Light And Airy Living Room

Light And Airy Living Room – Our family room is one of the rooms in our house that I get asked the most questions about. Many of the pieces in our room are custom made, no longer available, and a bit expensive. Today I thought I’d share how to capture the look of our light and airy living room. Oh and the best part, I found a lot similar to what we have for a fraction of the price!

Our family room was designed with 5 children and a puppy in mind! The pieces and fabrics in this room do not look child friendly, but the beauty of this room is that it is child and pet friendly! You don’t have to sacrifice longevity for luxury! Buy pieces that have high quality fabrics to ensure longevity. The key is in the device!

Light And Airy Living Room

Light And Airy Living Room

Many of our pieces are custom made. Our beds, ottomans, curtains and carpets are made of unbreakable fabrics for us. But, I found some similar options for you to help you spend less time searching!

Boring And Brown To Modern And Cozy — Meredith Lynn Designs

At the end of this post you will find detailed items (if available) from our warehouse and similar options (affordable if available).

Light And Airy Living Room

You can see more about this room and the transformation by visiting our showroom page.

Our Greek pillowcases are custom made. I absolutely love them, but they aren’t exactly cheap. So I found a very cheap option for you! These Greek pillows are a fraction of the price! They also come in waist sizes.

Light And Airy Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas To Simplify Your Life

The gold crown is on some of my pieces in the room. They’ve moved a lot in the few years I’ve had them. They are currently sitting on top of my favorite marble table in the room. I found this affordable laurel wreath stand and just paint the base white or use a rub and polish to get a gold finish.

Our marble table is beautiful and if it’s in your budget, grab it! If it’s not in your budget, this marble table is a fantastic option! Family time is spent in a well-ventilated space where the sun shines through the windows with delicate curtains flowing in the gentle breeze as happy memories are made. Who wants this space to be dark and gloomy? Here are some practical tips to help you create a new, bright and energetic environment in your living room.

Light And Airy Living Room

High ceilings do a great job of creating a lot of space above your head where air can flow, creating a cooling effect. Use spectacular pendant lights to expand the width of the room by accentuating high ceilings.

Light Airy Design

Solid white walls will reflect light and can make even a small space look bigger. On the other hand, a high gloss paint or varnish in a deep shade will also reflect light and give the room a sense of wisdom. Wherever you go, be sure to stick to a color palette as you complement colors to give your space a harmonious look.

Light And Airy Living Room

Floor-to-ceiling windows expand the dimensions of your room, making it feel more spacious than it is. Larger windows mean more open space to block light and wind inside. If it is not practical to raise the windows to the floor, install window blinds that can be raised and pulled to let it in.

Contemporary interior design has long emphasized connecting the interior with the exterior. If you have a deck that is adjacent to your living room, you can connect the spaces with double French doors to give the feeling of being outside in the living room.

Light And Airy Living Room

Light & Airy Spring Living Room Tour

Chunky furniture does nothing to improve the look and feel of your living room. Instead, choose light wooden furniture that is strong but makes sense for the space. Additionally, floating light curtains in those large windows will add a subtle touch to your room, making it even more inviting. Finally, potted plants will bring nature indoors so the air is fresh even on hot, hot days.

Given that temperatures can be unbearable in Australian summers, you should have double glazing on your windows. This will keep you inside when the heat becomes unbearable. You can also ensure your roof stays cool by creating a roof garden with raised beds, Christmas trees and low-maintenance succulents.

Light And Airy Living Room

Double glazed blinds to protect from the sun, insulated ceilings that prevent heat from the roof from entering the room, and good air conditioning are essential to keep your home cool and comfortable on hot summer days. For reliable air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair, contact North Shore’s Best Air Conditioning today.

Yellow Living Room Ideas For A Bright, Happy Space

What other ideas would you like to add to our list to create a light and airy living room in your home?

Light And Airy Living Room

With all the technological advancements, people are turning to reading books on tablets, laptops or newspapers. However, there are still some of those romantics who like to feel the sound of paper between their fingers and adore the smell of a new book. They sigh over the “species and beasts” scene.

Gardens are often associated with the beauty of the house. But did you know that looking after your garden can offer you more health benefits? Chances are you haven’t seen it. Well, this has been proven. Planting a garden is not easy because there are many challenges along the way. But if…

Light And Airy Living Room

Spring Decorating, Light, Bright, And Airy Living Room.

A loft is a luxurious addition to any modern home. Your merchandise will gain value, you’ll have extra room to experiment, and you’ll be able to create a truly welcoming, comfortable environment that helps your home feel unique. To make the most of the attic room, the author should decorate …

Are you a cleanliness game and want kitchen spikes and space all the time? Well, a clean and organized kitchen certainly makes it easier. It will not be difficult for you to find things, and your kitchen will look attractive every time. Here we will give you useful tips to keep.

Light And Airy Living Room

I love country cuisine. They remind me of summer, school holidays, grandma, the smell of a fresh, hot freshly cooked breakfast. Country kitchens are decorated with the heart, not the mind, forget about design and rules, design rules – you are here to break them and design the kitchen of your dreams. This summer trip…

My Light And Airy Living Room Transformation

Among all the interior styles, bohemian is the one that really captivated me. The internet suits my personality and perspective: break the rules, enjoy life, love art and be fearless in every way. It gives so much freedom to experiment, be creative and express the individual. I also like it for what it is… But this year I’m really paying more attention to everything spring has to offer. Little buds that pop over the trees, beautiful flowers that come up and it makes me even warmer this spring. So glad you stopped by my light and airy spring living room… I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to thank you for stopping by!

Light And Airy Living Room

If you missed my spring room tour last week, you can do so here. This post contains affiliate links. You can find my full disclosure policy here.

I think this is just my favorite look so far in my living room. So many cute details that I just roll over. I’ve been looking for a new jacket for a while this spring/summer, along with a few other pieces and here is the end result. I was happy with how everything fit together, but I also used some old but things like my pillows, throws and accessories.

Light And Airy Living Room

Light And Airy Scandinavian Apartment With Elegant Touches

I am absolutely delighted with this rug and how it has transformed my room into such a light and airy space. The fabric is soft, but soft. It’s not crazy soft, but it’s quite useful for a naturally woven rug. The color is creamy white and dark blue. But on a soft, soft before and, a big advantage in, someone clean.

I added this burlap ottoman. I already have his brother when I move it around the house, but for the price, this one was perfect for updating a 30 inch coffee table. It’s big enough that you can put a small tray in it (or a book like I did) for essentials or whatever. How amazing these two spaces could look and feel!

Light And Airy Living Room

For the top of my ottoman/coffee table I collected a few small pieces to incorporate my new favorite faux eucalyptus trunks. They can’t get over how real they look! And these little balls are brand new. But I took it out in a bigger container

Incredible Light And Airy Living Room With High Ceiling In A New Construction Home. Stock Image

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