Living Room Design Layouts

Living Room Design Layouts – Eleanor Büsing Eleanor Büsing interior designer, freelance writer, foodie. Canadian by birth, Londoner by choice and Parisian at heart. Updated November 8, 2022

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Living Room Design Layouts

Living Room Design Layouts

Our living rooms wear many hats: we watch TV, entertain friends, chat and spend time reading. Sometimes they serve as home offices, children’s playrooms or even dining rooms. With all these considerations, it can be difficult to decide how best to decorate your living room, but thinking about the feeling you want the space to convey, along with how you will spend your time, is a solid way to start.

Crushing On: Neutral Living Room Design Ideas

In order to show you 10 different living room designs, I first had to come up with a fairly general plan that includes a few things/characteristics we all know. Here the rectangular long room has a central fireplace, windows to the front and glazed/barred doors to the rear.

Living Room Design Layouts

It’s a generous place, but not without challenges. In each arrangement, I tried to consider the TV area (because, let’s face it, most of us prefer the living room), storage, traffic routes and separation of space with carpets and accessories.

Your home may not have a separate living room – it’s a sad fact that the smaller (or more cluttered) the room, the fewer ways it can work with the space. My L-shaped living/dining area works one way because of the short walls, radiator and full wall of windows. So think of these unique styles as made for this space, but to inspire you on how you can reimagine your home in so many different ways.

Living Room Design Layouts

Top 10 Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Living Room

This is probably the way many of us think when we think of a “formal” living room: two small chairs facing each other, a coffee table in between. Drawers on either side provide storage, and the TV above the couch is easily seen from the sofa.

Like the above, it is somewhat reasonable. Two identical chairs offer different seating options and the TV is moved to the side of the fireplace as it is most likely to be watched from the sofa. I also have a small desk to work on sometimes.

Living Room Design Layouts

Turning the sofa across the length of the room allows for a smaller sitting area, in front of the TV. The two wing chairs in opposite corners can be moved where needed, and the coffee table can be set up in no time. This is definitely a living room where you can welcome your friends for a movie night.

Living Room Decorating Ideas We Love

When comfort and style are important, minimize furniture, but choose carefully. Sectional seating and armchairs and footbeds provide the only seating, but since both are so comfortable, no one will feel like they’ve been given a bad seat.

Living Room Design Layouts

There’s something so beautiful about a 70’s style piece and a perfect bed, don’t you think? Here, for a change, we’re in favor of some mid-century free media pieces. For extra party points, I added a bar cart in the corner and a large coffee table, perfect for all the party food.

The best thing about partitioning is that it can divide a space without actually dividing it, if you know what I mean. With the chaise longue placed in the middle of the room, this space is basically a small living room + office. The single carpet under the “living area” reinforces this.

Living Room Design Layouts

Simple Living Room Ideas For Perfectly Understated Style

When I think of country style design, I think of a lot of cute conversation spaces. A small table, paired with two comfortable chairs, allows for board games or reading, while two small chairs sit together for comfort. The television is placed in the middle of some official buildings, but it is probably more important here.

At this point, the unit becomes a full L-shaped chair with folding arms and back. Additional seating is provided by a large ottoman/ottoman while the other part of the room is a full play area with storage space for toys. I made it for a kids table or play kitchen.

Living Room Design Layouts

Many of us have live dining rooms, so if that’s your situation, here’s an option. By placing the sofa in the center of the room with the back of the dining area, you create two different spaces, and the rug helps with this. Her living space is small, sure, but it overlooks the garden and the TV sits on the nearby media unit. In the dining room, I added bookshelves on each side to create a sort of dining room library.

Small Yet Super Cozy Living Room Designs

This design is similar to the one above, but looks more informal and elaborate. A window section, a table by the door and a central television that can be viewed from both areas. I only got the rug under the seating area, but it will work just as well in the large and medium, provided you don’t worry about food spills. The living room is the social center of your home. It is where you will have fun, spend time with your family and participate in most of your recreational activities.

Living Room Design Layouts

The living room should be good first of all. The living room should be more attractive to people than any other room in the house. This is because it is the room that will see the most visitors. You want the furniture in the living room to be comfortable, well-designed and decorated to encourage conversation.

There are many different ways to design the perfect living room. Some take advantage of the ample space offered by the open plan concept to create a great area for parties. Others may choose to keep the living room small and fill it with comfortable furniture to keep everyone safe and facilitate conversation. Two opposing design trends are currently fighting for dominance in Singapore: minimalism and maximalism.

Living Room Design Layouts

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximise Space

Minimalism is a celebrated design movement that emerged in the 1960s and has seen a recent revival. It consists of an effective design approach that only places the necessary elements to minimize leakage. Minimalism can be identified by its commitment to clean lines, sleek materials and symmetrical design. It is a popular choice for interior design in the living room because it makes the room look bigger, which HDB houses usually take advantage of.

In contrast, maximalism celebrates the exact opposite. Maximalism supports a dynamic space filled with beautiful decorative edges, fun objects and classy accessories. For living room design, this means lots of fun furniture, art, pictures, blankets, throws, and lots of fun crafts. It is especially popular among young people who like constant stimulation in a crowded environment.

Living Room Design Layouts

These are two living room design ideas. Other design styles in Singapore now include Scandinavian, Modern, Japanese, Art Deco and Cottagecore. Each of these beautiful living room ideas will appeal to a different person – so it’s important to remember to stay true to your personal preferences when deciding how to decorate your living room. To help you when designing your living room, here are some of the best living room design ideas for modern homes in Singapore.

Living room interior design: decor, pictures and floor plans for a beautiful room 10. Modern TV Wall Design

Living Room Design Layouts

A large TV wall mount is a great way to incorporate modern technology into your home design. There are many ways to seamlessly integrate a TV into your living room; See detailed instructions here.

False ceilings are very popular in Singapore homes as they help reduce noise from the neighbors above. They also provide structure and depth to a given space. Many homes choose to have a false ceiling in the family room because it provides better light control and can accommodate existing features such as a ceiling fan.

Living Room Design Layouts

Long And Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

There are many design strategies that can help make a simple living room brighter or larger. One common trick is to place the mirror next to the light source. This will visually expand the space, make the room seem deeper, and also the light around the room to make it brighter. Read more about small HDB house designs here.

Wallpaper is a great way to decorate your home without compromising the walls. High-quality furniture is an art in itself, and placing it front and center in your living room will provide a conversation starter for your guests. There are many reliable Singaporean manufacturers of high quality wallpaper like the one pictured above – see more here.

Living Room Design Layouts

A big part of decorating your living room involves decorating yourself with things that make you happy. For most people, this means favorite books, photos, notebooks and small gadgets. A bookcase or shelf is a perfect way to display the things that are most important to you

How To Decorate A Formal Living Room

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