Interior Design For Condo Living

Interior Design For Condo Living – The living room is the first place that welcomes you home after a long and tiring day at work. And what better way to welcome you than with a piece of paradise that pops from the green hues of artificial plants and the picture-perfect look of wallpaper that hangs perfectly in place – so as not to distract from the decorative plant wall.

According to a study from the University of the Pacific, plants help reduce anxiety and pain levels in people, and in addition add aesthetic value and a calming atmosphere that can help reduce stress levels.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Interior Design For Condo Living

The owner is determined to use real plants on the wall of his house, but Dolly and Sharmaine from The Space Factor think otherwise. As interior designers, they feel that aesthetics and practicality are two factors to consider when choosing the perfect accent wall. Having real plants will definitely be tiring as it requires maintenance, especially if you are busy. So they suggested using replica plants instead of real ones because it is still visually appealing and most artificial plant products are now very viable.

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Dolly and Sharmaine emphasized the owner’s desire for a natural home, with wooden cabinetry and warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. They up their game and add a sense of utopia that comes from the beautiful Mountain View wallpaper on the back of the sofa.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Reflecting the atmosphere of a calm and peaceful paradise scene, there is a display of small flowers and even hanging plants hiding in every corner of the room.

Given the time frame and a few bumps in the road, Dolly and Sharmaine managed to make it to meet the home owner’s expectations. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the good relationship they built with the client. What is a house? The difference between an apartment and a flat is more pronounced in Singapore than in most other countries.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Condo Interior Design Ideas

Worldwide, “apartment” means an apartment complex with multiple units, each self-contained but sharing common areas (such as laundry, outdoor space, or other amenities). For most countries, this term is interchangeable with any apartment complex or residential apartments. However, in Singapore, the term contains a bit more nuance.

A building in Singapore differs from HDB housing in that it is usually a private company. Apartment buildings are unplanned private properties built or managed by the Housing and Development Authority. As a result, they have fewer restrictions and regulations. (Note that there are HDB Executive Condos; they are a hybrid form of public and private ownership).

Interior Design For Condo Living

Private apartment owners in Singapore have full control over renovations and decide their own rental rules. The trade off for this freedom is that the houses are much, much more expensive than HDB houses. This is because HDB housing is heavily subsidized by the government and without subsidies, a small flat that would cost SGD 300,000 in public housing can easily reach a million in private retail.

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Apartment design in Singapore has a lively feel. Regardless of HDB regulations and renovation rules, condominium owners tend to take an exploratory and daring approach to interior design, taking risks and exercising creativity. With only 20% of Singapore’s total population living in private homes (and even less than that percentage choosing to live in condominiums), each private apartment in Singapore is unique and thoughtfully designed. However, there are some interesting artistic themes emerging in modern Singapore apartments.

Interior Design For Condo Living

A terrace is one of the most popular trends in apartment design, making private interiors different from the classic HDB style. Apartment buildings also have additional space, which gives the owner more opportunities to install an attractive floor that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Wood floors with a rich natural color are particularly beneficial. Fancy tiles are another popular option, with homeowners opting for expensive, high-quality materials such as polished marble or granite.

Another trend in apartment design is a return to the Scandinavian color climate. The Japanese design style is very popular in Singapore and has inspired homes across the country to redecorate with a natural accent and light color palette. Neutral beige and natural wood play with white, pastel orange and yellow to create a happy, open and bright environment.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas In Johor Bahru

At the other end, some have decided to go the other way and move into industrial design. The commitment to technology and raw industrial materials such as metal, brick, concrete, glass and wood create a solid, new-age sophistication that redefines the potential of modern apartment design. In this design scheme, which developed as a reaction against the maximalism of many contemporary designs, exposed beams, pipes and brick, as well as brass accents, are increasingly popular. For more home decor inspiration and how it’s changing interior design in Singapore, check out the list below.

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Interior Design For Condo Living

One of the best ways to decorate a small (1 bedroom) or two bedroom apartment is to focus on comfort. Cozy design is a growing trend in Singapore and heralds the rise of maximalism; including as many comfort elements as possible in one space. This design walks the line between cozy and cluttered, with plenty of luxury items added for convenience that doesn’t take up space.

Functional Condo Interior Design Ideas

This is a successful style for a studio apartment like the one pictured, as it ensures that every corner of your tiny home is designed for your comfort. Features of this house include many comfortable chairs and beds, a large bed, small personal items, plants, art, TV and many different places to spend the day. There’s even a second bed that can be pulled out from under the first bed, proving that this design is both practical and beautiful.

Interior Design For Condo Living

When it comes to modern interior design, gray is clearly the color of contemporary sophistication. Monochromatic palettes are making a comeback, and gray is taking over many areas of interior design. A soft gray done with an accent wall, furniture, bedding, pillows, throws, art, or even a bedroom provides an approachable neutrality that promotes calm. Look for just a hint of subtle gray for a sophisticated modern look that’s perfect for a living room or bedroom.

The 2-room apartment is an ideal place to introduce a small class. The best thing about elegance is that it goes hand in hand with cuteness; small accessories such as lamps, lampshades, rugs or plates significantly increase the sophistication of the design. Pendant lights are one of the best ways to achieve classic elegance, and especially pendant lights and chandeliers can create a beautiful atmosphere in any home.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Interior Design Projects

Interior design in Japan is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian interior philosophies, two very influential styles. This particular design is influenced by nature, a common staple of Japanese design, with the inclusion of plants and wood tones. Another characteristic aspect of Japanese design is the use of elevated structures and levels within the home.

Installing a loft is a great way to do this without sacrificing space or having to make significant structural changes to the existing structure. The Scandinavian influence in Japanese design is most evident in the choice of furniture and decor, with an emphasis on minimalism, efficiency, neutral colors and clean lines.

Interior Design For Condo Living

With a strong industrial design, it’s a great way to highlight the luxury of a large apartment. The three-bedroom apartments in the style of raw materials such as concrete, glass, brick and metal reflect an embrace of urban living that embraces the achievements of human development.

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A luxurious yet family-friendly apartment Despite its limited space, this home doesn’t shy away from using bold finishes and custom design elements to achieve a luxurious look.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Sentosa Cove Shelter Sanctuary Home to a family of three, this shelter is a monochromatic sanctuary with plenty of room for changing needs.

Enjoying tropical living in a modern style, this Parenthesis semi-detached house creates a peaceful and comfortable ‘home in the tropics’ for a family of four to indulge and entertain.

Interior Design For Condo Living

Condo And Apartment Interior Design Ideas 2020

A complete spatial transformation brings out all the potential of this apartment. The original floor plan of this apartment has been carefully redesigned by Artistroom with the addition of two dining rooms, a recreation room and extended beds. Apartment interiors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether your space is bare or fully furnished, our quick guide will help you pull the whole look together. Of course, your interior design can be anything you want – minimal, majestic or bold and glamorous! Read on for ideas to help you create an affordable home.

Because of their different arrangement and character

Interior Design For Condo Living

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