Interior Design Associate Degree Online

Interior Design Associate Degree Online – Interior designers not only make spaces attractive with furniture and textiles, but also make them functional, sustainable and safe by understanding the requirements of layout, lighting, plans and building designs. In our Interior Design program, you will study these concepts while focusing on residential and commercial design with an emphasis on sustainability principles. The course will include drafting and presentation drawings, textiles, product and furniture design, professional practice and portfolio development.

When you graduate, you are eligible for interior design opportunities in many residential and commercial settings such as hospitality, corporate, commercial, education and healthcare. Interior designers also have job opportunities in real estate, entertainment, visual merchandising, government, sales and marketing, and other specialties that deal with interiors.

Interior Design Associate Degree Online

This program-specific agreement was entered into to improve access to the completion of a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture. RCC graduates will be accepted as candidates for the Articulation Program in Interior Architecture. A maximum of 64 credit hours may be earned and awarded for transfer from RCC. Transfer students with a minimum of 60 hours will be classified as Junior status. RCC Interior Design graduates with 64 semester credit hours accepted by RCC will have no more than 63 semester credit hours toward graduation. Based on portfolio review, an interior design graduate from RCC may receive credit for additional hours toward graduation.

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I have already taken general education courses (English, Math, Behavioral Science) at another two or four year college, will these credits transfer?

This is a decision by Records and Registration. To transfer, you need a C or better, and the credit hours for the class you took must be equal to or greater than the class you are trying to earn.

I have already taken interior design courses at another 2 or 4 year college; will those credits transfer?

It was decided by the head of the Interior Design department. You will need to schedule an appointment with your department head to review your portfolio of transcripts and proposals. Credit is awarded based on course description, equivalent credit hours, and current skills.

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There is currently no waiting list, but early application to the college is strongly encouraged.

Yes, thirty percent of interior design courses are offered online. We currently do not offer evening courses in interior design.

Classes begin in the fall semester; however, there are several classes you can take in the spring and summer, including the following:

You will also be required to take general education courses, which include two English courses, math, and a behavioral science class.

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All online courses are hybrid classes, meaning they are taught online and have multiple meeting dates throughout the semester. Appointment times are required for taking exams, presentations, field trips, or participating in tissue labs. Meeting times are listed before registration or the first week of classes.

All courses are taught using Moodle and are accessed through your account. Each week your teacher will record the lecture and/or papers using PowerPoint software. You are required to log into your account at least once a week to collect weekly readings, assignments, and discussions. Most assignments are research or opinion based and can be submitted electronically via email.

The following classes are first-year classes that have no prerequisites or low requirements. * indicates classes that are taught online. You can choose one of these courses:

If you plan to take the courses full-time, then a typical week is Monday to Thursday, 9am-4.30pm. As you progress through the program, the length of your plan will shorten.

Bachelor Of Interior Design (honours)

It is often difficult for full-time students to balance part-time work and full-time school. Part-time students should plan to work at 5 a.m., Monday through Thursday, and set aside a weekend to work on projects.

You’ll find this to be true at other two-, four-, and five-year institutions, as interior design is generally a rigorous program that requires a great deal of dedication outside of the classroom.

We decided to keep class sizes small to optimize time spent with individual students. Typically there are 10 students in a studio class and 20 in a lecture class.

Past students have been placed in residential and commercial design firms, retail design/showroom design, sales, CAD/draftsman, kitchen design, photography styling, education, product design and marketing.

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If I decide to transfer to a four- or five-year college after graduation, will my credits transfer?

Almost all of our courses are transferable, which usually places you in Junior Standing. Our students have (informally) had a high transfer success rate with High Point University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Savannah College of Art and Design, Salem College. For official transfer credit information, it is best to contact the institution’s registrar and department.

Yes, a co-op experience is required and is in the last semester of your graduate year. Teams are 20 hours a week for 16 weeks or a total of 320 hours. Co-ops are important because they provide work experience that is mandatory for entry-level positions, provide connections to industry, are a critical learning experience that cannot be delivered in the classroom, and can be converted into a job. Cooperatives may or may not be paid.

What special supplies do I need to purchase for the program? Do I need a CAD or buy a computer?

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Please see the list of supplies and CAD requirements on the Interior Design website. Interior design requires a lot of reusable consumables to start a design inventory. Supplies over five semesters are typically $1,400. You don’t need to buy a computer or CAD. Student versions of the software are available from the bookstore.

It’s natural to be nervous, but know that we have a diverse class with teachers who want to see you succeed.

The Community College Foundation has several scholarships for RCC students each year. Foundation scholarships require a minimum 2.0 GPA and enrollment in at least 6 credit hours.

Virtually all scholarships require financial need as verified through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many scholarships are unrestricted; in other words, they are not limited to a student in a specific program, from a specific county, etc. However, there are some that are specifically for interior design students. They are as follows:

Online Learning — New York School Of Interior Design

Barbary Ambrose Barnett Memorial Scholarship Sidney A. Gayle Jr. Scholarship (can also be awarded to a photography student) Norman Hennessee Memorial Scholarship (can also be awarded to an advertising and graphic design student) Betty & Jack Lail Scholarship Leo & Melva Peraldo Scholarship To apply for financial aid and/or any of the scholarships above, all that all you need to do is fill out a FASFA application.

Within the learning environment, students participate in cooperative learning for 20 hours per week in their senior semester. Students gain real-world knowledge and experience through industry and design professionals.

Kristi Shackleford “If I knew what I know now, I would have started community college and skipped the university thing. I got more out of (RCC) than I ever got out of college. My college education community. It means everything to my career.”

Kristi Shackleford loves her job as a showroom designer and gallery assistant in the Contracts and Interior Departments at the sprawling Furnitureland South facility in Jamestown, billed as the largest -home furniture show in the world. “It changes from day to day,” she said. “Furniture comes in and out, colors and trends change all the time.”

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Kristi attributes her success in the workplace to her community college education. “It meant everything to my career. The knowledge I gained at community college gave me a foundation to build on,” she said. “It was hard and challenging, but it was fun.

Kristi originally enrolled in college at Gardner-Webb University but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She was always interested in the process of creation, color and art. At the time, her father, Bob Shackleford, was Dean of Student Services at RCC, so she learned about the Interior Design program there.

“If I knew what I know now, I would have started at a community college and skipped the university thing,” Kristi said. “I got more out of (RCC) than I ever did in college. People don’t realize what community colleges have to offer. They pick up in two years what you learn in four years of college.”

Kristi said that while she was a student at RCC, she developed a network of friends in RCC’s Interior Design and Photographic Technology program, and she now collaborates with many of those people in her work. “The internship program at RCC is great,” Kristi said. “It gives you great networking opportunities. That’s what helped me get into (the industry).” In 2001, she graduated with a degree in Interior Design. She interned at Viewpoint Studios in Greensboro while in school and worked there for over three years after graduation. She was with Furnitureland South almost

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