How To Get Email Lists For Marketing

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In November, I went Christmas shopping and ordered a package of shirts online. A week later I started receiving newsletters from the brand promoting its latest collection of winter clothing. I didn’t join any marketing lists on purpose so I felt a bit hurt. And this is the challenge of building an email marketing list: collecting contact emails without irritating your recipients.

How To Get Email Lists For Marketing

If you don’t yet have a solid strategy for collecting email addresses to implement your email marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Below I reveal how to build a list that people want to be a part of.

How To Build An Email List From Scratch (a Step By Step Guide)

An email list is, in a word, a gold mine. It is a list of email addresses of users who wish to receive brand information and marketing content. You may use this list to promote deals, offer discounts, and provide updates or other information to interested customers.

The best email lists are filled with users who really want to be on them—those who enjoy your brand’s content and will become repeat customers.

But it is also one that contains many connections. The exact number will look different depending on your industry, but it should include a solid audience and should always be growing.

Just because social media marketing has boomed in recent years doesn’t mean email marketing is now a dinosaur tactic. Almost everyone has an email address, and email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach customers. Here’s why it’s in your best interest to build an email list:

How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing

You may be tempted to buy a list of names and email addresses of members of your target demographic. Please do not. Here’s why:

Below I reveal tips for collecting email addresses directly and what to include in your email marketing messages to expand your network and make your campaigns successful.

A landing page dedicated to your email signup gives you room to add all the content you want without cluttering the screen. It’s a great way to shed light on why your emails are so valuable.

Don’t use the landing page as an excuse not to include CTAs on your main pages, as they serve completely different purposes.

How To Build Your Email Marketing List With Userreport

A CTA doesn’t have to be a boring button or a forgettable link at the end of a long paragraph. Be creative by choosing designs and copy that grab the reader’s attention. Be aware of your website’s use of color as you make these decisions, keeping banners and CTA buttons consistent with your branding.

Some of your CTAs may miss the mark and that’s okay. Consider A/B testing different designs and copy, which tracks metrics like impressions and clicks, until you create a CTA that will click. Focus on expressions that are likely to appeal to your readers and require as little effort and thought on their part as possible.

CTA placement is just as important as layout and text. If email signups are your top business priority, place these CTAs in the most prominent areas of the screen, such as the center of the home page or in the upper right corner of the top menu bar.

Get into the habit of placing CTAs on an “island” or spacing them out from the surrounding copy on the page as this draws attention to them. You can also use them to break up sections on long-scrolling pages.

How To Build An Email List For Marketing: 7 Proven Tactics

Professional email signatures often include links to the company’s website or other resources, but any CTA can go here. It’s a non-invasive and affordable way to encourage users to take specific actions, such as joining an email list. If it’s appropriate for you in your industry, consider asking your employees to include an opt-in link in their email signatures. You can also add it to the bottom of a transaction email as an order confirmation.

When I’m interested in new promotions that my favorite companies are offering, I turn to social media first. This is where I expect them to post the most up-to-date, time-sensitive information. When building an email list, your company’s social media bio is a great place to include an opt-in link.

The fair is an opportunity for your company to show itself in an impressive and memorable way. When you give potential and existing customers a positive experience, they are more likely to appreciate your promotional content. Be polite and professional, give them a bag of household items and give them a tablet with an application form inside.

If you’re worried about being swamped by other businesses at the trade show, you can host your own event to increase brand awareness and build your email list. Discuss the type of event that would fit your brand image and promote it on your advertising channels. If it’s popular, you can expect your guests to sign up for marketing emails on the spot.

How To Collect Emails: 15 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List

We are in the age of Zoom, which means that almost everyone has experience with virtual meetings and events. Virtual workshops and webinars allow people from anywhere in the world to interact with your company in person, making them more likely to trust you and send their email to learn more about future virtual events. If you can, invite popular opinion leaders in your industry to participate in your webinars to attract more participants.

If a friend has ever tagged you in a comment on a giveaway post on Instagram, you understand how far-reaching giveaways can be. They’re a great way to spread awareness of your brand among friends of your friends and encourage people to hear more from you. Consider making it a condition to sign up for your newsletter, especially if the prize is too good to resist (like a puppy).

Who needs money when you can get a new lead’s email address? A great way to attract potential customers is to offer website visitors something of value, like an e-book or template, in exchange for their email address. People are far more likely to trade their contact information than their money for a useful resource.

If it makes sense for your industry, you can encourage readers to take a fun quiz and ask them to enter their email to receive the results. For example, a financial company could create a “what kind of consumer are you?” A quiz or cybersecurity software company might offer “what is your risk of password compromise?” quiz (I already know I’d wince at my results on that one).

Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List In 2023

What tools could you offer your audience to make their lives easier? Most users are happy to send their email if it means they get access to a tool that solves the problem. For example, a website development company might offer a browser extension that analyzes the accessibility and visual appeal of any website. These tools may require the help of a developer, but the results can make the investment worthwhile.

If you offer a software or service online, invite users to try it before they invest big money in the real thing. An email address is a small price to pay for testing a solution that usually costs money to use. Plus, when a user starts a free trial, it makes them more likely to sign up for the real thing. Be sure to let users know that by submitting their email, they agree to receive your company’s marketing email and that they can unsubscribe at any time.

Most people you come across (myself included) have a moment of pause before choosing to communicate with a business email due to fear of spam. No matter what methods you use to build your email list, reassure users that you won’t flood their inboxes with endless spam using the microcopy below the opt-in button. For example, tell users:

Chances are your subscribers are connected to a network that shares their professional interests. Include CTAs in your promotional emails that encourage users to share the email with their network or forward it to a friend. And make it easy for these friends to opt-in to your email list, expanding your reach.

Email Marketing 101: Your Go To Checklist

Your blog is a reflection of your industry expertise. The higher the quality of your posts, the more likely people will follow you. Including CTAs on your blog for readers to enter their email to receive updates when new posts are published can help grow your email list.

A newsletter is a great way to keep your customers engaged

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