Job Description Of A Technical Support

Job Description Of A Technical Support – 1 JOB DESCRIPTION POSITION TITLE: COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING REF. POSITION: 15/194 POSTS: IT SUPPORT DATE: JULY 2015 JOB PURPOSE: To provide technical support and maintenance of key university IT systems and applications. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Provide technical support and maintenance of business software systems, web presence and IT applications. 2. To ensure the successful implementation, testing, development, distribution and ongoing maintenance of University software and applications. 3. Provide best practices for change management, security management and version management. DETAILED TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES 4. Manage software access and licenses 5. Communicate with software users during planning, implementation and testing phases of implementation, updates or fixes. 6. Follow change management procedures when reviewing fixes and changes made. 7. Information integration through university applications and software systems. SPECIFIC DUTIES 8. Develop and configure server-side applications. 9. Maintain and configure the company’s antivirus client/server software. 10. Maintain and configure Windows Update Server. 11. Maintain and configure web filtering software. 12. Maintain and configure Microsoft Exchange server and filtering. 13. Develop, configure and maintain the integration of selected College databases. 14. Cooperate in maintaining the student system. 15. Help with SAN configuration. OTHER DUTIES 16. Promote the college’s commitment to continuous improvement by actively participating in the self-assessment process and college development planning. 17. Participate in the College’s assessment process and conduct appropriate training and development activities or programs. 18. We will implement the college’s equal opportunities policy. 19. Operates in accordance with health and safety requirements. 20. To perform other tasks indicated by your manager, which are proportional to the level of the position. Page 1 of 8

2 GENERAL BEHAVIOR 1. The College expects you to work to the highest professional standards and undertake your duties to the best of your ability. 2. You will be responsible for protecting staff and students from any preventable harm in accordance with University safeguarding procedures. 3. You must be polite in your relations with colleagues, students and visitors to the College. 4. You will demonstrate a positive desire and effort to provide effective service. 5. In your role, you will act with integrity, honesty in all your dealings and relationships. 6. All staff must participate in appropriate CPD. The College will support staff who need to gain a contract qualification e.g. English and Mathematics. JOB REQUIREMENTS 21. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of ICT software. 22. Demonstrate a willingness to work flexibly to respond to the evolving ICT needs of the College. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Canterbury College Terms of Service Scheme 37 hours per week based on salary: 22,874 – 25,201 per annum Evening and occasional weekend work may be required. Canterbury College is an equal opportunity employer Page 2 of 8

Job Description Of A Technical Support

3 Skills and Abilities Ability to assess information integration between software systems and PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS Computer Systems Engineer All employees must complete cpd requirement Assessment Application Interview Form Reference Applications. High level of interpersonal skills and ability to work with competing priorities. Analytical and evaluation skills. Knowledge of programming skills such as Visual Basic, PowerShell and PHP preferred. Expert knowledge of Windows Server and Linux Enterprise Server. Knowledge of enterprise antivirus and web filtering systems. Knowledge of Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server configuration and administration. Knowledge of web technologies and client-side/server-side scripting languages. Knowledge and experience in database and SQL integration. Knowledge of high availability architectures such as Vmware/Xen. Actively contribute to university safeguarding practices, procedures, culture and ethics. Experience preferred. Successful computer and server hardware and software support. Proven experience in software maintenance. Experience in change management and continuous improvement. Resource management. Experience in designing, building and maintaining web systems. Page 3 of 8 is preferred

Technical Support Executive Job Description

4 Personal characteristics Detailed analytical approach. Commitment to the values ​​of education and training. Commitment to follow good practices in the field of ICT services. Commitment to quality. Commitment to equal opportunities. Essential qualifications IT-related qualifications Level 3 Essential Mathematics Level 2 (e.g. equivalent to GCSE grade C or above) English Language Level 2 (e.g. equivalent to GCSE grade C or above) Page 4 of 8

