Living Room Tiles Wall

Living Room Tiles Wall – This newly renovated home features a wall in the living room with a Montigo gas fireplace and floor to ceiling Spanish tile.

Whether you want to make a statement in a room or have a small space that you want to create without going overboard, adding a feature wall is a great way to create an unforgettable room.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Living Room Tiles Wall

You can always use a different paint color to create instant drama in a room, but today’s top designers and smart homeowners are taking this idea in amazing new ways including using recycled and published materials or adding personal pieces that make a bold statement.

Living Room Interior With Tile Classic Texture Wall Background On Black Granite Tile Floor,minimal Designs, 3d Rendering Stock Illustration

“Wallpaper, murals and paint will continue to be used,” she says, “and I’m seeing a swing to mixed materials, such as painted wood grain or textured tiles,” says designer Amanda Kiley of Omni Interiors Houzz. .

Living Room Tiles Wall

We have collected the most original and modern wall ideas for the living room – and we will tell you how to use them.

Spaicz Design Studio in British Columbia worked with a custom finisher to create this textured accent wall. Photo via Houzz.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Living Room Wall Tile Designs: Photos, Designs & Ideas

Creating a custom texture or pattern on a painted accent wall is a unique but subtle way to use wall space, especially in a modern or small home. You can also wrap the tables with an unusual woven fabric for an added tactile accent.

Getting the look: If you’re looking for a design and are handy with a table saw, you can use a home computer program like Photoshop to draw your design and map it onto the wall. After cutting and fitting the pieces, finish with a complementary paint color.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Gas fireplaces don’t require a traditional mantle but a fireplace wall is a great focal point in a modern home.

Ceramic Tiles For Natural Cooling: Enhancing Comfort And Sus

To get the look: First, choose a fireplace—Montigo is a good choice—and choose a stone or modern tile from floor to ceiling for the fireplace.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Jill Kargman’s Odd Mom Out star in New York City has one gallery wall, including a sketch of Karl Lagerfeld’s skull wedding dress by artist Damian Hirst. Photo via Vogue.

As writer, producer and real-life star Jill Kargman of New York City, with the ultimate gallery wall—an eclectic mix of pieces that reflect her taste and personality.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Wood Look Tiles

To get the look: Design each piece in a unique but not overwhelming frame. Then trace the pieces to the cardboard and label them so you can organize your wall. Finding a balance in the size of the pieces and color, tone and texture is essential to creating a successful gallery wall.

These cabinets are from the Aran Cucine Bella collection in various geometric shapes and bold colors.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Form and function go hand in hand with these beautiful storage cabinets designed for living room use. They are part of the Bella Aran Cucine cabinet collection so it’s easy to mix the open kitchen with the living room. Built-in cabinets and shelves come in a variety of geometries and bold colors and shades and offer plenty of space to store or display home entertainment equipment, books and favorite art pieces.

Ceramic Tiles To Nourish Everlasting Floors And Walls!–

Viewing: Book a complimentary consultation at European Cabinets to see the full range of cabinetry options.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Planned sections of John Rocque’s 18th-century map of the cities of London and Westminster adorn the end of the living room of designer Ben Pentreath’s London flat. Photo by House and Garden.

“In this new era of GPS, Google Earth and multi-dimensional digital maps, mapping quickly is very important again,” says art curator and historian Hans-Ulrich Obrist. An antique map is a classic touch to any modern or traditional home. It can remind you of a favorite place or cruise or inspire the next one.

Living Room Tiles Wall

The Zellige Tile Trend Designers Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of

Getting the look: There are a number of websites that sell vintage maps and maps. Choose a map that is meaningful to you. For the most amazing view, share a good photo printer and print it. Frame parts and place them in a grid.

Australian interior designer Amanda Ayres used reclaimed hardwood from the original house before it was renovated. Photo via Houzz.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Reclaimed wood was used for everything from portholes to tables to stairs to bathroom vanities. Now, it is used to cover all the walls.

To get the look: Italian flooring manufacturer Skema also offers a line of wall coverings made from reclaimed and recycled wood. This wood often has a unique appearance that cannot be matched by any type of process designed to treat new wood. Set up a complimentary consultation with European Cabinets to see the full range of Scheme wall covering options.

