Inexpensive Websites For Small Businesses

Inexpensive Websites For Small Businesses – While CMS systems like WordPress and Squarespace can be useful, they also present a problem for business owners: they take a lot of time to learn how to update their website!

Here we are at it. We build our websites from scratch and manage any updates you need. You focus on your business, we’ll do the web part.

Inexpensive Websites For Small Businesses

We believe in keeping things simple. But simple does not mean compromise. Our sites are designed to be light on the back end (what you can’t see), but rich on the front end (what you can see):

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Because our sites are built from scratch, we have more control over page code, plugins, and site performance. Your website will be optimized for speed, SEO and more.

By building your website with us from scratch and without page builders, you can save hours of updates on hosting costs and developer costs.

We tailor each of our designs to fit specifically for each business industry. These are just a few examples of what we can do.

It only costs $150 to get started. This covers your first month of service. Otherwise, you just need to buy a custom domain name (usually $15-20 per year). After that, it’s only $150 per month.

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Just send me a message and let me know what you want to update! Changes are usually made the same day, but depending on the amount of work it can take up to several days.

Are you here As long as you host your website with us, you don’t have to pay extra to update your website.

Hiring a developer to design and create your website will cost thousands of dollars up front. If you want to buy a hosting plan from someone else, it will usually cost $40 – $100/month for the same service. In addition to the monthly hosting fee, you need to spend hours fixing issues with your site’s CMS (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.) or pay a developer $50-150/hour to fix your site. By hosting with us , you save hundreds every month!

By allowing constant web updates and hosting, we can avoid using a CMS system (WordPress, Squarespace, etc). This saves us a lot of development time because we can code the site without risking compatibility with other systems. It also saves us a lot of headaches with site hacking, plugin updates and theme tweaking. Let us handle the backend of your website, and we can pass the savings on to you! When you’re running a small business, you probably have a million things on your to-do list. But is building and maintaining a company website one of them? If not, you are not alone. In fact, over a quarter of small businesses still don’t have a professional website in 2021.

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Not only is creating a website an investment of time, but it also costs money. You can expect to spend between $500 and $5,000 to build a website, depending on how much outside help you use. This leaves many small business owners wondering: Is it worth it?

In an increasingly digital world, an online presence is no longer optional – it is critical to the continued success of your business. A recent study by Deloitte found that digitally connected small businesses experienced four times more revenue growth than last year. The term “digitally connected” refers not only to the use of technology in the day-to-day operations of your business, but also to the use of digital communications such as websites, social media and email marketing to reach your target audience. . .

So we’re going to dig deep into why you need a website in the first place, and then we’ll get into all the costs involved in building one.

Still not convinced? We are here to show you how a small business website has the potential to grow your business and open up a world of opportunities with your existing and new customers.

Best Website Builder Picks For Small Businesses (2022)

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Local businesses around the world are struggling to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the environment for personal selling has changed dramatically as a result.

Small business owners who weathered the storm the best turned to online channels to increase their bottom line and expand their audience beyond their town or city, capitalizing on the endless potential their website provided. In a world where consumers do not have to leave their homes, e-commerce has flourished.

In the United States alone, online shopping has grown by 44 percent in 2020, tripling the growth of the industry in 2018 and 2019. Although the pandemic is causing this monumental acceleration, there is a year-over-year increase in online consumer spending. be ignored. When e-commerce sales are now over $850 billion annually, what’s stopping you from joining the hundreds of thousands of businesses that are finding success online?

Global pandemics aside, a business website is a great place to showcase all of your products or service offerings in a way that a physical store wouldn’t allow. After all, there’s only so much real estate you have to work with in the offline world. This is not the case when you use a custom website.

Easiest Website Builders For Beginners

A website will also give you the opportunity to meet potential customers at every point of their sales journey. If they are not ready to make a purchase decision, your informative website content gives them the opportunity to look around as if they were walking around your store. They can find all the details they are looking for and check out any related articles that may interest them on other products or services.

Instead of hoping that one day the customers will return to visit, there are many online marketing strategies you can use to remind them of your business and encourage them to buy. For example, you can offer a discount to customers who give you their email—and then follow up with them via email (which, by the way, you can automate with a marketing or CRM software solution). Your website’s landing page can be one of the most effective marketing tools in this new digital age, so use it wherever you can.

In most cases, customers know that they are looking to buy, but it is very likely that they have not heard of your business before and will not know to search by name. That’s where a digital marketing tactic known as search engine optimization, or SEO, can benefit you.

SEO is all about an optimized website, so that search engines understand exactly what your business is about and put your website in front of web users who are specifically looking for what you have to offer. For example, if you’re a candle retailer, a potential customer might do a Google search for “homemade soy candles.” If you have actively worked on your SEO and have a good website (with a contact form or phone number that is clearly visible), there is a chance that Google will direct the user to your business website because it is related to what they are looking for . Looking for each other.

Simple One Page Website Design

If you don’t consider yourself a techie and it’s a longer-term strategy like running digital ads or posting on social media, SEO can seem overwhelming. But it can definitely be worth the time and money to invest in freelancers or digital marketing consultants to help you turn it around.

You can narrow your search by asking your network if they know of any independent SEO or trusted consultants, or by using LinkedIn’s search function to find people with that keyword. How much one of these professionals will charge will vary, but you can expect anywhere between $50-$100 per hour.

Word of mouth is still one of the biggest drivers of new business, no matter what industry you work in. That’s why it’s so important to have online reviews and testimonials from both past and present customers – you can let them do the selling for you.

There are tons of review sites like Yelp and Facebook pages, but there’s nothing stopping you from pulling some of them onto your site as well. Follow the best reviews that your customers have left for you and create an interesting navigation through the different pages of your website. They are the social proof that tells prospective customers that you are the best business for what they are after.

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Time and money that you can reinvest with your business. Your salary syncs directly with workers compensation. This means you can say goodbye to educated guesses, because premiums are based on actual wages. You’ll avoid workers’ compensation overpayments and won’t be stuck with a bad bill when it comes time for maintenance. Hey, that’s more money you can invest in a brand new website.

So you’ve decided that a custom website is just what you need to grow your business, but how much will it all cost? Well, it will depend on the type of website your business needs.

If you are a service-based business, a basic website is usually

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