Introduction To Algorithms Cormen Leiserson Rivest Stein

Introduction To Algorithms Cormen Leiserson Rivest Stein – To celebrate the fourth edition of the blockbuster textbook, we spoke with Acquisition Editor Elizabeth Swayze to learn more about the publishing process.

And over a million printed copies (and four editions) have been sold in 30+ years. In a field that’s constantly changing

Introduction To Algorithms Cormen Leiserson Rivest Stein

We recently spoke with Elizabeth Swayze, Senior Editor of Computer Science at MIT Press, to discuss the publishing process for this new edition of a long-running text. Read our conversation with Swayze below and learn more about him.

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Since its first edition in 1990, it has sold over a million copies. What does it mean to help print a new iteration of something with such longevity?

Elizabeth Swayze: It was a completely humiliating experience. Although I have been a book editor for 25 years, this is my first time working in computer science. Getting on the MIT Press Computer Science list was like getting the keys to an empire. My predecessor, Mary Lee, retired before purchasing the fourth edition.

Therefore, for production, I met weekly with the authors Korman, Leizerson, Rivest, and Stein from the very beginning of my work at MIT Press. It was a one-year crash course in the fundamentals of the discipline taught by the people who wrote the “bible” for the field. It is hard to believe in such circumstances.

In terms of longevity, the company still has two full-time editors who have worked on other titles, Terry Ehling and Bob Pryor, as well as at least one production colleague. The longevity and superiority of the local editorial staff is perfectly suited to such a book.

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We have been working together for a long time and are full experts in this field. Tell us a little about your experience with them for this new edition.

Elizabeth Swayze: The writing team is second to none. And they are funny! They have brought many virtues to the writing of this book, not the least of which is diligence and attention to detail. Very little goes through them, and it was hard to stop them from working on a new version. Charles Leiserson worked for almost a year on the proof of the main theorem of the fourth chapter. Ultimately, the fourth edition was released with only a partial proof, leaving much room for future research. The authors have also worked diligently to keep this edition under 1,330 pages (any more, you risk losing the spine!). However, the field is changing so rapidly that the scope of the book increases with each new edition. We joked that if there was a fifth edition, it would have to come with a briefcase on wheels because it would be too heavy to carry around.

Elizabeth Swayze: While Tom Korman will say silly things like “the right book, the right time” or “there were other books, but ours was bigger”, the real answer is the writing team (and Julie Sussman’s meticulous editing that did the trick. Each edition further). The author’s devotion to detail and mathematical perfection is based on evil genius. Every aspect of this text has been carefully prepared. The pointer is a work of art, complete with professorial jokes. The four authors share chapters and then have weekly group consultations on any new material that has been “registered” in the LaTeX files. Tom Korman does all the illustrations, layout and design for the book. It also creates a guide along with the text. The 800-page manual is a substantial work in itself, even compared to the 1,330 pages of the fourth edition.

Elizabeth Swayze: The authors are making revisions to the entire book for this new edition. Here are some of them: This is the first full color edition; The language has been completely restructured to make the approach and tone more comfortable for students, and the language itself has become more modern; It has a long-awaited chapter on machine learning; It provides Python code for all content; And for the first time there will be a complete set of slides to help teachers teach from the book.

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It is unique among many textbooks in that it has become a cult classic, and references to it appear in various places in pop culture. What’s the weirdest link you’ve ever seen?

Elizabeth Swayze: Not every tutorial is used as a hint in Jeopardy! However, the strangest reference is a book that appears as a plot device in a Chinese soap opera. It wasn’t just a “found in the wild” moment when a book can be seen on a bookshelf on set. Why are you always reading this

Book?” a female character complains when her love interest is more absorbed in a textbook than a relationship. The status of a world cult has been confirmed.

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