How To Send A Personalized Mass Email In Gmail

How To Send A Personalized Mass Email In Gmail – In sales, fundraising, customer support, and other email-based processes, there are times when you want to send the same email to multiple people at once and personalize it for each recipient. However, most solutions are difficult to use, require an entirely new platform to be adopted, or lack a personal touch.

That’s why we’ve built an email merge tool into Gmail and offer a free version to every Gmail user.

How To Send A Personalized Mass Email In Gmail

Mail Merge gives you the power to bulk send dozens of individual emails right from Gmail. You can also create smart follow-up campaigns for each message to increase your recipient’s response and engagement.

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The advantage of sending bulk emails from Gmail is that you’re already working on a familiar platform. This will help you avoid spending extra time and budget on learning how to operate a new device.

Once you add the free browser extension, you’ll instantly have an email merge tool in your Gmail inbox and be able to start sending personalized mass emails to your contacts.

Depending on your browser type, you can get a free extension for Safari users in the Chrome Web Store or the Mac App Store (or click “Add to Safari/Chrome” at the top right of this window).

You will need a list of email addresses and data that you use to personalize each email. Some common data elements used to personalize mass email include:

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It only takes a few minutes to send mass emails and schedule follow-up messages to increase your response rate.

If you’re new or want to use the mail merge functionality, you can quickly create a new pipeline with CSV import or start directly from a CSV file without creating a pipeline first.

All files require a dedicated column for your recipients’ email addresses, but you can include columns for other variables to personalize your bulk email.

Be sure to include a header row to name each column, so you can identify which variables you’re including when you personalize your message.

How To Send Mass Emails With Gmail In 2023

If you have contacts in the pipeline, you’ve already completed the first step of sending a mass email in Gmail.

You’ll be able to use connections in your pipeline for your list of recipients, and you can include variables in your pipelines using any of the columns, including magic columns. When you send a message, the recipient’s contact page tracks email integration and automatically adds the email to their inbox.

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Want to send bulk emails from your Gmail or Outlook inbox… and look awesome in front of the email receiving audience? 😎

There are many ways to send mass emails, so let’s summarize what options are available and suggest the best option for you. πŸ˜„

We all know this method of sending mass emails. It’s quick and easy, but often produces bad results. And it doesn’t look very professional.

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In addition, you need to act correctly by copying the list of recipients in the BCC field and the number of these recipients is always limited.

In short: it’s almost never the right choice. If you don’t have the time or care, you’re definitely not professional. 😟

Do you need to send a mass email to over 2000 people today (and it’s really today and today only)? Then this could be your favorite option. If not, go to option 3!

If everything is fine with you, check out our guide on how to use Mailchimp (which we use for our email newsletter).

Mail Merge For Gmail

If you want to send mass emails that are likely to be seen and read in person, we get it now. πŸ‘‡

Do you need to send a mass email that seems personal to hundreds or thousands of people at once? Then this is definitely your preferred choice.

Use a platform (like SalesFlare) that connects to your inbox and sends personalized emails at a rate indistinguishable from the emails you sent manually (if you can’t wait: below are 5 easy steps to do this! ).

One limitation that comes with this power: with services like G Suite (professional Gmail) or Microsoft / Office 365 (Microsoft’s competing email service) you can send up to 2000 emails per day. If you need to send more emails than that, the platform will (in most cases) spread the emails over several days.

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How often do you want to make sure people respond (or open or click) and how often do you want to email them until they do?

Here are some of the most common reasons our customers choose it (click to view YouTube guide):

Do you want to go pro? Creating a series of emails instead of just one email is step 4 in our step-by-step guide (optional). πŸ‘‡

We’ll show you how to do this with SalesFlare, because it’s the software we built and use ourselves, but it has several advantages:

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Not sure about using Salesflare? Don’t worry, like I said, the steps are the same across platforms, so let’s dive in. πŸ€“

To send bulk emails from your Gmail or Outlook mailbox using the platform of your choice, you first need to connect to your mailbox. With SalesFlare, this is the first thing you do when signing up.

Do you need to connect multiple mailboxes to send? Go to Settings > Email Settings and click the big orange plus button. (At no additional cost when using Salesflare!)

In the first case, it’s probably best to use a platform like Salesforce that offers bulk email and CRM in one place. This avoids a lot of unnecessary work.

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In the latter case, you can look into integrating other systems with your email platform. For example our customers use Zapier or Piesync for this purpose.

In the third case, you need to import the data into your mass email platform. If you’re using SalesFlare, go to Settings > Import Data to get started. Be sure to include at least an email address and a name.

Does everyone have a full name? no worries SalesFlare automatically breaks it down into First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Prefix, and Suffixes. This way you can personalize your emails without any problems.

Compose the email as if you were sending it to a specific person, then replace specific words (their name, company name, etc.) with matching fields.

Role Permissions: Mail Merge

And, if you use SalesFlare, you can also see if these same people who click on links in your emails visit your website, what pages they look at, and when. Install the script which you can find in Salesforce settings.

Wondering what you can use it for? Check out these videos with our customer use cases on Youtube.

Ready to ship? Maybe a quick test email for confirmation (click “Send Test” in SalesFlare), and then… to mailboxes!

Create a visual pipeline with the steps you need people to go through. They give you the insight and control you need to land more deals.

How To Send Mass Emails From Gmail

Want to learn more about how to do this successfully? Read our guide on how to build a solid sales pipeline and manage it like a pro.

Still have questions after that? Hit up our chat in our app or on our website! We are happy to help.

I’m the co-founder of SalesFlare, a powerful simple CRM for small businesses. I love growth, sales automation and creating beautiful products. It offers several ways to personalize the content and message of your email marketing campaigns sent with Gmail. From personalizing the basic email style to default values ​​to automatic first-name detection and personal photos, links and attachments, this guide takes you through all the options.

At the most basic level, you can use and personalize email if you’re sending it to email addresses that are your existing Gmail contacts, that is, people you’ve had email conversations with in the past. Your Gmail contacts have names and email addresses. (By the way, “Gmail Contacts” and “Google Contacts” are the same thing.)

How To Send Mass Email In Gmail For Free

If you are linking to a Google Sheet, then you can use any column from the sheet to personalize, for example , or for example, suppose your sheet has Company, Last Purchase and Date of Birth columns.

When you use it, there are two easy ways to add merge tags to create a Gmail mail merge campaign.

Select a personalization tag and it will be copied to your clipboard for you to use

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