How To Help Military Families

How To Help Military Families – You were redirected because the dates you entered were below the US drinking age. Join us at the start of a lifelong wine-reading conversation to learn more.

We know that when one member serves, the whole family serves. They all made sacrifices, faced challenges, and endured times of high risk and uncertainty. We are committed to honoring these families with programs and resources to help guide life-long conversations and keep children healthy and independent from substance abuse.

How To Help Military Families

Military families serve all Americans voluntarily, and as such, present their own challenges on many levels. It is committed to providing service members, veterans, and their families with the information and resources they need to sustain, recover, and thrive.

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Children in military families may experience stressful events such as threats of war, deployment, and moving homes and schools. These stressors may cause children to fall under negative pressure and engage in risky behaviors, such as drinking alcohol at a young age, in order to cope with difficult situations or in hopes of getting along or making new friends. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Military Children’s Education Coalition (MCEC) and others to share resources with military families for the Ask, Listen, Learn program, as well as all parent support and outreach programs.

Military members and civilians alike need help to have meaningful conversations and empower their children to say yes to a healthy lifestyle and no to underage drinking.

The Ask, Listen, Learn Youth Drinking Prevention Program aims to reduce youth drinking and marijuana use by providing resources for parents and caregivers to talk to their children about the dangers of youth drinking.

Together with our partners in the military and veterans communities, we are specifically targeting parents and caregivers because research shows that one of the most influential factors in a child’s adolescence is maintaining a strong relationship with open to their parents.

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Children make better decisions when parents create a supportive and nurturing environment. Although it doesn’t always seem like it, children do hear their parents’ concerns, which is why it’s important for parents to talk about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.

When talking to children, not every conversation is about alcohol. But children — even at a young age — learn healthy decision-making and the difference between right and wrong. It may not seem like it, but children are watching, listening and learning. If they see something, then it’s time to talk about it. This includes discussing many topics — including alcohol. Extend the life of your wine conversation. Because parents are a big part of a child’s decision to drink or not, this conversation should happen early and often, starting in elementary school and continuing through middle school, high school, college, and beyond. last.

You are not alone – the Veterans Crisis Line is for you. You do not need to be enrolled in VA benefits or health care to call.

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Veterans Can Get Tools, Resources At Military Onesource

WELCOME! We would love to have you as part of our community. We send updates on how you can help stop drunk driving, prevent underage drinking and make responsible alcohol choices. Get our newsletter straight to your inbox. SAN DIEGO – Military families and veterans have made countless sacrifices for our country. There are still many living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to put food on the table. Feeding San Diego chief strategist and Navy veteran Bob Kamensky joins Laura Cavanaugh to share ways you can step up to help feed the heroes this season.

Believe it or not, military families and veterans often struggle to afford basic living expenses in San Diego County,” said Kamensky. “San Diego is one of the most affordable places to live in the United States.”

About 160,000 military personnel across the country are facing food shortages. That’s where Feeding San Diego steps in to help.

The Feeding Heroes Initiative partners with local organizations and schools to provide food assistance to military families. Last year, they delivered more than 3 million meals. They could use your help, whether it’s a financial contribution or a contribution to distribution and distribution. Ensuring that our military families are fed and well-nourished is important so that our service members can focus on their mission.

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“When they are deployed, they cannot be distracted from what they are doing, whether it is a broken car, or a situation of hunger and not having enough food to cover the dinner tables at the end of the month.” Kamensky said. “That’s because the results can be very bad.”

There are many ways you can help end hunger in our community. By helping, it not only provides food, but a sense of relief and hope. Each of us can influence and appreciate our heroes. In recent years, employers have increased efforts to become military friendly. This is a great service and support to our military community. However, employers can do more to help military families, starting with hiring military spouses.

Military spouses are a unique group of people who face challenges unrelated to their job. Unfortunately, it reduces the ability to work. (Not all military couples get married in the military—sometimes they get married first.) Yet these guys gave up a lot without signing a contract or getting anything in return. Many people leave jobs, schools, friends, houses, homes, and dreams, not all at once, but over and over again every few years. Now, they are living a life of struggling to live within their means. However, the general desire is to get a job – owning a business.

Blue Star Families shares what military families want and need in the latest annual Military Family Survey. A major finding shows again that the working conditions of military spouses are not pretty.

Military And Veteran Families

Although this may seem like a daunting task, there are a few things you can do as an employer. Then you can provide job opportunities to thousands of military spouses. The answer: provide flexible work opportunities. In particular, allowing flexible schedules and the ability to work remotely from home.

Since military spouses are professional and dedicated people, flexible working is a great way to attract top talent. With remote work and a flexible schedule, this couple can:

Not sure how to do it? Check out these tips and how to help veterans, caregivers and military spouses find work: Implement a flexible employment policy.

Do this. Not just your military spouse, but your entire staff. it works. They will be very happy. In addition, you will see the benefits. Implementing these policies helps everyone find a sense of balance between their personal and professional lives—even you.

Tips To Help Military Families Navigate Special Education And Ieps

You may already be a flexible employer. great! Share it with the world now. Let job candidates know you want to support them in every aspect of their life. When you show that you are a flexible company, talent will come your way. You can end up with a quality pool that is bigger than before. Also, what’s the point of hiding your flexibility?

You hear about your military spouse and are instantly turned off. Let go of shame and disagreement. Put the misconceptions aside and really educate these people. You will find that they have more to gain than you lose. It is a well-trained, disciplined, respected, educated, experienced and diverse team. Use their skills and see their potential instead of giving up on what you see as a challenge. If you’re worried about losing them, find out about remote work. They will stay with you as long as you want them to, and they will be some of the most loyal employees you will ever meet.

You may be worried about taking the plunge at first in a flexible job. This is understandable. So do a test run. Find out what it’s like to work with this person for a day or two. Get in touch with the hard working professionals who are familiar with the specific situations and see how they respond. Since military spouses are great at multi-tasking, working under pressure, and improvising, you know they will succeed – no matter what.

Military families are highly dependent on outside resources. It’s how they get jobs, new homes, schools and everything. Partners in flexibility and military family-focused organizations. The partnership will connect you to the military community. It will also make it easier for military families to find you and appreciate your cooperation and support.

Governor Announces Programs To Help Military Families, Expand Installations

As a military spouse myself, I can vouch that I have seen the talk about recruiting soldiers many times. amazing! Keep doing it! However, please also make a statement for military spouses. Unfortunately, we do not have the same legal protections as veterans. If you show support for hiring military spouses,

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