I Want To Start A Credit Card Processing Company

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I Want To Start A Credit Card Processing Company

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Credit Card Processing Credit Cards Credit Summary Reports and More

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Create new process visualizations and more with this credit card processing infographic. Make it your own by adding a little bit of color, icons and styles. Choose a minimal color scheme that doesn’t distract from the content. there are a few pre-made color palettes, but you have the option to create your own. Use animations to break the text into sections and allow readers to focus on the information. Search the gallery for images related to your text and add them where you want. Add styles to separate sections and images and text. There are many choices of shapes from circles to squares and everything in between! Select the methods for credit card data processing and install them. Looking for more infographics? Find out more about the most common business process infographics! Visa Inc ( V ) is one of the world’s leading payment brands, like its sibling MasterCard ( MA ). Visa provides payment services in over 200 countries including consumers, merchants, financiers and governments.

Visa offers a wide range of services such as authorization, clearing and processing for merchants and financiers. Interestingly, Visa does not accept credit or debit cards; But the cards come from its customers, such as JP Morgan and PayPal.

Visa makes money by selling its services as an intermediary between merchants and financial institutions. Unlike American Express or Wells Fargo, Visa does not make money on the interest charged on credit cards.

Visa is one of the most popular brands in the world. It was started as one of the first credit card programs in the 1950s and has grown into the global giant it is today by creating a network and protocol that enables the easy transfer of money in between the world’s sides.

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Learning how some of the world’s leaders make money will help you understand how we, as retail investors, can make money from the likes of PayPal, Square and Stripe at checkout. Learning about some of the best companies in the world is a good idea that helps us analyze others in the same field, but outside of salary and money.

Visa’s mission is to “connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment technology – enabling people, businesses and organizations to thrive”.

Visa is a good example of a “multi-sided platform”. Visa’s platform creates end-to-end solutions by leveraging Visa cardholders, promoting customer acceptance and managing the flight cycle. Let’s consider traders on the financial side of the equation and traders on the support side. Visa puts a lot of effort into consumer use, which puts merchants at risk.

In 1973, Visa launched an exchange payment protocol called VisaNet. The goal is to provide a better way to pay the world; After fifty years, they succeeded in their goal.

What Is Credit Card Processing?

Banks use the VisaNet payment processing protocol to develop and operate credit card and debit card programs for their customers. As I mentioned earlier, Visa does not issue credit cards or provide credit on its own; It is done on the bank side.

Instead, Visa creates an open payment network to help manage the flow of payment information between merchants and financial institutions like JP Morgan.

To make things a little more complicated, sometimes the customer can be the publisher; For example, JPMorgan transfers payments by issuing loans and credit cards to account holders.

New players like Square and PayPal offer both sides of the equation, consumers and issuers, with their Cash App Cards (Square) and Cash Card (PayPal). For example, others in the payment processing space or PayFacs, such as Stripe, Adyen, FiServ, and FIS, are merchants because they do not issue cards.

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When the holder presents their Visa card to pay for their Double Lat, the payment flow is as follows:

If the job goes well, Starbucks will give you your double latte keeping in mind that the above process only takes a few seconds.

Next, we see the process of processing and clearing, transferring the money to the trading account with the customer.

This is part of deciding if I have enough money to pay for my double latte at Starbucks.

How Visa Makes Money: A Business Model Breakdown

That’s how Starbucks gets my payment for my double latte; Again, this happens in seconds without the customer noticing the flow.

These payments flow through Visa Net Payments channels on Visa-branded cards, whether from Square or JP Morgan. It doesn’t matter if Visa can pay a customer at Walmart or a bill like Netflix; All of them are available through Visa Net Payment Rails.

This is how Visa serves every segment of its customer base through payments, and why it offers such a broad platform:

Visa operates as one of the world’s largest payment protocols and one of the easiest to do business with. He can literally turn off the lights in the office and make money. The protocol and the network they created more than fifty years ago.

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It is easy to understand the company when you understand that they are intermediaries in the flow of payment and act as a tax house for all payments.

Visa makes money from transaction fees paid to merchants like Starbucks, Walmart, local yoga studios and e-commerce sites.

Imagine we pay $100 to our favorite restaurant; The restaurant or customer fee is 2.40%, making the restaurant $97.60 for our $100 meal. The $2.40 fee is split between the card issuer (JP Morgan) and the merchant (FiServ), due to the interchange fee. If the exchange rate is 1.80%, JP Morgan keeps $1.80 and Fiserv gets $0.60. JPMorgan maintains a higher cut of the pie due to higher average compensation.

Visa spends money on fees, transaction processing and added services. So, instead of getting paid from the transaction, getting paid from the issuer (JP Morgan) and the seller (FiServ). Instead, they earn money from the amount of money and the amount of work done.

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Although the collection and payment of interchange fees is handled through the regulatory process described above, Visa does not receive any direct income from interchange fees.

In the working example above, Visa will issue approximately 0.13% for a credit card transaction and 0.11% for a debit card. That percentage comes from a 2.40% split between the issuer and the buyer. For example, 0.13% of a credit card equals $0.003, which they split between the two. Now, it may not seem like much, but when you consider that they made 140.8 billion transactions in 2020, you can not regret much for Visa.

To capture value for its customers, Visa has built global processing centers with a connected system that includes multiple processing centers, all connected and designed for redundancy. Visa processing centers:

Part of Visa’s certification is to ensure safe, effective and consistent payments for banks, cardholders and merchants. In this day and age of hacking, it’s a wonder Visa’s website isn’t down.

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Visa has significant competitors in the global payment space, including number one MasterCard, PayPal, Square and American Express.

Visa and MasterCard are similar in that they offer an open-loop system, encouraging transactions to increase revenue for both companies.

American Express operates from a cost-effective business model with a closed network. American Express provides payment services directly to consumers and merchants through a closed network, with American Express acting as an issuer and merchant.

American Express makes money from its two-party cards; First, they charge customers high discounts

Credit Card Payments

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