How To Send Mass Email In Outlook Without Showing Addresses

How To Send Mass Email In Outlook Without Showing Addresses – Email is by far one of the most preferred methods of communication. However, with the massive number of data breaches on the Internet, email security is becoming a hot topic and making consumers wary about handing out their email addresses.

In April, May and June 2018 alone, 765 million people were affected by data breaches and cyber-attacks.

How To Send Mass Email In Outlook Without Showing Addresses

With a total of 3.8 billion email users worldwide, it’s no surprise that people are more cautious when it comes to sharing their addresses.

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One way to earn the trust of your subscribers is to prove that you won’t willingly share their personal email addresses, and one way to do this is to hide email addresses on your distribution list.

When sending a large number of the same email to multiple users, it’s easy to copy and paste your email list into the “To” section of the email information header. It’s one thing if you send it to personal friends. But when you enter names in the “To” section, the emails will be visible to everyone who receives the email.

The thought of so many unknown people also having access to your personal information is disturbing. Any trust that was built between you and the brand is gone.

Hiding email addresses on your distribution list is one of the best ways to protect your subscribers’ personal information, and it’s not hard to do.

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While it’s not difficult to hide email addresses with popular email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, it’s still not preferable to an email marketing platform. These providers don’t give you the ability to segment, report or automate, which will hurt your brand in the future.

When you open a new blank email in Outlook, click the “Options” tab. From there, you’ll want to select the Bcc field in the message header. This is your “blind copy” option, which means your email recipients won’t see the other names on the list.

When you click the Bcc button, you can select names from your contact list. Once you have selected all the desired contacts, click OK and they will be added to the Bcc field.

Gmail’s process for hiding email addresses in a distribution list follows a very similar format to Outlook.

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The main difference is that when you open a new email message, look for the Bcc field in the upper right corner of the email header.

From there, you’ll follow the same steps of selecting and verifying the email addresses you want to include.

Similar to Gmail, you’ll follow the same steps to open a new email and look for the Bcc field in the upper right corner of the email header.

Yes, to protect your email subscribers and customers, you want to take every precaution to protect their personal information.

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If you’re still messaging clients or prospects using a platform like Gmail, it’s time to legitimize your program. Try Campaign Monitor for free and see how it makes sending — including sending to hidden email addresses — easier with every campaign.

Once you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect your email subscribers, make sure you’re following email best practices. Check out our article if you need a little help to ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

This blog provides general information and discussion on email marketing and related topics. The content found on this blog (“Content”) should not be construed as, and is not intended to represent, financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek professional advice before acting on any information contained in this content. is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the content. If you use Gmail to send mass emails, you face a common problem – the list of recipients is visible to every recipient. To eliminate this, you can use a blind copy or what you need is a specialized service.

BCC stands for blind copy. This field is located right below “To” in Gmail. Any email addresses you enter here are not visible to recipients. However, you must enter something in the “to” field.

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It looks attractive and pretty easy, right? But don’t rush to test the waters. Gmail was not created to send mass emails and to fight spam. Therefore, there are certain limitations. See Gmail’s guidelines for bulk email senders.

In addition to the above limitations, Gmail does not offer useful tools for professional marketers. Therefore, the best way to send a mass email without displaying all addresses is through an email service.

Promote your brand, build customer relationships, and increase ROI with mass email messaging. You don’t need to be a developer – use templates and tons of other tools for free!

You don’t have to worry about this issue when sending via email. The recipient list is hidden from subscribers. After registering with , you can create a campaign and send it for free.

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You want to send the same email to different people, but still want a touch of personalization in it. Doesn’t that make you wish for a tool that could make your job easier?

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Sending bulk emails in Outlook isn’t as scary as it sounds. There are a few intricacies, of course. However, once you understand how the software works, managing your business and locking in sales will be easy and efficient. Of course, for the email to be effective, you need to work on a business email template. Once you do this, sending emails will automatically become easy.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about bulk email, Outlook, and sending bulk email in Outlook, in that order.

According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails. You can decide what type of email to send to your customers based on who they are and what they do. We’ve put together a list below to help you understand this better.

What you need to consider is that your email list is not made up of similar people. Each of them will have their own tastes and preferences. Understanding their needs and wants is what it takes to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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We’ve already given you the lowdown on what type of email you should send to existing and potential customers. Each type of email plays a specific role that makes up the different spokes of the proverbial marketing wheel. That includes:

Welcome emails, commonly referred to as the “cash cow” of emails, can actually increase revenue by over 320% compared to promotional emails. This is mainly because the recipient’s interest is peaked by the recent subscriber.

You should make sure that your welcome message is detailed and contains information about all the products and services you offer. Include an attractive and effective call to action and you’re good to go.

The importance of newsletters cannot be understated. It helps build customer relationships and establish goodwill. It provides a platform for your products along with your brand name. Newsletters help keep customers up to date with the latest happenings and offers, which in turn is great for piquing their interest.

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Special offer emails include coupons, discounts, special offers, etc. that can help you make sales. You can offer some special offers to your customers with them as VIPs.

Using catchy email subject lines can make your customers feel special and recognized. This will help you in two ways – increase customer loyalty and generate revenue.

If you have a strong existing customer base, product announcement emails can really help increase sales. In fact, sending these emails to existing customers can increase conversion by 60 to 70%.

You need to formulate an effective sales email template to increase the chances of a potential customer placing their order.

Outlook Is Working Offline

The fact that your customer has added something to their card indicates that they are interested in the product. With an average click-through rate of 21%, almost half of people end up placing their orders.

Confirmation emails serve as proof of completed actions such as reservations, orders, and so on. This type of email can be sent to both customers and website visitors.

With these emails, the customer can quickly review payment and shipping information

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