How To Start An Email Campaign

How To Start An Email Campaign – Email marketing is one of the most effective return on investment marketing tools as it remains the best way to nurture customer relationships into sales. The case studies included in this article show how businesses can generate 200-4000% return on their email marketing investment. In 12 steps and just 15 minutes, learn why email marketing is so important and how you can fully set up and use email marketing. The steps to get started with email marketing are quick and easy, first sign up for ConvertKit, the industry leading email marketing tool, then set up your email marketing account, then learn how to create the perfect email marketing message, then create your first campaign and finally track data to ensure results. In this blog and podcast, we’ll discuss why email marketing is so important for businesses looking to grow their business and how any business can start in 15 minutes today.

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How To Start An Email Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers, provide them with key information about their queries, and help turn them from audience to brand fans. Here are two examples of why email marketing done right is an effective and efficient driver of business growth.

Successful E Mail Marketing Campaign

Here’s an example of how Acompany used email marketing to speak to unique user segments at different stages of the insurance buying journey, leading to helping more customers while getting real results.

LV= was able to improve these results by sending targeted messages to customers. For example, when customers submitted information for a quote and did not complete the transaction within 3 days, an email was sent asking them to retrieve their quote. Once the customer buys the offer, another email is sent with a thank you and other relevant product details. The results were significant as LV= transformed abandoned sales channels to recover and acquire more customers:

Automated email marketing campaigns require minimal technical effort while providing an advanced service to potential customers or existing customers to revitalize the sales funnel. Whether a customer decides to buy your product or which product of yours or a competitor’s is all part of the sales journey. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach large numbers of individuals, and along with customer relationship data or e-commerce data, it can be one of the most effective marketing strategies available today. There is a saying that getting the message to the people is the key and despite the many apps and social networks available, finally there is an email for everyone. What was once the home telephone is now email: a reliable channel for sending messages to people. Marketing schools have also looked at various industries, and for every dollar invested in email campaigns, you can expect a return of $40 in other things, making it a safe investment.

Email marketing helps you better serve your existing customers by offering them other services or products. The image below helps visualize a buying cycle, which depending on your business, can happen multiple times if your prospect or customer is interested in multiple things you offer.

What Is Email Marketing?

Communication, timing and delivery are key here. We explore each one before we begin, because it’s just as important as the technology you use to send your email.

The choice of email marketing tools is so vast that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Based on experience working with clients, ConvertKit is one of the most user-friendly and efficient tools available. In fact, we’ve seen people switch from another industry-leading tool, MailChimp, to ConvertKit. In our experience and that of our customers, ConverKit is a great app because it does things so well:

ConvertKit is a great app and we’ll be using it as part of this email marketing setup tutorial. See below to understand how easy and painless it is to use ConvertKit.

Now that we’ve registered for your ConvertKit account, the next thing to do is add an email request form to your website and build your recipient list. This is the first step you should complete before sending your first email.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide For Beginners (and Free Calendar)

Now that you’ve created a source of recipients for your email marketing campaigns, the next step is to write a compelling marketing piece. If your inbox is like everyone else’s, it’s probably full of marketing emails, most of which will turn out to be noise if you don’t follow these 5 approaches to writing a great marketing email.

Here’s a sampling of relevant lines from Buzzfeed, which aims to deliver the most socially curated content to people.

Why it works: Buzzfeed knows that their readers want to read in the morning before they start their day, so they tailor their message to catch early risers.

Taking it to the next level: Buzzfeed takes it a step further and uses alt text associated with images to provide more context, recognizing that their email can sometimes filter into the junk box and remove images.

The Basics Of Email Marketing For Startups

Most people aren’t fans of a wall of text, especially if their inbox is already full. Puma keeps the volume down by creating short 3-5 sentence emails with a clear call to action. The formula used is:

Why it works: When you open marketing material, you only have it for a short period of time before throwing it away, ensuring your message is clearly understood in a short amount of time and helping readers avoid getting lost.

Take it to the next level: shorten your messages so that the first two parts are fully read and understood within 30 seconds.

Especially for consumer-facing brands, adding well-written text and helping people in their daily routines is a great way to serve customers beyond just exchanging business with them. The poncho comes in great layouts and colors, using the knowledge that people like to check the weather to play on the fact that people need the right weather for their sun protection products. They also include the funny joke that you can use sunscreen to see a dermatologist you might like.

December News: The State Of Email Marketing And Much More 🎉

Why it works: When people associate positive feelings with your brand or service, they’re more likely to talk or think about what you have to offer. Either way, it’s a good thing for you and your team.

Take it to the next level: Find a way to retrieve information using Zapier to make this process even simpler.

A GIF is a collection of images that are displayed continuously to create the effect of motion. GIFs are mostly used by businesses on social media, but they’re also a great email marketing banner when you need a way to spice things up. A GIF is best explained with a GIF – check it out on Sprout Social:

Why it works: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a moving image continues to convey an emotion and a thousand words.

What Is Email Marketing? Definition, Tips, And Examples [updated]

Take it to the next level: “a-ha!” Or “wow” moments when people experience your service or product to increase effectiveness.

Whether you’re introducing a service or a product, it’s always important to provide more information to your readers. This way, you can also expand your approach to include video or more in-depth graphics.

Why it works: A website often serves as a digital front office or storefront, so by directing readers to your website, you significantly increase the likelihood that they will convert to customers.

Next level: Include links to your images or GIFs to make it easy for readers to get information or take action.

Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Sales (2023)

ConvertKit refers to one or more emails in a series because it views a campaign as a series of interactions with a specific segment of your customer or prospect base. Here are the steps to create a range:

Tracking your campaign ROI is just as important as closing sales, as it will give you areas for improvement and help you make your campaign more effective in the future.

By tracking your metrics and ROI, you know exactly how much your campaign is worth. This will help you continue to generate leads for other segments of your market, including leads, existing customers, or new customers.

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How To Run An Roi Driven Email Marketing Campaign

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