List Of Local Small Businesses

List Of Local Small Businesses – As the village of Westwood begins to transform into a depopulated town, one question remains in the growing dust: How will local small businesses survive the difficult months ahead?

Unfortunately, this question is not limited to busy college towns, but almost everywhere in the United States where stay-at-home orders are placed.

List Of Local Small Businesses

A recent survey by the National Small Business Association revealed that more than 75% of small business owners reported a significant financial impact of COVID-19. This sentiment is clear when combined with the finding that nearly half of small businesses across the country have seen a decline in demand.

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Westwood businesses are no stranger to these sentiments. Sam Langford, owner of Espresso Propheta in Westwood Village, predicts that the coming months will bring many challenges.

“I honestly don’t know if we’re going to survive as a small business. I’m sure all the other small businesses are wondering if they can stay open,” said Langford.

For those who want to support local businesses, Quad has established ways to support local businesses and workers who may need additional assistance.

Check out the options on the map above to see which stores in Westwood are still open. Black pins represent closed stores, while green pins represent open stores. See a lot here that isn’t right? Fill out this form if you have more information

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“There are no people on the streets here. … So far, we’ve seen business drop 70% in one day,” said Robert Larach, manager of Enzo’s Pizzeria.

The best way to support a restaurant is to continue ordering food from them. Many restaurants have switched to delivery and/or takeout. Don’t forget to tip the staff to show your appreciation, especially if they provide you with food during your overnight visit to UCLA.

If you’re not in the Westwood area, you can search for your favorite restaurants to see their business updates and hours to make sure they’re also being served.

“We tried to include a small market, like selling oat and hemp milk, coffee beans and bread,” Langford said.

Quick Guide: Small Business Grant Funding

Another easy way to keep your small business running smoothly is to buy gift cards or certificates. Not only do you use it later, but you pay the business off. If you want to take action, give these gift cards to the hard workers around you. Help your local grocery store clerk, postman/lady or delivery person.

USA Today parent company Gannett recently launched, a donation site that allows thousands of small businesses nationwide to purchase gift cards. More businesses in different areas are added every day.

In a recent Instagram story, Michelle Obama suggested sending money to businesses you’ve made deals with — like hair and nail salons, hairdressers and body therapists — as if the time you’ve been dating hasn’t ended. Without a fixed income, many of these businesses don’t know if they’ll make it to the other side, so every payment helps.

Donations can also go to non-profit organizations and organizations that have taken steps to consolidate and distribute funds to businesses in need. The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation is a popular example, using donations to support restaurant workers, providing interest-free loans to restaurants in need and supporting other non-profits that support restaurant workers.

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Other California funds for small businesses include the OC Community Resilience Fund and the Give2SF fund. More funds across the country can be found on’s list of coronavirus relief funds.

If you would like to help small businesses on a larger scale, another option is to call your government representatives and express your concerns.

It’s in times like never before that showing our gratitude to the people who support us every day, from the local postman to the pizza delivery guy, is more important than ever. Even if we are far away, we can show each other.

Wu was the 2021-2022 manager. He was previously the editor of the 2020-2021 Quad and previously the associate editor of the Quad. He is a 4th year sociology and statistics student at UCLA.

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Westwood Village: Share a large 2 and 1 bedroom apartment with nothing else. A website with audio/video content. Cat, fireplace, large art library. $1350. [email protected]

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Voice lessons/teacher needed at [email protected] in home studio 405/Montana av Pay TBD. Text 818 516 4616. Thank You Whether you’re a restaurant, grocery store or home business, it’s a good idea to remind your customers how important it is to shop local this year. Why? Because shopping locally is more difficult than ever, many businesses are scrambling to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. Check out the facts from the Colorado Small Business Development Center: • Small businesses in Colorado employ more than 1.1 million Coloradoans, or nearly 50% of Colorado’s workforce. Companies with fewer than 100 employees have a large proportion of small businesses. Supporting small businesses makes these services more efficient. • Small business means small people and small audience. As we work to protect our community from the challenges of COVID-19, shopping at small businesses helps reduce the spread and protect you and your community. It also helps small businesses to overcome financial difficulties. • According to the Small Business Administration, when you shop locally, 70% of the money you spend stays local, while only 30% stays when you shop outside. This means that if you spend $100, your community saves $70. This increases local tax revenue, which is used to support schools, police, fire stations, roads and more. Local businesses also employ other local businesses, such as marketing, accounting and publishing, and have an impact on the local economy.

Shop small, shop local! Now is the time to connect with your customers. Do you keep an email list of your customers? Send them an e-blast promoting store ideas to them. Is your Facebook page up to date? Use the power of social media to share unique gift ideas and showcase ways customers can support your business this holiday season. Your customers need to hear from you. Send it!

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Place banners on your store website or at your cash register, add Shop Local information to your website, or include Shop Local messaging in your social media. If you are a support business, consider making small “thank you for supporting a local business” cards to give to your customers after their appointment; Consider offering a small referral bonus or future discount for repeat business. Need help with signs and messages? American Express offers an easy-to-use online tool to create your own custom kits:…

Tell them! Boost your store’s message by thanking your customers and clients for supporting a local business. It is easy to let them know that their business is appreciated more than ever. The Colorado SBDC has many resources to help you – for quick and easy ideas, contact Evans Economic Development at 970.475.1112 or visit the CoSBDC website: small is great . . A way to support your friends and neighbors who own small businesses and keep dollars in your community! This season, the Temple University Small Business Development Center has made it easy to find great gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list and strengthen our community’s small businesses. Whether you’re shopping for a picky kid, a candy-loving neighbor, or a dedicated dog mom, we promise you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

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Small Business Saturday 2022

After the ordeal of the past 20 months, we could all use some stress relief. Aodough

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