It Technical Support Engineer Job Description

It Technical Support Engineer Job Description – 1 Job Description Name: IT Systems Engineer Post Reference: 15/194 Report: Planning Support Manager Date: July 2015 Job Purpose: Provide technical support and maintenance for the College’s IT systems and core applications. Major Duties 1. Provide technical support and maintenance for the organization’s software systems, web access, and IT applications. 2. Successful implementation, testing, development, distribution, and ongoing maintenance of College software and application software. 3. Ensure best practices for change management, security management, and release management. DETAILED TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES 4. Manage software access and licensing 5. Interact with software users during planning, implementation and testing phases of introduction, upgrade and maintenance. 6. Follow change management procedures when testing repairs and changes. 7. Integrate information into college software and systems. Specific Duties 8. Design and configure server-side applications. 9. Maintain and configure corporate anti-virus server/client software. 10. Maintenance and configuration of Windows Update Server. 11. Maintaining and configuring web filtering software. 12. Maintain and configure Microsoft Exchange servers and filters. 13. Design, configure and integrate selected college databases. 14. Assist in student system maintenance. 15. Help with SAN configuration. Other Duties 16. Actively participate in the College’s self-evaluation process and development planning and contribute to the College’s commitment to continuous improvement. 17. Participate in the evaluation process of the College and implement appropriate training and development activities and programs. 18. The College’s Equal Opportunities Policy will be enforced. 19. Conduct activities in accordance with health and safety requirements. 20. Perform other duties appropriate to the position as directed by your manager. Page 1 of 8 pages

2 General Behavior 1. The College expects you to act according to high professional standards and fulfill your responsibilities to the best of your ability. 2. You are responsible for protecting staff and students from all preventable injuries in accordance with the College’s safeguarding regulations. 3. You should be polite to colleagues, students and visitors in the college. 4. You will positively demonstrate your desire and effort to provide effective service. 5. In your role, you will be honest and sincere in all your actions and behaviour. 6. All staff will be required to attend appropriate CPD and the College will support staff who are required to be contractually qualified. English and Mathematics. Job Requirements 21. Have up-to-date knowledge of ICT software. 22. Demonstrate a willingness to work flexibly to meet the College’s evolving ICT needs. Terms Canterbury College Terms of Service 37 hours per week, post-fixed Salary: £22,874-25,201 per annum Evening and occasional weekend work may be required Canterbury College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

It Technical Support Engineer Job Description

3 Skills and Competencies Software Systems and Human Resources Description IT systems engineer should be responsible for all staff cpd requirements assessment tool application interview form reference applications. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with competing priorities. Analytical and evaluation skills. Desirable knowledge of programming skills such as Visual Basic, PowerShell, and PHP. Knowledge of Windows Server and Linux Enterprise Server. Knowledge of corporate anti-virus and web filtering systems. Knowledge of Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server configuration and administration. Knowledge of web technologies and client side/server side scripting languages. Knowledge and experience in SQL and database integration. Knowledge of high availability architectures such as Vmware/Xen. College security practices, procedures, culture, and ethics desired Experience actively contribute to successful computer and server hardware and software support. Proven track record in software maintenance. Experience managing change and continuous improvement. Resource management. Experience designing, building, and maintaining web-based systems. Page 3 of 8 requested

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4 Personal Characteristics Detailed Analytical Method. A commitment to the values ​​of education and training. Commitment to good ICT service practices. Commitment to quality. Commitment to equal opportunities. Key qualifications IT-related qualifications Level 3 Mathematics Level 2 (e.g. equivalent to GCSE grade C or above) English Language Level 2 (e.g. equivalent to GCSE grade C or above) Page 4 of 8

5 Key Competency Indicators Band Positive Indicators (What We Are Looking For) Personal Adaptability, B Ability to Work Independently, Stress Management and Ability to Work with Personal Effectiveness. Delivers results under pressure and effective influence, able to manage oneself in stressful situations, motivated and motivated. Confidence, self-awareness, communication and working with others to achieve excellent results resource management collaboration, ethical behavior, sharing knowledge, listening, responding, receiving, engaging, communicating, negotiating, influencing and presentation skills, public speaking Budget management, planning. , reflects ideas of organization, prioritization, focus on results, focus on quality B and identifies opportunities to collaborate with others within the team and across the organization. Be willing to give feedback to colleagues in your department when requested. Able to prepare briefings and reports for senior colleagues. Sweet Talk establishes and monitors the performance of quality and results-oriented objectives. Focuses on both short- and long-term goals Maximizes internal/external resources and works well with external partners to best meet college needs Needs negative (not what we’re looking for) supervision, can’t work under pressure lacking motivation. Dealing effectively with stressful situations (when the situation is familiar) not only to get the job done, but also at the level of performance Lack of verbal communication in inter-organizational cooperation and inability to identify opportunities for collaboration Unwillingness to seek advice when negotiating Others who focus too much on complex or tasks or projects that don’t have strategic priorities on narrow issues end up overcommitting themselves or the group. Resource and budget factors are not taken into account while making decisions. Page 5 of 8 fails to create sufficient risk in plans and projects

6 Critical Thinking Learner Focus, accuracy, attention to detail, analysis, decision making, reasoning, problem solving, creativity, innovation, ability to adapt to deadlines Adaptable, flexible, multi-tasking, work in new situations A B Special attention to projects. Think carefully about potential external factors tasks, questions, and problems, consider what they need to know, use relevant information to provide services, solve problems, and work with inquiries. Be open to new ideas and be willing to try them. Give suggestions for improvements. Use different ways of working to achieve the best results associated with the current process or system. Tests hypotheses and first principles and develops alternative approaches Proactively responds to new challenges and works flexibly to develop solutions. Does not think about requests or questions, or responds immediately without thinking. I do not know where to find the information and I am not responsible for finding it. Shows a negative attitude towards new ideas. Unconstructively criticizes the ideas and suggestions of others when faced with obstacles, unwilling to consider new ideas and reluctant to change routines, overly critical. Projects Page 6 of 8

7 Managing people and relationships, delegating, empowering, motivating, developing employees, building mutual understanding, intelligent, polite, diplomatic, conflict leadership approaches and managing strategic direction, inspiring others, managing change, developing teams , entrepreneurship, college values, ethical, analytical. Problem solving, self-confidence A/B B Responds and participates in discussions around new ideas, approaches, and projects Delegates establish effective, clear expectations and authority Monitors results and provides regular updates to team members. Accepts the contributions of others and acknowledges their limitations Helps others identify ways to improve performance Prioritizes and executes supervisory responsibilities in a timely manner Understands and recognizes the needs of learners/staff/partners and seeks opportunities to improve their experience Is respectful when dealing with colleagues. , emotionally intelligent who behaves intelligently; Understands others’ emotional responses to challenges and their impact on others. Not all employees are treated fairly and consistently; I could not recognize the contribution of others who like to play. Failure to establish clear expectations and authority when delegating tasks. It is impossible for those they control. Does not recognize the effect of his behavior on others. A conflict situation can be avoided.

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8 Interested in seeing direct reports / team members appreciate their success Takes time to get to know the team Page 8 / 8

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