Hr Advice For Small Businesses

Hr Advice For Small Businesses – Between handling all the paperwork, creating policies from scratch, and stressing about whether your business is compliant, it quickly becomes too much for one person.

This is where HR outsourcing comes in to take all that stress away. An HR consultant can help you draft HR policies and employment contracts, answer your legal questions, help you make decisions and bring objectivity to the table – no full-time hire required.

Hr Advice For Small Businesses

Whether you are responsible for HR in your company or a small business owner, HR can become overwhelming without any prior experience or knowledge of UK employment law.

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For small businesses and startups, cost is critical and determines whether they can afford HR support.

Here’s an overview of what HR could ultimately cost your business, depending on the solution you choose:

At Charlie’s, we know what it’s like to grow your business in an environment where you question your decisions and are never sure if what you’re doing is right.

That’s why we’ve recruited a team of like-minded and trusted advisors who combine over 20 years of experience in the HR space to help you build a strong foundation and support your growth.

Small Business Payroll + Hr Software

We take care of setting up the service at a price you can afford – from £179 per month – with unlimited advice and support on a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

As a small business, we believe it is important to help each other and share the knowledge and experience we have – this is where the idea of ​​HR consulting comes from.

With a dedicated advisor by your side, you get advice that takes into account your unique situation – more than you’d get from a copy-and-paste email response or a call center agent who doesn’t know who you are.

We know our clients and their small businesses like the back of our hands, which allows us to provide quality advice that you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

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Our service gives you the flexibility you need with no strings attached – use it for as long or as little as you want.

Finally, we also offer HR software that is a continuation of our HR advisory services – an all-in-one solution designed for startups and small businesses: easy to use, affordable and with the key HR features you need to engage and high-performing teams.

“With HR consulting, it’s like having an extra member on your team. You have the kind of expertise that you can lean on and tap into when you need it, without having to hire someone in the company.” Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on Charlie’s HR software when you choose our annual plan (yes, you can still pay monthly!) Find out more.

Automate all your repetitive HR tasks and save hours each week to focus on your most important work.

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Today, Charlie greatly reduces the initial cost of our HR consulting services. At a time when every small business in the UK faces huge challenges, we want to make world-class HR accessible to as many companies as possible.

Getting HR right has never been more important – but enlisting help in the form of a full-time HR staff or expensive consultants is not financially an option.

Today’s pandemic — along with the subsequent economic downturn — has presented anyone running a small business with some tough and unavoidable challenges.

Unlike large companies, with millions of people in the bank and a five-person team, HR in small companies is often not left to someone who balances these additional responsibilities with their own full-time role.

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Founders, COOs, operations teams and office managers are thrown in at the deep end – often with little to no formal HR training. At Charlie, we call these people “part-time HR” – they’re people who take care of people, but it’s not their full-time job.

No doubt their roles have been challenging before, but recent world events have conspired to add an extra layer of complexity to their lives at least for the next 6-12 months.

Small businesses, without full-time HR staff, often rely on an informal culture suited to working as a small group. A real, physical office plays a big role in making that work.

There is a natural circulation of information, shared behavior and decision-making that comes with working in the same room day in and day out. In many ways, this is one of the main reasons why many small businesses fail to code the way they work.

Principal Features Of Small Business Management

You can no longer leave your work culture to chance or hope it will work itself out – this makes documents like your employee handbook even more important.

There is an opportunity for unwritten interpretation and confusion. Have a written guarantee that there is a common vision and common understanding of how your business works.

Working from home makes it even harder to achieve at a time when our team’s mental health is under tremendous strain.

Your team isn’t just working from home – they’re sitting at home, working during a global crisis.

Hr Business Partner Or Hr Director?

Under normal circumstances, your team will have their evenings off to socialize, have access to their usual support structures, and not be surrounded by the most negative news cycle of our lives.

Small businesses have a responsibility to ensure they have the right processes in place to support the mental health of their team.

Thousands of companies have had to lay off all or part of their teams. Many others have had to take wage cuts to survive and some are now headed for the worst-case scenario of redundancy.

To handle these situations in a way that suits your business and treats the people involved with the respect they deserve, you need to know how to operate the processes.

Roadmap To Hr Transformation

Searching Google for advice on how to run a DIY layoff process is no way to manage a team member going through the most stressful period of their career.

And without the resources of large companies, making the right decisions for your small business and your team becomes a constant challenge.

This subscription gives you direct access to our professional, CIPD qualified HR advisors for just £299 per month.

Till now, we always run annual HR consultation. This has always been the case in the industry and when we first launched our service we didn’t think about changing it.

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But this meant new customers would have to pay £2388 upfront – and in the current climate we knew this was a significant barrier to entry. For struggling small businesses, this type of compensation puts the help they need out of reach.

Plus, you can access new monthly services without getting stuck. You can use them for as long or as little as you want – and if you’re not getting value from them, you can leave at any time.

The old way of getting HR support for your business was inflexible and – in most cases – inaccessible. Our new monthly HR advice plan changes that.

There isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough money and you don’t face constant constraints – yet you need to attract, retain and motivate a high-performing team.

Small Business Hr Services With Charliehr

Whether you’re a Googler or a Monzo, there’s a team to do this for you, but for small businesses, truly impactful HR policies and processes are – more often than not – simply out of reach.

With this new monthly plan, we want to democratize access to HR, which will really make a difference for any small business.

The HR Advice Service provides same-day HR support from CIPD-qualified advisers. It’s impossible to predict when stressful HR situations will arise—and when they do, they’re often very time sensitive.

With HR Advice you get real-time answers to specific questions and step-by-step coaching to overcome tough issues. Guidelines are always tailored specifically to your company and its unique context.

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There is no such thing as an in-house small business legal team (at least one I’ve never seen!). Making sure you’re on the right side of employment law is essential for anyone hiring a team.

The world of work was already changing before the coronavirus pandemic, but those changes have undoubtedly accelerated.

Remote working, flexible working, mental health policies – some of the UK’s most exciting small businesses have a world of best practice and benchmarking that Charlie can help clients with.

We want to help small businesses create environments where their teams want and can do their best work.

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The stressful nature of the issues and the high commitment to the parties involved make it a demanding job.

We incredibly want to be there for those who carry this responsibility, we know what it’s like and we want to be a source of support.

The long term vision of our HR consultancy service is to bring world class HR to every small business in the UK. There are still many

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