How To Find Best Keywords For Seo

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How To Find Best Keywords For Seo

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How To Choose Keywords For Seo

If you are new to the world of business or digital marketing, you have probably heard of search engine optimization. In a world where the majority of internet traffic comes from text typed into a search box, search engine optimization can be the deciding factor in the fate of your e-commerce business.

SEO involves many tactics, but the basic principle is that you help Google and other search engines better understand what your business website is about and what it sells. This, in turn, increases your visibility by increasing the likelihood that your site will be found in search engines when potential customers are searching for the products you sell.

One of the main SEO tactics is keyword research. SEO keyword research is all about better understanding the terminology your potential customers use to find the products you sell, and then matching your website and marketing terminology.

In this article, we will discuss the keywords for e-commerce. The main goal is to build a list of keywords that you can refer to when building and optimizing your website, writing product descriptions, and creating your blog posts.

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Every time someone searches, a search engine must decide which numeric results to display from hundreds or thousands of pages. Determining the best and most relevant matches for each search depends on the search engine’s algorithm. This is why it is important to choose your keywords carefully so that search engines can display your site in search results that match the most relevant keyword searches.

For search engine results, ranking on the first page of the search engine results page is not as important as being in the top positions on the first page. To get an idea of ​​how big a given position can be, take a look at the graph below that shows the search graph and average traffic percentage:

In short, the closer you are to the top of Google Search for relevant terms, the more traffic (and potential sales) you’ll get. Depending on the search term and the monthly search volume for that search term, a gap of a few positions can represent a significant loss of income over the long term.

Before doing keyword research for your online store, you will come across some key terms that you should know and understand.

Why Are Keywords Important For Your Business?

In the context of search engine optimization, a keyword is a specific word or phrase that acts as a shortcut to summarize the content of a page or website. Keywords are part of a website’s metadata and help search engines match a page with a relevant search query.

Long tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words. Long-tail keywords are important (meaning they have their own name) because they take people further into the buying cycle, and thus have higher conversion rates.

A person searching for “hair extensions” is probably in the data collection stage. However, someone searching for “cost of 20 inch brown hair extensions” is probably further along in their buying cycle and closer to buying. These keywords are called “high purchase intent” or “high trade intent.” SEO often assigns one of the search goals to a keyword:

Search volume is usually measured in average monthly searches. This is the total number of searches (keywords) for each month. Ideally, you’re looking for keywords with the highest search volume. A high ranking for search terms with high search volume means potential traffic and conversion potential for you and your store.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Seo

Unfortunately, there is no magic number that represents the best search volume for everyone. What the “correct” search volume is will vary from site to site.

Search volume isn’t the only thing to consider. Competition is just as important, if not more so. There is no point in trying to rank for specific keywords that you have no chance of ranking for. Competition refers to the difficulty of ranking for each individual keyword.

In an ideal situation, your strategy will include keywords with high search volume and low competition. However, these golden nuggets are hard to come by and require a lot of work, patience and maybe a little luck to find them.

Entrepreneur and expert Cassandra Campbell shares a three-step SEO framework to help your business get found in Google searches.

Think Outside The Search Box For Seo Keyword Opportunities

There are many nuances between new stores and existing stores, so for the sake of speed, I’ll assume you’re working on a new site.

If your store is more established, you likely have a good database to help you determine where you want to take your search. But for a new website, you need to rely on competitor research.

The right way to do this is to find the major players in the space that aren’t major brands—by scouring Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other established, general merchandise websites. But don’t get too carried away because you don’t want to stay away from big data brands like Wikipedia or Quora. These sites can truly be a treasure trove of keywords and topics.

For this tutorial, we will be using Ahrefs. Let’s say you’re an organic pet supply brand and your main competitor is Nature’s Pet. You can enter his website URL into the Ahrefs search bar and get a list of organic keywords for the brand.

What Is Seo

You can also see the top pages, which web pages are getting the most traffic, and the top keyword for each URL.

Open a Google Sheet and start typing in the keywords you want to rank for. Entering each keyword is how you start building your universe.

To compete with an 800-pound commercial gorilla these days, especially if you’re just starting out, you have to start with a hyper-niche—within a niche, sometimes even within that niche (it’s okay to go down).

To illustrate the importance of expertise, let’s take the research process from start to finish with a basic example. Case studies are a great way to facilitate concepts that are easier to understand and apply.

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Continuing with the pet supply example above, let’s look at how we can find the right keywords to rank for your store.

Our first step is to go to Google and start with a basic search. All we want to do now is switch Google back to autosuggest. For this search, I typed in “dog food” to start things off.

Most trading conditions are more competitive than ever. At the time of this writing, Chewy is in first place, followed by Petco in second place, followed by Amazon in third place. You can view search volume and CPC for any keyword in Chrome and FireFox.

Next, let’s see what keywords Google recommends. For this we can use a keyword research tool called Ahrefs. Let’s start by looking at possible keyword ideas for our main keyword, “dog food.”

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Immediately, we can see that ingredients (containers) and food type (raw, fresh, homemade) are common terms used to indicate what searchers are looking for. Not all of these terms will be relevant. We’ll want to scan the terms and look for modifiers, which we can remove using the Remove keyword function.

For example, I see brand modifiers like Royal Canin and Purina in some searches. We want to add as many negative keywords as possible to their list to further improve results. It’s okay if you don’t get every brand term. You’ll find that we’ve included 60 of the best brands in the space. The goal is to reduce your list to something manageable.

That leaves us with 342,384 unique keywords, so you’ll want to sort by monthly search volume to see how popular these keywords are.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what each of these columns means in terms of the metric it represents.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Seo On A Budget

When looking at keywords as part of your overall research process, it’s important to recognize that the keywords identified based on your first impressions and initial filtering efforts are only the tip of the iceberg. Understanding how users think with searches such as contextual search will help you identify new keywords.

Each of these terms with high search volume, say 100 per month, probably has a whole universe of terms associated with it. For example,

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