Law Public Policy And Society

Law Public Policy And Society – This research aims to explain the influence of the law on the social dynamics of society. The method used in this research is normative legal research. One of the sciences that studies the social dynamics of society is the Sociology of Law. Every dynamic that occurs as a result of social change requires a legal response. Social dynamics is a general phenomenon that occurs over time in every society, changes that occur according to the nature and behavior of people who always want to change. The phenomenon of social dynamics is influenced by many factors, including law, technology, community structure, culture, an open system of social stratification, and advanced education. Community institutions are considered to be truly valid if their rules fully assist in the implementation of social standards. A system of social layers can occur on its own or be deliberately arranged to pursue a common goal. Legal pressure to enforce social institutions that can be used as regulations is not always used. Instead, the focus is on social pressure.

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Law Public Policy And Society

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