Living Room Tiles Wall

A statement wallpaper can instantly refresh a tired living room. In a small space, black wallpaper disrupts the size of the room and creates an immediate personality.

Get the look: We love Removable Wallpaper, featuring beautiful patterns from top designers like Amy Van Luijk, Kelly Ventura, Caitlin Keegan, Jessica Jones, Two for the Beach, and more.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Wall & Decor

This 48″ x 192″ painting was commissioned by Morgan Riccilli Slade for the Palo Alto home designed by Kathy Monarch.

Nothing says wall covering like a piece of art, and it’s best if it’s dictated by the space.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Getting the look: This is the hardest look to pull off, as you’ll need a pleasing size and decorative wall piece, and you don’t want to rush out to buy too much. Consider choosing a piece from a new artist and it can be a good long-term investment. Stone is one of the most used materials for floors and walls in living rooms, as it allows you to create unique and attractive spaces, while ensuring ease of cleaning, resistance and the production of beauty equal to the natural elements that they are. they are like stone, flint, metal, and wood.

D Leather Tiles In Living Room Wall Design

The Atlas Concorde living room wall and floor catalog includes stone tiles with different structural effects, to meet any design and style needs.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Among the many advantages of stone, there is the opportunity to restore the texture of other materials – such as marble and stone – and to combine the aesthetics, durability and resistance of ceramics. Atlas Concorde includes a collection of tiles for the living room with wood effect, stone effect, marble effect, concrete effect and metal effect in different colors, formats and finishes, to make your life as you want.

Using stone in your living room allows you to create the walls and floors of the living room of your dreams! Each living room reflects a person’s lifestyle, and Atlas Concorde living room tiles perfectly match the new living room trends. The option to choose between different formats and sizes will help you customize your living room according to your inspiration and wishes.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Beautiful Tile Flooring Ideas For Living Room, Kitchen And Bathroom Designs

Atlas Concorde’s classic, sophisticated and minimalist living room floors and tiles make endless suggestions, creating unique solutions for designers, time after time.

Living room tiles Discover the collection of Atlas Concorde living room tiles. Living Room Floor Tiles Discover the Atlas Concorde collection of Living Room Floor Tiles. Inspired by an expert in ceramic excellence. Bathroom tiles Discover the Atlas Concorde collection of bathroom tiles When it comes to choosing a sustainable and stylish flooring option for your living room, tiles are a great choice. Because of their excellent insulating properties, ceramic tile floors will also help maintain cooler temperatures in the warmer months, and warmer temperatures in the colder months.

Living Room Tiles Wall

When you think of tiles, bathrooms and kitchens first come to mind, however, tiles have as big a place in the living room as anywhere else in the home. Providing a clean floor solution, easy to maintain and easy to clean, tiles can add a sophisticated style to your living room. With so many living room tile ideas to choose from, the options are endless!

Fabulous Tiles For Living Room

You can find tile inspiration to suit every room, purpose and design style with Amber’s Ultimate Tile Guide to Tile (link to the ultimate tile guide).

Living Room Tiles Wall

Ultimately, when it comes to living room tile ideas, the best choice is one that matches your purpose, style and budget. When you begin your journey of choosing tiles for your living room, we recommend that you create mood boards to get ideas for what styles, shapes and finishes you like. With the living room being a high-traffic area, it is wise to choose strong and durable laminates to reduce the need for maintenance or repair.

Decorating your living room with tiles is a breeze. Unlike carpet flooring, the natural materials, finishes and patina of tiles sit seamlessly alongside furniture and decor. Carpets and furniture made from natural materials such as wood or linen are a good way to complement the tile floor. For a full gallery of inspirational images, check out our Amber Tiles blog.

Living Room Tiles Wall

Marble Tiles: Top 14 Floor & Wall Tiles Made From Marble

When choosing beautiful tiles for your living room, a popular choice among top designers is to create a Moroccan oasis using terracotta and warm tiles. Terracotta tiles are a staple in modern homes and have the power to infuse your home with a Moorish feel. For a final effect, consider installing terracotta

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