How To Make Living Room Bigger

How To Make Living Room Bigger – I recently renovated my living room and wanted to share 5 proven ways to make the living room look bigger and brighter. The living room is usually the first impression that guests make when they visit your home, so it is important that it looks nice so that you feel comfortable.

Not all living rooms are created equal. Some living rooms naturally have lots of windows and are full of light, while other living rooms have no windows and no natural light. Some halls are large and grand, while others are small or oddly shaped.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Here are my five proven ways to make your living room look bigger and brighter. A living room that looks big and bright will definitely set your space up for success because it will not only enhance your living room but also allow you to play with bolder decor choices without worrying about it becoming dark or stuffy. your room

Proven Ways To Make A Living Room Look Bigger And Brighter

Without further ado, here are my five tried and tested tips to help make your living room feel bigger and brighter.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

The first step was to clear the space, and I can tell you right after that step that my living room looked much more open.

Many times, because the living room is a meeting place and probably the first room you enter from the outside, it really has become a versatile place. It’s really sad because living rooms are supposed to welcome us home with their bright and welcoming atmosphere. But instead, I was annoyed to see all sorts of random things cluttering up the space.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Tricks For How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

However, the solution is simple. What I did was I dedicated 30 minutes to a simple de-cluttering activity. I used three main methods: organize, hide, or discard. Anything I don’t want to see in my living room, I either organize where it belongs, keep it, or throw it away! To be more effective, I turned on some upbeat music along with this activity and I have to say it instantly made my living room feel more open and bright!

This is a decorating tip to make your living room look bigger and brighter at the same time.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

A big mistake I’ve seen is that they keep all the big furniture or all the small furniture. Furniture on the same scale can make rooms feel really static and stiff. As a result, your eyes do not move when you look into space. This gives your eyes the illusion that the room is flat and boring.

Curtain Tricks To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

So instead, by changing the scale of your furniture and decor and playing with height, you can make your living room more visually rhythmic. Your eyes will move around the room more smoothly and the room will look more open!

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Another thing I’ve found helpful is to avoid a big solid dark color in your space, like a TV or a dark brown couch. I don’t actually have a TV in the living room, but if you need to watch TV in the living room, you can cleverly hide it! Check out my Pinterest board on this topic for inspiration on how to hide your TV. Alternatively, you could consider getting a framed Samsung TV so you can display the art when you’re not using it and it adds so much style to the room.

Walls and floors take up so much space, so it’s important to get them right. And by walls, I also mean ceilings, as they are often considered the fifth wall in a room! I usually like to make the walls and ceiling the same color and sheen, if not brighter.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger: Expert Advice

In general, painting a ceiling a very light color will make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is and can make the space feel more spacious. This tip is especially helpful if you have a standard 8-foot ceiling.

As for floors, I’m always interested in medium and light tones, but not so much dark floors. Since we moved into our house, we redid the entire floor from a very dark brown to a medium yellow, which really brightens up the house. If you also want your floor to be good at hiding dust, consider a mid-tone floor!

How To Make Living Room Bigger

If you have a dark floor, don’t worry because you can always do the trick with a rug! Place a large rug in a lighter color to brighten the floor. A sisal rug can be a very affordable option for covering a large area. The color and texture are so natural that they are suitable for almost any space in any interior style! If you want to add more patterns, consider layering a smaller rug on top to save a lot of money while still getting the same coverage of dark floors.

Small Room Ideas To Make A Space Look Bigger

The natural color and variety of plants really enhance the space, making it more interesting and lively. In addition, the organic shapes of branches and leaves add great dimension and depth to the space, making your living room feel larger and more spacious.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

One thing I would like to point out is to think about buying a large tall plant as it is more effective and can be a great conversation piece when you have guests in the living room. I’m particularly obsessed with indoor trees because they’re so tall that they draw the eye up, making the space seem taller than it really is.

Some of my favorite houseplants are ficus, fig tree (bright light), halloumi palms (low light), and/or training plants like potos, which are very easy to care for. You can check out my post on indoor trees for more inspiration.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

It’s amazing what paint can do to a space. Do not be afraid to paint if the color of the furniture does not suit your room. If the primary color doesn’t work, it can really overshadow your space. I recently whitewashed my fireplace with lime water and it made a huge difference in my living room.

The fireplace brick used to be a bright orange color that was nowhere else in my living room, and it was definitely an eyesore. After I washed the brick, the brick fireplace matches the color of my living room so well, making the whole space feel more cohesive.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Same story with my living room console table that served as a fake entrance. When I bought this piece of furniture it came in black which I think is really cool!. But it is such a big black piece of furniture and it made my room feel smaller and darker. So I decided to paint it an oyster color and it blends in much better with the rest of my living room furniture.

How To Make A Room Look Bigger

In fact, I have never regretted all the furniture I have painted so far. Of course, I was always afraid before I dyed them, but the results are always much better. I’m glad I pulled the trigger.

How To Make Living Room Bigger

So these are five ways I brightened up my living room and made it feel bigger. I hope this helped you. What do you need to make your living room look bigger and brighter? I would love to learn from you!

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How To Make Living Room Bigger

Clever Tricks To Make Your Home Look Bigger And Brighter

Who wouldn’t want to make a small living room look bigger? We know we’ve often told ourselves that the best thing you can do is embrace the proportions of a small living room and create comfortable and welcoming spaces that don’t need to be enlarged. But come on, most of us want our homes to look and feel as big as possible, right?

When you’ve got limited space, the first thing you probably think about is something that will help “expand” your space. And luckily for you, there are tons of easy ways to make your small living room lighter, chicer, and more beautiful. Keep scrolling for more ideas and expert advice‚Ķ

How To Make Living Room Bigger

Sure, you’d probably think that a small living room = small furniture, but in reality, filling your space with lots of small items can make a room feel cramped, but not completely cramped.

Wall Coverings: Clever Ideas To Make A Small Room Look Bigger!

Sometimes choosing a large sectional sofa can make a small living room feel larger. The key is to keep it the same or similar color as the walls it’s built against so it’s much more subtle and doesn’t just dominate the entire room. Choose a design that has a more elegant look,

How To Make Living Room Bigger

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