Interesting Science Fair Projects For 10th Graders

Interesting Science Fair Projects For 10th Graders – Aiken Elementary School in West Hartford held its third annual science fair in early April, with about 40 students participating in impressive projects.

The 3rd Annual Aiken Science Fair was held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, and approximately 40 4th and 5th graders participated in the event.

Interesting Science Fair Projects For 10th Graders

All participating students spent weeks following the scientific method to choose a topic, develop a hypothesis, conduct their experiment, and collect data. All present agreed that the projects were impressive and covered a wide range of topics.

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Project topics included learning about the sugar in the food you eat, animal behavior, the most effective type of fertilizer for houseplants, and the best brands of paper towels.

Several staff members served as judges for the event, and Aiken gives a special thanks to parent Stacy Millman, who volunteered countless hours of her time to organize the event and work with the students.

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Students Win Big at Greyhills Academy High School Science Fair Science fair winners earn a possible ticket to the Navajo Nation Science Fair on February 27 in Church Rock, New Mexico

First place winners Marina Rodriguez and Tori Hemstreet, both 11th graders, pose with their science fair project Dec. 6 at the Greyhills Academy Middle School Science Fair in Tuba City, Arizona. (Photo submitted)

Th And 6th Grade Science Fair

TUBA CITY, Ariz. – The Greyhills Academy High School Science Fair on December 6th attracted many entries, some of which will be entered for the 2020 Navajo Nation Science Fair on February 27th at Red Rock State Park in Church Rock, New Mexico. .

The big winners were 11th graders Marina Rodriguez and Tori Hemstreet with their entry titled “Air Particulate Filtering Using Pinus Ponderosa Charcoal.” Their entry was also first in the engineering category.

For their project, they created an air filter to filter smoke. They illustrated the hazardous effects of particulate matter, which includes solid particles and liquid droplets, on human health. They also found that one way to improve indoor air quality is through charcoal filtration.

“Charcoal works with its adsorptive property to filter out certain substances, including smoke,” Rodriquez said. “They wondered if pinus ponderosa charcoal – the ponderosa pine – would also be effective at filtering particulate matter, especially smoke. The particles for analysis were 1, 2.5 and 10 micrometers in size.”

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They discovered that pine charcoal is made by burning ponderosa pine logs until they turn into charcoal. The filter was assembled and the data collected – which included a pine charcoal wall with a fan in the middle.

When they analyzed the data, they noticed that the level of 1 micrometer particles dropped after the filter was turned on. The 2.5 levels also decreased, as did the 10 micrometer levels, but not as much as the 1 micrometer particle levels.

Rodriguez hopes their filters will one day benefit people who need an efficient and inexpensive way to filter indoor air using local resources. She said she enjoyed the challenges of the project.

“We constantly face problems and then we should think about how to solve them,” she said. “There was a lot of problem solving, but overall it was a lot of fun [and] I enjoyed it.”

Th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

“We want people to do it and use it themselves because it’s more environmentally friendly,” she said. “We want people to use it, to be able to make it and use it. It is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly.”

This was Rodriguez’s first high school science project. She said she participated in science fairs when she was younger and attended them almost every year.

The runner-up and runner-up for the grand prize were Grade 10 students Aryanna Secakuku, Sykora Chief and Ethan Billie with their paper “Antibacterial properties of Salvia apiana against E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.” Their work also placed first in the biology category.

Aryanna Secakuku and Sykora Chief, both 10th graders, pose with their science fair participation Dec. 6 at the Greyhills Academy High School Science Fair in Tuba City, Arizona. (Photo submitted)

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Their project discovered that white sage, used by Native Americans for cultural and medicinal purposes, has antibacterial properties. The planning and implementation of their project took two months.

“We went to Diné College and we had a teacher who helped us with bacteria, so we had to collect sage,” Chief said.

In their testing, they first assumed that if sage had antibacterial properties, then it should be able to kill bacteria, and sure enough it did. They performed several procedures as part of their experiment – they collected and packaged the sage, extracted the crude, prepared it with agar, and autoclaved it. Each process played a key role in the experiment.

“Our results were that sage and acetone were the most excreted by both bacteria, E.coli and S. aureus,” said Secakuku.

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“I’m very happy because it was my first time doing a science project in high school and I didn’t think it would go well, but it did,” Chief said.

The chief said they chose this theme because sage is common in the Navajo Nation, including near Kayenta, Arizona.

“A long time ago, [Navajo] people used [sage] for a variety of things, like clearing the sinuses and helping with stomach problems and diarrhea,” she said.

“The project was hard work and we put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything was right and we got the best possible results,” she said.

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Third and second place went to 10th graders Danika Dennison and Sierralyn King with their paper, “Effects of Soil Types on Plant Growth in Arizona,” which also won first place in the Environmental Science category.

Their project focused on finding the best soil for plant growth based on chemical analysis. They tested soil samples from Cameron, Tuba City and Flagstaff. Their control was potting soil.

Sierralyn King and Danika Dennison, both 10th graders, pose with their assignment, “The Effect of Soil Types on Plant Growth in Arizona,” Dec. 6 at Greyhills Academy High School in Tuba City, Arizona. (Photo submitted)

They found that the soil in the city of Tuba had higher levels of phosphates and nitrates and found it to be the best soil for crops and flowers. They plan to build on their research and identify microbial growth in soil samples on different

Th Grade Science Projects Ideas

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