Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas – Not sure how to decorate your open house? I was there! When we moved into our new home five years ago, I was grateful for the large living room in the middle of our house. But it was also challenging because we saw it all day every day. I wanted it to be beautiful and functional, but I didn’t know how to make all that empty space work! Additionally, our TV and media consoles need to be placed front and center, which is a common design challenge. After years of working in this space, I have achieved my long term goals! Today I’m excited to partner with The Home Depot to share living room decorating ideas and create a space you’ll love. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your media console, fill an empty corner, or make your space more comfortable, I hope you find these tips useful.

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Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Here you can find some photos of our hotel this season. I have been working in this field for many years and have loved many things! But also things to do.

Cathedral Wall Arch Decor

I’m a newbie when it comes to home electrical projects. However, after seeing a few friends create their own wall, I wanted to give it a try. I chose a picture frame because it has a classic style and is easy to install.

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

I’ll be doing a detailed post on how I installed the wall in the coming weeks, but I wanted to list the products I used in case you’re ready to tackle this project! Home Depot has everything I need to transform our space and bring the vision to life.

After installing the wall paneling, I was ready to work on my paneling. Here are my living room decorating ideas to enhance your space with statement pieces.

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Color Combinations

In my opinion, this is the best way to fill an empty corner in your living room. We previously had an olive tree so I decided to replace it with this artificial flower tree. The shape and movement it adds is great!

Since we are surrounded by white furniture, our light coffee table didn’t work. I wanted more variety! This walnut coffee table adds warmth to the living room and the curved legs add a sculptural element. Plus, it comes fully assembled, which is always a plus for me.

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

I also placed this antique brass side table next to my bed. It’s taller than our old side table, which is an improvement, and the metal adds contrast to the room. Swapping out accent tables is a great way to change the look of your living room without making any major furniture changes! Luxenhome Wood Wall Art, 35

The wall texture made a big difference, but I still wanted to find a way to fill the space to the left of our media console. Our house has walls throughout the main level and I thought this 71″ x 32″ mirror would be the perfect addition. My kids love making faces on it too 😉 The mirror reflects our gallery wall so well! I can’t get enough of this view.

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Once you’ve selected the parts of your sentence and filled in the blanks, it’s time to think about accents. They’re great for adding comfort and character with accents, and Home Depot has tons of options!

I like to keep my coffee table decoration simple, with a large vase and a selection of coffee table books. This ceramic vase has a nice shape and doesn’t fall over when my kids hit the table. Have you noticed that I can’t turn off my mother’s brain?

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Painted Arch Wall Decal, 42

As for the media console, I decided to change it up with a large light. I’ve had my eye on this amazing rattan table lamp for months and was excited to add it to our space! In combination with these empire colors a classic look is created. A gray planter box and charcoal tray fill the space under the TV, and I love that wood look. Finally, these decorative boxes are perfect for remote controls.

What better decoration than buying a pillow? I love these woven pillows and this vintage rug. This knotted rug was perfect for the back of our sofa and helps keep it clean since our kitchen is just a block away!

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

I ended up on the left side of the living room in a large basket to throw extra things in. Cute baskets are my favorite way to store toys, shoes, and tablets in our home. You can also try combining two different baskets to create a stacked look.

Arch Color Block Wall Decal Modern Geometric Decor Arch Boho

71″ x 32″ curved floor mirror | Walnut wood coffee table | Bronze side table | Cherry blossom tree | large rattan table lamp | Kingdom of the Shadow Lamp | Ceramic vase | Pillow | Football Virtues | Blanket, throw, skirt knot | Wooden chain sculpture | Charcoal bowl | large gray feather | decorated boxes large basket | Brad Nailer | Brad Nails | make a wall

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

I hope you found this article helpful when working in your living room! I’m not sure I’ll ever call the room “finished” because decorating is my creative outlet…but it’s so close! 🙂 I am beyond excited to decorate my wall with the goodies from The Home Depot. Do you have any living room decorating ideas that I missed? Leave me a comment below! HO, if you know me, you know that I love decorating a place, even if it’s unfinished. I do it so we can enjoy the place while we wait for it to be finished…it’s just something I do. I mean, she’s the girl who painted our rental house even though we’d only been living there for less than six months. It’s in my blood. So there is one side of our living room that we have big dreams about, including a DIY project from Mr. LMB, but since he is sick right now and it is his dream to build it, I decided to decorate a small space. that the room can be temporarily prepared. This presented some problems as I had other things to cover, but my good friend Heidi from Feather & Birch was taken care of…

There’s a big hole in this living room wall with options sticking out of it. This will be the wall where we put our TV, so it won’t be a problem, but now I need to cover this mess. I set up my sofa in Painted Fox [HERE]. Behind the bed I hung my new feather and birch bow, which I hung on a 3M hook since it will be here for a while. I love this bow he made because it looks old fashioned, which as you know I love. I hung the magnolia wreath above the loop with another 3M hook and this hides all the wires on the wall. Now everything is hidden behind this beautiful bed, arches and crowns…so simple. A great temporary solution for our front living room.

Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Best Living Room Christmas Decorating Ideas

I love the statement it made in our living room and how easy it was to hang. A simple 3M hook and we had a beautiful statement wall in seconds. Normally with a large statement piece like this I would have to drill a lot of holes in the wall, but thanks to a talented friend this was a great temporary solution. I can’t wait to share the progress of this website soon, but for now I’m going to enjoy how simple it is. Plus, I’m already dreaming about where we can put this belt when it’s finished. I think it should be on our porch or maybe near the sun. We will see! Where do you use this large belt? I think it should be used as a header. Can someone do that? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook and chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today!! xxWe share the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, great products and interior design tips for America’s most beautiful women.

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Living Room Arch Wall Decor Ideas

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