How To Make Email Subscription

How To Make Email Subscription – You can grow your subscriber base by using a subscription form. To do this, put it on your website or blog page. Let’s talk about how to create a subscription form using our visual form builder.

Select a form type or a predefined form and access the drag-and-drop form builder to edit the form. You can also get the HTML for a simple form and add your scripts and styles in a third-party editor.

How To Make Email Subscription

After selecting a form type, select a mailing list to update with new subscribers. You can select an existing list or create a new one. You can also select multiple lists at the same time.

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You can quickly add fields using the icon in the upper left corner. If you click on it, you will see the most popular elements that you need when creating a subscription form.

Click the icon to open the menu, and you will see the following items: “Name,” “Phone,” “Address,” “Date,” “URL,” and “Registered.” Left-click on the desired element and drag it to the workspace.

On the left sidebar, you’ll find a set of items you can add: “Input Field,” “Checkbox,” “Radio Buttons,” “Dropdown,” “Text,” “Image,” and “Spacer “. You will find a blank subscription form template for you to edit in the center of the workspace.

On the right, the “Elements” tab will open for you to customize each of the elements, and the “Design” tab will also open so you can customize the overall design of your subscription form.

Setting Up Your Subscriptions Center

In the “Element” tab, enter the caption of the edit control. If desired, you can enter placeholder text so that the user understands what information is required.

Select the mailing list variable and the CRM contact variable where you want to save the transferred data.

Be careful, if the selection of a contact variable is not active in the CRM option, go to “Form options”> “Form data and type” menu, and activate “Add subscribers to CRM “.

To prevent form data from being submitted before the user completes it completely, enable the “Set as Required” option.

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For example, when your customer subscribes to your email campaigns, they can choose categories for updates: news, discounts, contests, event invitations, etc.

If the user checks the box, the value “yes” will be passed, otherwise – the value “no” will be passed. The information received goes to the variable you bind to this checkbox. Remember to create this mailing list in advance.

You can use the checkboxes to obtain formal proof of subscribers’ agreement to the terms and conditions of your subscription.

According to the protocol, customers must give a formal consent to receive emails and consent to the sender to use and store their data.

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Go to the “Form Options” menu. In the “Data and form format” tab, enable GDPR compliance.

It is recommended to configure the GDPR checkboxes as requirements so that customers cannot register before accepting the terms and conditions.

To edit the checkbox text, click the checkbox item on the form. In the “Element” tab, change the text in the “Check box label” field.

Once a subscriber has checked these GDPR-related boxes, the mailing list will be updated with new variables that indicate the fact of agreement to the terms and policies, the IP address that provides the – approval and the date.

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Radio buttons are used in subscription forms to allow users to select one of several options. You must select a value to pass to the created mailing list variable beforehand.

You can include a drop-down list in the form. To do this, enter the item names in the “List of options” section. Determine the values ​​to pass to the variable for each of them. In the example below, you’ll see a drop-down list of cities – this information will help you customize your email campaigns based on a subscriber’s city.

To add a new button for people to follow you on social networks, click the Add button and select a social network.

You can also add a chatbot that customers subscribe to after clicking your Facebook Messenger or Telegram button. Select a chatbot and subscription-triggered flow from the drop-down list.

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Add text to the form using the “Text” element. You can format the text in the “Element” tab.

Insert an image using the “Image” element. The maximum size of an image is 1 MB and 600×600 pixels. You can adjust your image center, right or left using the “Element” tab.

You can use the “Spacer” element to add more space to your form. In the “Element” tab, adjust the spacer to the desired height.

You can set the background of your shape, round the corners, choose the width and more. Let’s go to the “Design” tab, and go to all the possibilities of customizing the design.

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This option will allow you to stretch the background of your signup form across the site.

Set the background of the form according to your site. To do this, click on the “rgba” icon. You will see the color palette and you can choose the desired color.

You can use the transparency slider to set the color transparency of your shape. If you set it to the lowest position, the background of the form will be completely transparent.

To grab the user’s attention, use an image that fits the theme. The recommended size is 496 x 600 pixels and the recommended number is 102117 bytes.

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By default, the outline of the subscription form is gray and has a size of 1 pixel. If necessary, you can set the desired size (from 0 to 15 pixels) and choose your color.

This setting allows you to customize the padding of an element’s outer border to its interior. Your indents can be anywhere from 5 to 40 pixels wide. See the image below, where we applied the maximum indentation.

If you are creating a pop-up form, additional settings will be displayed in this section:

This option allows you to set the color and transparency of the background that will be displayed around your popup. The lower the position of the slider, the greater the transparency. In the example below, we chose a green background color with medium opacity.

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Subscription pop-up can be shown with animation effect. To do this, use “Shake”, “Enlarge”, “” Decrease”, “”Swipe Right/Left”, “and other options. Next, we go to the settings in the section “Input fields and names”.

Click the field background settings icon. You will see the color palette and you can choose the desired color (in our case, it is white).

They can be 1 to 4 pixels wide, and you can also choose their color and transparency.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose to set your input field names as follows: “Top of field”, “Left of field”, “Subscript inside field”.

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After creating the form design, configure the form settings. You can access the settings by clicking on “Form Options” in the upper right corner.

In the “Form data and type” tab, you can enter the name of the form, select your mailing list(s), define the tags, activate the addition of CRM subscribers and specify the site you want to place your subscription form.

You must enter the exact domain name where you host your website. For example, if your site is located at

If you enter the wrong domain, your subscribers will not be able to subscribe through your subscription form.

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You can also choose the error and notification language and choose the form type: “Embedded”, “Pop-up”, or “Floating”.

You can choose how to display the registration form on your site: “When loading the page”, “Clicking the button”, “When scrolling part of the page” and “When the cursor leaves the page”. You can choose when exactly to display the registration form when the user visits the site.

This option hides the registration form for users visiting the site from a mobile device.

You can set the form display interval to multiple days to reduce the number of times the form is displayed to users who simply close it without subscribing. Set the interval from 0 (the form will appear every time the page reloads) to 30 days.

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You can configure the registration form to appear on all pages of the site or disable it on some pages. To stop showing the form, select “Condition” and “Hide” or “Show”, and add a link to the page where you want to apply the condition.

A subscription notification is a message that is displayed once the user completes the subscription form and clicks the “Subscribe” button.

You can customize how your subscribers are added to your mailing list using the optional Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in settings.

If the setting is disabled, subscribers will be sent to your mailing list immediately after completion

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