Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka – To appreciate the true value of landscape design and architecture, we must recognize its contribution to our quality of life and how it goes beyond the best aesthetics.

Ridma Praveen, a graduate of the University of Moratuwa and a landscape architect and design consultant in Colombo, talks about her busy career and explains the importance of creating ecological landscape designs.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

Landscape or landscape architecture is not a new concept in Sri Lanka. If we look at the period of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and other ancient cities of the ancient kingdom, we can understand how the concepts of landscape architecture discussed were used and applied. Landscaping was established as a profession during Sri Lanka’s colonial era. Thus, after some important periods in history, landscape architecture is gaining status in today’s time and is becoming an increasingly recognized and respected practice. Therefore, I think landscape architecture has become a popular and affordable profession.

Floriculture And Landscape Architecture

At what age did you become interested in landscape design and construction and what inspired you?

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

My grandfather, father and brothers were all professional artists and craftsmen. So I grew up in an artistic environment. My first inspiration was his work. That’s why I wanted to be an architect because I love the environment and I love to imagine different concepts. I want to dedicate my life to the things that are important to me. After graduating high school, I was accepted by the University of Moratuwa to study Landscape Architecture and in 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. I have now started my professional career as a landscape architect.

Did you feel the emphasis on sustainability and ecology while studying landscape architecture at the University of Moratuwa?

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

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Of course. Our academic design projects, like all assignments and outcomes, address sustainability, environmental, geological and social factors. We need to make presentations and participate in individual and critical discussions for each topic to develop our professional skills. As a result, we have completed gh standards in the field of theoretical and practical education. Because of these standards, we always strive to incorporate beneficial benefits into landscape design projects to ensure environmental sustainability.

The application of ecological principles may vary according to the location and purpose of the project. For example, we cannot apply the same environmental theories to every project. Choosing and applying the right environmental principles for a given site requires great responsibility and sensitivity. So, during practice, I always know what to do that can affect nature. As I said before, if I applied the wrong theory to the wrong place, the damage to the environment could be immeasurable.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

At the age of 27, you have done many creative projects. Which one is your favorite or most successful? What for?

Etc Karapincha

During my professional practice, I worked on several residential landscape projects and hotel projects, a Buddhist college and a monastery landscape project. I am currently working as a landscape architect in the Anuradhapura National Development Project. But more than these projects, I enjoyed my final year academic project at the University of Moratuwa. Ts is a socio-ecological project designed to reduce human-crocodile conflict in the Nilwala River and restore the floodplain of the Nilwala. It was a very successful project and one of the best experiences of my life.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

The advantages of 3D visualization are recognized as a necessary and important part of landscape architecture. Can you explain the benefit?

3D imaging is a popular medium in today’s world. It’s an easy way to explain design ideas to clients and other stakeholders. Architects can visualize the final product from a 2D blueprint, but clients cannot. Also, our ideas and concepts are not always fully explained using 2D. Therefore, in such cases, 3D images are invaluable in conveying our ideas to clients. From my experience, I find this to be a very successful method.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

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Technically, I am very interested in the work and methods of Geoffrey Bawa, Lucky Senanayak and Anjalendran Architects. Also, I love to see and experience the ancient landscapes and architectural features of Sri Lanka. These things really inspired me. In my free time, I enjoy spending time in nature and urban environments, and this provides additional inspiration for my professional activities.

Water and stone are the best materials for me because I see deep inner harmony and vitality in them. Native plants are my favorite. Artificial or western style plants are rarely used in my designs.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

The economic ability of potential clients to hire qualified people to work in landscape or professional design is a major challenge. Many people may be interested in transforming their living space through landscape architecture, but their economic circumstances do not allow them to do so. However, in my work I always strive to provide a professional service that exceeds your expectations.

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Of course. Compare the stupas in Sri Lanka and the Egyptian pyramids. Both were large structures used for sacred purposes, but the functions of these buildings were based on their different cultural practices. Comparing the western style garden with those gardens, their design and functional aspects are completely different. Therefore, landscape architecture designs should be compatible with the prevailing cultural traditions of the country, while these designs should allow the formation of significant cultural patterns.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

With 65,610 square kilometers (km2) and 1,340 km of coastline, Sri Lanka is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. As a human and landscape architect, do you care about climate change?

In fact, we create microclimates through our designs. I know that many microclimates will affect the macroclimate. Unfortunately, I can’t make a big difference – but I can encourage people to take care of the environment and try to protect it. So, yes, I am concerned about climate change.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

Landscape Design & Built

What advice would you give to a very young person interested in a career in landscaping?

A good landscape designer must have a good understanding of the environment. He must be sensitive and creative through personal experience and empathy for the environment. If you love the Earth, your designs will definitely make a difference in society.

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

Every year, the University of Moratuwa brings more landscape architecture graduates to the community. I am not worried about the knowledge and experience of these graduates because I came from there. So I have hope. Together, we can be an effective force for change, conservation and improvement of the environment.

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“Our landscape architecture practice balances aesthetics, functionality and sustainability, creating designs that evoke a sense of place through living history,” he said. “Whether we’re designing corporate landscapes, residential gardens, school parks or small city parks, we’re constantly exploring and integrating green ways to improve existing landscapes. Grand.”

Landscaping Courses In Sri Lanka

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