How To Write An Effective Marketing Email

How To Write An Effective Marketing Email – Coming straight from my email archives (yes, that’s what content writers are collecting these days!), today we’ll look at the best examples to inspire you. Moreover, to cover everything, today we will examine both B2C and B2B businesses, so you can get everything you need in one place!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best campaigns, analyze them and find out what makes them tick!

How To Write An Effective Marketing Email

To create your next big email campaign, you need to choose the best email marketing platform to work with.

The 6 Keys To An Effective Email Brief

A user-friendly drag-and-drop builder is the alpha and omega of email marketing to simplify the creation process.

Don’t forget: a rich template library saves you time and lets you focus on what’s most important!

Segmenting your audience helps you manage your email lists more effectively, maintain list hygiene, and always improve your email deliverability.

To capture your visitors’ email addresses, you need a newsletter signup form. Usually, companies add customers to their list without asking for verification. Still, if you want to keep your list clean, you’ll need to verify their email address.

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Buzzfeed’s confirmation email is a prime example of how you can leverage double opt-in to protect your sender reputation and email deliverability.

In this email marketing example, BuzzFeed thanks new subscribers for joining the list and asks them to verify they’re real. The CTA is simple and has a bright color to ensure that the new customer doesn’t miss it.

And, BuzzFeed took the opportunity to poke fun at this email with a humorous addition. This little fun twist is perfect for engaging new BuzzFeed subscribers who are already familiar with the company’s tone and content.

If you like this example, you can use one of our pre-made email marketing automation recipes and create a similar email marketing campaign in seconds!

How To Write Effective Email Marketing Content That Converts

When you become part of KonMari’s email list, they will send you a beautiful welcome email showcasing their brand. Starting with the copy, this welcome email is friendly and organized enough to make a good first impression.

This is one of the best email marketing examples on our list that uses first person, making customers feel like Mary is talking to them. Along with the eye-catching visuals, Mary’s email list also reveals what they’re about to learn.

As for the CTA, the campaign advises customers to start cleaning with Marie Kondo’s world-famous books and connect with her Instagram account for a more personalized experience. The result is more profit and better engagement!

Abandoning carts is not trivial. And with 69% of online shoppers abandoning their carts, cart abandonment is an issue that needs immediate attention. In this email marketing example, EM Cosmetics has everything needed to get droppers to complete their purchase.

Think Outside The Inbox: Email Marketing

Using one of the most effective email marketing best practices, the brand uses its customer’s name to increase its email open rates. The script is also cute and adds a sense of urgency by saying, “Don’t let it end with someone else.” By placing the product at the center of the business, potential customers can see what they’ve been missing. To convince them, the brand offered them a discount of more than 10% to sweeten the deal a bit.

As you’ll see in many cart abandonment email examples, discounts and free shipping are essential to getting your potential customers to make a purchase.

If you want to design the perfect cart abandonment email, you also need the right email template to make it work.

Provides a variety of responsive cart abandonment templates that you can customize to recover your lost revenue and say goodbye to cart abandonment.

How To Write Effective Cold Emails That Work Using Bulk Data

And don’t forget! All these templates are available on the platform for free when you sign up for a free account!

Your members are busy. So, while participating in online programs, they can forget all that. To make sure they don’t, Shopify has created a great email marketing example for its audience to participate in a live stream.

Shopify’s example has a more professional tone to the email copy, addressing pain points rather than evoking emotions. There are visuals to make email design more stylish and elegant.

Email campaign colors work well to make CTAs stand out. Color selection also increases visibility, which increases Shopify’s click-through rates. In addition to key CTAs, the company asks consumers to add events to their calendars, discover networks and engage in meaningful conversations.

Email Marketing Software

MOO, a business card maker, takes advantage of the age-old practice of upselling and turns it into one of the most elegant email marketing examples on our list. Brands aren’t just wowing consumers with their catchy email copy and “bold” content. Be Gold headline but it uses color prominently.

The color red, known for its conversion power, goes well with the top-selling product and increases MOO’s click-through rate. Also, the use of high-quality visuals in high-quality products makes this campaign more effective. And don’t even get me started on the gold/red combo that inspires a bold statement!

This beautiful email template also provides customers with several options to make sure it suits everyone’s needs. Although CTAs are simple, they can be quite bright in color to stand out more.

When you start with content marketing, you will definitely need a great marketing channel to promote your content and expand your reach. In the case of Hootsuite and many other SaaS platforms, this can be done through email marketing and blog post update emails.

How To Write A Marketing Email: 10 Tips For Writing Compelling Email Copy

More specifically, Hootsuite uses a simple structure and copy that uses direct questions to intrigue its B2B audience and hit the “Get Started Now” button. What’s more, Hootsuite uses similar visuals to give its recipient/reader a sense of continuity between the email newsletter and the blog post.

In addition to updating the main blog post, the company uses its email space to promote two other pieces of content. The CTA button will take customers to more resources and the webinar, which is a great addition to keep them informed and engaged.

An effective blog post update campaign will promote content marketing and positively impact your SEO rankings.

To create a complete blog update campaign, you can choose simple or RSS blog email templates to promote your content to your audience without worrying about unresponsive designs.

How To Write Effective Prospecting Emails

Cross-selling is an art that online store owners must incorporate into their e-commerce email marketing strategy. This is an example of an order confirmation email from Amazon, and if you look at the order collection, you’ll see a separate section. This section is used to sell additional items to new customers who have just made a purchase.

Amazon’s business manages to do this effectively. As a customer purchases a Star Wars collection, the brand suggests additional items to complete their collection. To make cross-selling more efficient, the company renamed its segment “Also Purchased Customers” to help their campaign resonate better with their audience.

So, what does the customer see? This is not what the brand recommends. Let your collection “pop!” Other collectors buy together to make.

Of course, universities can’t be left out of our best email marketing examples. Durham University’s campaign to promote Virtual Alumni Day on Zoom. To do this, Durham University chooses a direct transcript that explains the reason for the event while providing additional details to the participants.

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Moreover, the email copy gives a simplified version of the schedule for the participants to click on the CTA button. Alumni can click on the link to find out more details on the new landing page or contact the responsible person through the given email address.

To make sure customers don’t forget to click, Durham University adds one final CTA button (in the uni’s trademark color) to boost their click-through rates.

Webinars are more important than ever because they not only help educate your audience but also showcase your expertise in the field. In this email marketing campaign, you can see how MarketingProfs complete their webinar campaign in three easy steps.

First, the transcript informs users about the nature of the webinar, providing valuable information about the date, time, and topic. Second, MarketingProof chooses a high-quality image to make the email more attractive. Of course, the “Sign Up Now” CTA is hard to miss. Finally, the company includes more brightly colored CTAs to catch recipients who didn’t click on the first one.

Tips For Creating The Best Email Subject Lines (with Examples)

The perfect webinar not only needs a great platform to host it, but also a way to promote it to your audience.

With the right webinar newsletter template, you can create the perfect webinar promotional email to boost your registrations and reach your key nurturing goals.

Change is a good thing because it shows how much you’ve grown! So, when redesigning your website, you need to let your customers know what you are doing. In this email marketing example, MVMT was created

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