Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas – Never has the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” been more apt for designer Kimberly Paulus than when working with a client who recently arrived in the state. “People move from all over the country and come here to find 20-foot ceilings and great spaces are the norm,” said the Houston-area professional, who is part of the Den Interiors owned and operated chain. . Interior design company. “It can be a lot of fun, but also challenging.

More often than not, Paulus notes, the homeowner told him something like, “Gosh, we loved it when we bought it!” But now we have to fill it.” Fortunately, he was willing to help. “If you have a place that’s spectacular and dramatic, but there’s nothing to see, then you’re not going to see it,” Paulus said. “It’s just an empty abyss. Below, they share tips for guests to understand.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

“I think scaling is one of the biggest mistakes people make,” Paulus said. When choosing furniture for your floor, you want to measure twice, buy once. Sometimes missteps involve pieces that are swallowed up by the spacious room, while others are furniture that is too large for the space.

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To avoid this, he creates 2D layouts for clients using computer-aided design software — but a painter’s tape and measuring tape can get the job done, Paulus said. In his design, he follows this rule: to make the most of the floor plan, you want more furniture (for example, longer daybeds) or more furniture – for example, a living room with a sectional flow set – and -nights for bath, plus an armchair For a reading nook in the corner.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Simply put, Paul said, “You need to think higher.” For example, if you want a dresser that isn’t tall enough for the room, consider building more drawers.

You can also dream of other ways to increase height. In one of Paulus’ current house designs, “we put in big floor plants, tall floor lamps and floor-to-ceiling curtains,” he said, adding that he didn’t put curtains over the first row of windows, but extended them. went to the ceiling. “We’re thinking about this vertical integration, to make sure we don’t cut the design in half,” he added.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

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Ideally, Paul said, you want to appear on the wall as one cohesive piece, rather than just trying to piece it together one by one. The most important thing is to keep the proportions. “It’s like looking at the floor and deciding what size rug to put in,” Paulus said. “With a large wall, you want to make the area proportional.

In the living room we recently worked on, this ethos is translated into six textured canvases on one wall and three medium sculptural pieces on the other. But a giant invitation image works just as well, he notes. The question you want to ask, Paul said, is this: “How much do we need to fill this wall to get a feel for the true size?”

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

As you want to draw the eye by giving guests something to look at, “negative space can be important,” emphasizes Paul. In the room with six canvases, he deliberately left the wall in front of him blank. “I always tell people you shouldn’t wear anything

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Adding decorative elements like curtains accomplishes two goals, he said: It emphasizes the impressive width of the wall and helps to dampen the reverberation that tends to occur in cavernous rooms.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Paulus said: “People always say, ‘I want my house to feel warm,'” Paulus said. So if we can reduce the acoustics of a room with textiles – add more carpet, raise the curtains – we can reduce echoes and make the sound warmer.

One of the more subtle changes Paulus made to his client’s living room design was removing more than half of the shelves from the impressive structure. This may seem counterintuitive, but he begs to differ.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

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“People think, ‘Oh, it’s bigger, I can put more shelves in,'” he said. “But they do make sense.”

. If you step away from it, it’s like looking at blinds, rather than a huge structure.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

So he recommends doing more with fewer shelves—less than standard shelves, for example, or the kinds of plants and objets d’art that need attention. “Less is more in this case, but the extras are bigger,” he said. “You love him.”

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Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

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Best Size Of Carpet For Queen Beds Customers are always right. Unless they’re 29 Unique Photo Wall Ideas to Try at Home How to Design Your Home Like a Wes Anderson Movie High ceilings were first introduced in the twentieth century for homes built in warmer climates. It’s designed to help warm, stuffy air rise and move away from the living room to keep it cool. Today, however, it is an architectural element built for aesthetic purposes. High ceilings can feel luxurious and expensive, but without the right design, walls can become blank and empty.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Sizing It Down: How To Decorate A Home With High Ceilings

How you hang window treatments or curtains can affect the look and feel of a room. For example, making a window treatment the right size of the window will make the room feel closed and create separation between the ceiling and the top of the wall. Instead, hang floor-to-ceiling curtains to achieve an open feel with harmony between the floor, walls and ceiling.

Interior designers use lighting for a variety of reasons. Strategically placed lights throughout a room can add depth, height and dimension, drawing everyone’s attention to certain details. The light of the high-ceilinged building is unusual; If anything, it’s more important because it takes up more space. We recommend accent lighting over important areas of the room to add style and dimension to the room.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

When decorating a room with high ceilings, shelves can be your best friend because they fill the empty space and provide extra space for extra items or knick-knacks. Floating shelves are more modern and contemporary, but if you’re feeling bold, you can install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Whichever route you choose, shelves are a must for functionality and plenty of space.

Creative Ideas For High Ceilings

High ceilings are one of the architectural features that never go out of style because they offer more space for design and create an atmosphere that cannot be recreated with other architectural elements. Creating an accent wall with your favorite pieces of art is a great way to fill an empty space. When arranging this art, be sure to add some elements at half the height of the wall. Leaving this space will only isolate this area.

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Are you making mistakes when decorating high walls and high ceilings? Try making one of these changes in your home and see how it transforms your room into a more inviting and personal space. What else do you add to your decor to accentuate the high ceiling? We spend so much time talking about the design problems and conundrums that arise from confined space, and the other end of the spectrum is largely forgotten. While in the past we discussed how to furnish a room with a low ceiling and how to revive the interior with a sloping ceiling, today we see people who can suffer from the “problem of abundance”. Tall rooms with very high ceilings are as difficult to decorate as those with limited vertical space and present a different challenge.

Interior spaces with high ceilings give you a great opportunity to express your design style more, while stealing the show with its grandeur. When vertical space is extra large to have, it requires careful decoration, without which it can go south really fast. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you master this difficult art –

Living Room High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

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One of the easiest and best ways to solve the problem of uncomfortable rooms with high ceilings is to add wooden beams that reduce the overall size of the room and introduce better proportions. This is definitely the trendiest method, as exposed and even painted wooden beams have made a comeback in recent years. It’s a trend that’s still here, and contemporary homes with sleek, modern designs are turning to wood.

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