Search.

. Terms, their location and the context in which they are used are a set of interconnected factors.

In the image above, we’re taking a set of seemingly simple key queries – “dog walkers in Boise”, “dog walkers in Boise”, and showing how these phrases weigh in the larger context of the small world of local search.

Easy Ways To Do Local Seo For Your Business In 2022?

Here’s a breakdown of each part of the small world of local search in the example above and why it’s important:

Internet – This is where technical SEO comes in. Keyword research won’t matter if a page doesn’t load quickly on someone’s phone, or the crawler can’t find it. This also includes hosting, DNS and other nuts and bolts.

Google – we know it. We like it. The search engine that runs our lives is also in constant, invisible motion, with serps in eternal, invisible oscillations and an algorithm that receives endless changes. See what shows up for these keywords (local pack, knowledge graph, snippets), what they show up for, and why Google likes them.

Dog Walks – A little different from the terminology, this is the “topic” or “stock” part of the business. Understand what will sell with your SEO campaign, or you won’t be able to market it properly (also known as the blank page of paper test).

How To Do Keyword Research For Local Seo?

Boise – Local SEO without a location is like a taco without guacamole (tragic). Every city faces unique challenges

Keywords – Oh look, these are real keywords! We can think about all the terms that can drive traffic (and conversions) to a site, but we can’t forget the larger systems in the microcosm that got us here.

. We should look at the elements as a whole whenever possible. Here are some examples of how a marketer can try to improve local rankings.

I could write 100 examples of situations in local SEO where keyword research is cruelly mined from the microcosm and destroys the campaign (aka roadblock), but here are a few examples:

Local Seo Statistics And Trends

Forget “Google” – a brand new one page website trying to rank for “Phoenix AC Repair” (compared to 20 year old websites with hundreds of pages).

It’s good that “Phoenix AC Repair” gets an average of 500 searches per month, but Google makes the rules. When the website is launched, everything in SEO is “will Google like it?” Starts. And, Google doesn’t like a one-page website with limited information because there are websites with more content, more history, and possibly a bigger marketing budget.

When we accept that website resources are limited, we also understand our place in the small world of local search. From there, the conditions of the campaign take on a different color.

If I’m in a position to help a small business client rank in their local market, I don’t want to rule out any possibility, but I want to start with realistic goals. Instead of doing triathlons and ranking for “Phoenix AC Repair”, let’s start with a 5K and try to get ranked for “Phoenix Swamp Air Conditioner Repair Service”. Is it less attractive? Yeah. But does that make contact? might be.

Do’s And Dont’s Of Local Seo

Forget “venue” – an event center tries to rank for “Dallas wedding venue” but they are located in McKinney, Texas (a 54 minute drive from Dallas).

Again, we know that “Dallas wedding venue” is a valuable keyword. Anyway, it takes 600 searches per month. But check out the local closed map results for the query “Dallas wedding venue”:

As you can see, the local package results are all so centered around “Dallas” that you can’t even read the name of the city on the map. The furthest Google is willing to rank a competitor is “Dallas Palms,” probably because “Dallas” is in the name of the Google My Business profile.

So, while we want to get a “Dallas Wedding Venue” ranking from our McKinney location, we should keep “McKinney Wedding Venue” unless there are major changes to the location or business name.

How To Do Local Seo, Part Two: User Intent

Forget the “internet” – a dentist writes content for a service page about “tin cleaning in Richmond, VA” but doesn’t invest in website security and gets hacked.

Every SEO has a moment in their career where they look at a website or search engine, see Chinese characters, and realize, “Oh, it’s been hacked.” This is not fun. I don’t even want to bring it up in this post because, ugh, bad memories. But SEO professionals don’t spend enough time considering the larger infrastructure of the Internet as a whole.

If basic website parameters like security and hosting are neglected until the going gets tough, Google is in a very difficult position. Until the security issues are investigated, addressed and resolved, the website will be removed from the SERP.

In local SEO, even at the keyword research stage. No, it’s not your expertise as an SEO expert, but website infrastructure can affect your strategy, plans, and processes if you don’t have a clear line of communication with the development team.

How To Do Local Seo In 2023

In these examples, keyword research is technically completed for each website, but not within the guidelines of the website, community, or search engine. Although keywords are good, ranking is better – but they can’t happen if you don’t understand the situation as a whole.

Ultimately, it’s not the parts of the microcosm that matter in local keyword research, but the system as a whole. If local keyword research is completed without considering the larger community, products, services, the search engine, and the website itself, the pasta is served without sauce. And nobody likes bland pasta.

Harmony is an SEO strategist based in Colorado. As a recipient of “Best Local Campaign,” with USA 2022 Although Harmony is an award-winning local SEO specialist, she thrives when it comes to helping small and large businesses succeed. When she’s not at work, Harmony is probably dusting off her dinosaur collection, shopping for her Halloween wardrobe, or mixing drinks at her tiki bar at home.

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