Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs – After thousands of hours of talking to clients, we can confidently say that the perfect living room layout makes all the difference, and sometimes it’s an insurmountable puzzle.

Maiden Home’s wide selection of sizes and configurations is perfect for your space and lifestyle. A big U section? We will help you. Small space No problem. But with all these options, suddenly the possibilities are endless.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

So how do you organize your space to be both beautiful and functional? Because we believe everyone deserves a good life, we’re here to reveal our secrets and tell you how it works.

Living Room Layout Mistakes To Avoid While Decorating

When choosing a location, guiding elements are a good place to start. As there are specific architectural details, place them to distinguish them. Want to include a fireplace, a spectacular view or a stained glass window in your design? If you plan to watch all the big games in that room, another element of the layout can be a TV. However, sometimes a room is just a room. This time, you can have more freedom in placing your furniture.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Whether you have a focal point like a fireplace or a simple blank slate, here are some of our favorite designs.

Side orders are a versatile arrangement that works well in small spaces. In this arrangement, the sofa is surrounded by two accent chairs, creating a cozy conversation area. It works well in open concept spaces where you don’t want to restrict the flow of conversation or traffic between different areas.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

One Living Room, Two Ways

Tip: Avoid overly symmetrical designs and add interest and depth by changing the accessories you use in the space, choosing different materials and heights.

The Wit + Delight team created an open and welcoming lounge in the living room with The Irving and two Leroy chairs. This space works for many reasons, but the choice of materials is key to creating a balanced yet interesting design. Matching the Leroys in a parchment finish, the Chevron creates balance in the space, while the Irving in Caramel Tuscan leather creates contrast in texture and color. Matching the tree edges of all parts continues the entire space without crossing the matching boundary.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

In this configuration, you usually place two sofas opposite each other based on architectural details. We love this setup because the symmetry of the two sofas brings a sense of harmony and balance to the space and allows a focal point like the fireplace to stand out. It has a substantial, noble feel and makes for a versatile seat for entertaining.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

Tip: Pair sofas for a more traditional, sophisticated look, or mix shapes and materials for a more versatile look (we love leather paired with textiles like linen or velvet).

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

From Beautiful Cottage, Megan and John Runyon chose Face Off, using symmetry to provide balance and unity to the space. Despite its simple design, the space has a rich and textured feel thanks to the luxurious execution of the Dune sofa, combined with the soft arms to hide the hair on the Hayes chair.

Interior designer Nicole Marks of Shelter 7 Design used a pair of Sullivan sofas from Creme Performance Linen to create this stunning Face Off look. Anchoring their arrangement with a beautiful fireplace, the space has a beautiful symmetry that reflects the traditional decor of the house.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Should Living Room Furniture Match?

Both require a sofa and two chairs and are very similar to Face Off. This is a great option if you want to make your room look lighter and airier. Instinct often goes with chairs and sofas, but we prefer a more eclectic approach. Using complementary materials can add depth and texture to a space. Perfect Pairing: Pebbled leather upper and silver textile.

Tip: Move the sofa away from the wall, the room behind the sofa will instantly add space and make it look bigger and bigger.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Interior designer Anissa Zajak of House Seven Design used the Two-in-One to create an open and welcoming family room in her living room. For a seamless, clean look from winter to summer, she paired Oyster Performance Linen’s Dune sofa with a pair of Mercer armchairs.

Genius Ideas For How To Layout Furniture In A Studio Apartment

This arrangement uses two couches at a ninety-degree angle (see what we did there?) to allow for free movement on one side of the room. Ideal for narrow living spaces that are continuous with other rooms (for example, an open concept kitchen that leads to a utility room). You create a clear definition between the living and dining/kitchen areas, but there is a flow from one space to the other. A comfortable sofa is perfect for this arrangement.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Tip: To add a certain accent to the living space without closing the blinds, replace the daybed with a daybed for a luxurious look.

Designers Leslie Martin and Kimberly Meardon decorated our Ludlow sofa using nine Parchment Performance Chevron patterns to showcase their client’s stunning fireplace. By focusing on an ultra-light neutral palette with dark accents (like modern dark wood on light wall legs), they created an open space that felt strong and important.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Best Living Room Layout Tips

Bonus points: If you have the space and need extra seating, combine the two in one ottoman for the ultimate fun spot.

Interior designer Gabriela Gargano paired our Carmine sofa with a Mist Performance Weave dune sofa in Oyster Performance linen. Add two Hayes chairs and nesting side tables to create a modern, modular coffee table. This professional use of the Two-Ninety combination makes it a lot of fun. A combined palette of blues, natural colors and whites creates a casual cool beach vibe with a clear design.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

If you plan to use it for movie nights, game days, or anywhere else, a sectional sofa is a great choice. To add dimension to a room and provide extra seating for entertaining, we recommend adding accent chairs or a pair of ottomans in a contrasting color or texture.

Sofa And Two Chairs Living Room Layouts

Pajama blogger Kim Lapides and designer Anne Sage have created a cozy living space for Kim’s growing family with Oyster Performance Linen’s Warren Teacup. Pairing Hayes’ natural fur camouflage sling color with white trim keeps the space cohesive, but the contrasting texture creates a layered look.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Interior designer Alicia Murphy used the Corner Spot layout to create a cozy family room for her client in the Hamptons. This Zach + Fox custom ottoman with two ottomans in white graphic fabric by Performance Linen is perfect for adding seating to multi-family gatherings.

Want more inspiration? Check out our home tour to find out how bloggers and interior designers style their girls’ homes, plus tips for creating the perfect space.

Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

Living Room Layout Ideas

Want to talk to an expert? Our design consultants advise on all your interior design decisions. We don’t believe in the hard sell, so even if you want a professional soundboard, we’ll let you know your preference. Hi @ or text 888-513-5754.

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Living Room Layout Sofa And Two Chairs

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