It Support For Small Businesses

It Support For Small Businesses – When Taylor Swift releases a new album—we share her music. When Kylie comes out with a lip kit—we’re going to buy it. When Kanye preaches the gospel – we all talk about it.

So why do most of us bother to support our loved ones when they start a business or launch a new product or create incredible content?

It Support For Small Businesses

I saw a similar discussion recently and it hit the spot. Why is it more socially acceptable to celebrate a celebrity entrepreneur or popular idea than to support the small business owner next door?

How To Support Small Businesses

I have been an entrepreneur for over ten years. I started a photography career in high school, started a wedding blog in college, and grew a thriving community shortly after getting married.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years as an entrepreneur is that support is important. Social proof is important, and it can be cathartic for those struggling to start a business.

Today, I want to remind everyone that supporting small businesses doesn’t have to cost a fortune or leave your home. You can support creative dreamers, entrepreneurs in their everyday lives… and it’s easy to do.

Referral to a friend who runs a small business is completely free. If you would do it for Beyonce, shouldn’t you do it for your friend?

Supporting Small Business Doesn’t Cost You A Dime — Natalie Franke

Did you notice that four out of five of these suggestions do not involve spending money? Sometimes all we need is your voice, your advocacy and your encouragement. While social distancing is very important and absolutely necessary right now, the lack of physical measures has a real impact on small businesses.

The government has announced various types of financial assistance, but there are also ways you can help support your favorite small business…some of them for free!

This is probably the most important – and it’s free! Whether you buy something from them and share a photo, or just give someone a shout out, be sure to tag the small business so others can check out their page.

This week, Instagram launched a “Support Small Business” sticker for users to add to their Stories. When stickers are used, it adds a preview of the business account to the story and includes the posts in the shared story together so your followers can see the businesses you like. Instagram also notifies businesses that you’ve used a sticker, allowing them to repost or send a thank you message.

Show Your Support On Small Business Saturday

Small local businesses such as greengrocers and butchers and independent restaurants really need your help to make up for the lack of traffic. Think about the things you buy regularly. Is there anywhere I can buy or order locally? It can even be delivered to your door!

Many small businesses now sell gift cards and vouchers that can be redeemed when they reopen. It’s not just shops and restaurants…we’ve seen gift certificates being offered recently by hair salons, tattoo parlors and even personal trainers. These also make great gifts for friends and family – you can include them in a card or email to show you’re thinking of them.

No small business wants to reopen blank books. If you’ve paid the deposit and don’t need the money right now, why not reschedule your appointment instead of canceling? You might thank your past self for giving you a spot on their list—especially if it’s a haircut or hairstyling appointment!

Even if you’ve just bought from them or used their services, leaving a review is another great free way to show your support for a small business. Write them instant recommendations on their Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google business page. It only takes a few minutes, but a review can really help a small business get noticed and win new customers.

Local Businesses Need Your Support During Covid 19. Here’s How.

Many businesses have had to change the way they operate, and some have started offering products and services online. If your favorite shop, salon, restaurant or hobby is now available online, why not buy a ticket and show your support?

This is especially important for employees working in creative industries. Many artists and musicians use sites like Patreon to sell their art since they can perform or sell at venues or markets. This can be their main source of income, so if you can save a little money – even if it’s just a small amount for raffle tickets or tips – it can add up to make a big difference!

Finally, if you are a small business, we made this image so you can remind your followers how they can help you. Feel free to share it on your social media pages! The pandemic has hit many small businesses hard. Canceled markets, closed stores and declining consumer spending make it difficult for many small businesses to survive, no matter how hard they try to change. In a small town like Peterborough, small businesses form an important part of the town’s economy and, more importantly, the community. If we want these businesses to survive this pandemic, we must show up and support them.

If this sounds serious, it is serious! But there is good news. There are a few different ways you can help support small businesses during the Covid-19 crisis, and there are always (it can make shopping a smaller part of your lifestyle, right?). In short, you can buy, you can promote, and you can show.

Printable Poster // Support Local Small Businesses — Andrea Zapanta Scharf

For many small businesses, the pandemic means closing their doors for the safety of employees and customers. I am impressed by how creative these business owners are in coming up with new ways to deliver their products and services to their customers. Online stores are being launched, pickup and delivery options are available, and social media accounts have been working hard to make sure customers and the public know they’re still there, trying to survive. All of this means that buying into a small business is still possible, and it’s probably never been easier!

Give your business some much-needed cash by purchasing gift cards. You can save it for later when it reopens, give it to a friend so they can enjoy something special (and maybe learn about a new small business!) or you can even use it right away!

Whether weekly or monthly, treat yourself and your family to a meal at your favorite local restaurant. Every little bit helps, and your order will help keep them running so you can sit down and eat later.

Whenever possible, choose local small businesses over large online retailers. Connect with them on social media to see their products or browse their online store to see what they have to offer. Many businesses offer free in-town delivery, reduced shipping rates and other pro-local deals.

Mastercard And Grab Launch “small Business, Big Dreams” Program To Boost Entrepreneurship In Southeast Asia

If you shop at a local business, be sure to share it online! Showing photos of a delicious meal you ate or a product you rated will entice others to support the local area, too. Share the local love! In fact, which brings us to the next way to help small businesses during Covid 19…

Social media is a great way to help spread the love locally without spending a dime. With a few pictures, a kind word, and a few hashtags (#lovelocalptbo), you can make a difference to your favorite small business. Tell people how much you love your product or service! It’s that simple. Small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth, as long as you spread the love, you’re helping them!

Good reviews help a business to be found online. Think of your favorite businesses and write them a glowing review! Your wedding photographer, your favorite coffee shop, your local home improvement store – whatever it is, share the love!

If you see a business you like to post about a sale, promotion, or review, please share it with your friends and family! Two great places to share on Facebook or your Instagram stories. Every time you share, you help that small business grow its signal and reach more people.

Confessions Of An Entrepreneur

Even just commenting and liking photos on social media can help a business owner! The more people engage with a post, the more reach it gets. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook like to push content that people interact with. Double click, leave a comment, and share some love online.

If you know a friend who is looking for a specific product or service, show them how to become the small business owner they need! Do you know anyone who is getting married? Share your favorite wedding photos or MC! yes

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