5 key competency indicators Positive indicators (what we look for) Personal assertiveness, B Works without supervision and can handle stress management, self-motivated Self-efficacy Delivers results under pressure and efficiency, self-management Able to manage oneself in stressful situations by motivating , enthusiastic, strives for the best results confidence, self-confidence Communication and working with others Management of collaborative resources, good manners B, sharing knowledge, listening, giving and receiving feedback, engaging and networking, negotiating, influencing, presentation skills, public speaking Budget management, planning, organization, prioritization , focus on results, focus on quality B Contributes ideas and identifies opportunities to collaborate with others both within a team and within an organization. Willing to provide feedback to department colleagues upon request. Prepare concise presentations and reports for senior colleagues. Understands when to seek senior counsel for potential criminal communications. Sets and monitors performance with quality, results-oriented goals. Focuses on both short-term and long-term goals Uses internal/external resources and coordinates well with external partners to best meet the college’s needs Negative indicators (which we don’t look for) Needs supervision and lacks motivation Cannot work under pressure Can’t handle stressful situations effectively (when the situation is familiar) He is only interested in the completion of the task, not the level of performance. Does not promote inter-organizational cooperation and does not identify opportunities for cooperation. Reluctance to seek advice when discussing difficult or sensitive issues with others. Focuses too much on tasks or projects that are not strategic priorities. Exceeds commitment or section Does not consider resource or budget factors when making decisions Plans and projects do not include sufficient contingency Page 5 of 8

6 Critical thinking Student focus, accuracy, attention to details, analytical, decision making, judgment, problem solving, creativity, innovative, meeting deadlines Adaptability Adaptability, flexible, multitasking, solving new situations A B Include contingency in projects, taking into account possible external factors. Think about tasks, questions and problems and consider what they need to know. Use relevant information when providing a service, solving a problem, or resolving a question. He is open to new ideas and wants to try them. Make decisions according to well-defined guidelines. Use the initiative. choose the most suitable solution for simple problems. Makes recommendations for improving current processes or systems. Try different ways to get the best results. Tests assumptions and first principles and develops alternative approaches Responds proactively to new challenges and works flexibly to create solutions Does not think through requests and questions or responds immediately without thinking Does not know where to look for information and does not take responsibility for finding it Shows a negative attitude towards new ideas Does not constructively criticize the ideas of others and suggestions in the face of obstacles Unwilling to consider new ideas or approaches Unreceptive and overly critical of changes in their routine tasks. Does not participate in the discussion of new ideas, approaches or projects. Page 6 of 8

7 People and relationship management Delegating, empowering, motivating others, developing staff, building relationships, discreet, empathetic, diplomatic, conflict management Leadership Vision and strategic direction, inspiring others, leading change, team development, entrepreneurship, acceptance of university values ​​and ethics, analytical and problem solving, self-belief A/B B Provides feedback and participates in discussions about new ideas, approaches or projects. Delegates effectively by setting clear expectations and authority. Monitor results and provide regular feedback to the team. Acknowledge the contributions of others and recognize their limits. Assists others in identifying ways to improve their performance Prioritizes and completes supervisory responsibilities in a timely manner Understands and is able to identify student/staff/partner needs and seeks opportunities to improve own experience Demonstrates respect and discretion when working with staff Emotionally intelligent; understands others’ emotional reactions to challenges and their impact on others. Adapt your style when managing different people in different situations. Think long term. Does not supervise others effectively. Does not treat all employees fairly and consistently; plays favorites Does not acknowledge the input of others Does not define clear expectations and authority when delegating tasks Is not available to people in charge Does not recognize the impact of their behavior on others Avoids conflict situations Page 7 of 8

Technical Support Associates

8 Wants to see direct reports/team members take credit for accomplishments. Take time to get to know the team Page 8 of 8

JOB DESCRIPTION SENIOR SERVICE TECHNICIAN DATE: JUNE 2015 JOB PURPOSE: To provide customer-oriented ICT support to the IT service department.



It Support Specialist


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