Living Room Vastu Direction

Living Room Vastu Direction – Today, Vastu Shastra is considered the most important tool for home design in India, now see how to design your rooms and spaces according to the rules and regulations of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is used to improve the quality of life in better ways. There will be many benefits if we follow 60-70 percent of Vastu Shastra rules. This will help you live a quality life.

Living Room Vastu Direction

Living Room Vastu Direction

It’s not about a belief system, it’s about science. Now it’s up to you whether you want to follow the rules or not.

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Check out the Vastu Shastra plans below and check your existing house plan, comment or contact me if you have any queries.

Living Room Vastu Direction

Ravi Shankar is the founder of Human Iris. Online Home Interior and Career Help, a website that helps us solve the home and life problems that we humans face at every stage of life with home decor help. human iris. The goal and mission is to minimize mental stress, anxiety and depression by focusing on personal growth, mental health and career growth with the help of a few home interior changes. Graduated from New Delhi School of Planning and Architecture and completed Masters in Interior Design from Dream Zone, Lucknow. Completed a certificate course in Vastu Shastra. She is passionate about home design and gardening. Iinked’s facebook instagram twitteVastu never states that North is the best direction to build a house and West is a terrible direction. According to vastu experts, all your houses are auspicious regardless of direction. Due to the 23.5-degree tilt around the Earth’s axis, it changes frequently.

Determining the perfect west direction will be difficult, but that is not the point. If your house faces west, it is a west facing vastu house. You stand at the front door of your home to fully understand this. If you face west, then you live in a house facing west.

Living Room Vastu Direction

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You should make sure that your main door is in the mid-west or north part of your house. It is better to design metal work on west facing doors like metal handle plate, metal bell or work. While building or buying a vastu house, you need to keep several things in mind. According to Vastu, there are eight padas on the west side. Among them, two pandas, Sugriva and Pushpdanta, are most auspicious for the main entrance door of a house facing west. They will help you get significant financial gains and profits in your business. Another panda is unfavorable to the west of the house. 2. Bedroom on the west side of the house.

Living Room Vastu Direction

It is better if your bedroom is in the south-west direction. This direction improves mutual understanding between partners and reduces conflicts between couples. If your house is multi-story, you should have the master bedroom on the top floor. You need to ensure that the bedroom is in perfect harmony with the elements of nature so that you can have quality sleep and peace of mind. The south-west corner is considered to be an excellent direction for placing a bedroom in a west-facing house. 3. Kitchen in the house on the west side.

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The kitchen is the most important space in our house because it is responsible for the health of the family. also contains the element of fire, which helps to maintain balance in the family; It should be placed in the correct area of ​​the house facing West, Vastu house. Going in the wrong direction can cause financial and health problems in the family. Make sure your kitchen counter is facing east because east is best for cooking. 4. Puja room on the west side of the house.

Living Room Vastu Direction

A temple or puja room is an important place where you worship or pray to your God and address all the energies around you. The idols were preferred to face west so that the pilgrims could meet the idols on their eastern side. Make sure your home has this similarity too. As for west facing vastu house, north east zone is most energetic and best place for pooja room. 5. Bathroom in the house on the west side.

The toilet should be in the north-west direction, and the dresser should be in the south-east or north-west direction. The commode should be built several feet off the ground. The toilet should not be directly under the stairs. 6. Clean environment for the house on the west side.

Living Room Vastu Direction

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Avoid collecting garbage in a west-facing house. Make room for lots of sun. For this, it is possible to install large windows. 7. Perfect colors.

Yellow, white, beige silver and similar neutral colors are best suited for west facing houses. These are auspicious colors and are said to multiply wealth. Advantages of west facing house Following are some advantages of west facing house

Living Room Vastu Direction

1. You should ensure that your main entrance or door is placed on the west side of Sugriva and Pushpdanta pada of your house. 2. If you have a multi-storied house, the bedroom should be in the southwest corner, but make sure that it is at the top.

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3. You can also choose Northwest kitchen direction as another option if Southeast direction is not available for west facing Vastu home kitchen.

Living Room Vastu Direction

4. Make sure to place your kitchen in the southeast corner of the house.

6. According to Vastu facing west, the south and west sides of the house should be thicker and taller than the east and north sides.

Living Room Vastu Direction

Best Vastu Tips For Guest Room|

7. There should be more windows facing north and east to balance the flow of energy in the family. no:

7. Avoid south west area of ​​house for kitchen. Optimal arrangement of the living room according to Vastu

Living Room Vastu Direction

When designing a guest bedroom in your home, it is recommended to place it in the north-west or south direction. It is very important to avoid living rooms in the southwest direction, as this is considered inauspicious, according to Vastu, an ancient Indian architectural practice that emphasizes harmony with natural forces. The southwest direction is believed to carry negative energy and can harm the comfort and well-being of your guests.

Vastu For Bedroom :how To Design A Vastu Perfect Bedroom

By choosing the north-west or south direction, you not only follow the principles of Vastu, but also create a more attractive and harmonious environment for your visitors. This careful consideration of room layout can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Vastu Guidelines for Kids Rooms in West Facing Apartments

Living Room Vastu Direction

The children’s room, like the bedroom, has a special importance in the family. Creating a favorable environment for children’s growth and well-being is a priority for many. In the context of west-facing houses, following the principles of Vastu becomes crucial in designing a child’s room.

For children’s rooms in west-facing houses, it is recommended to consider the south, west or northwest direction. It is believed that these directions have a favorable flow of energy, which positively contributes to the development of children’s presence in space and the overall experience.

Living Room Vastu Direction

Vastu Tips For House Pooja Room

The south direction is often associated with stability and progress, which can balance a child’s growth. The western direction, Vastu, means creativity and innovation.

By placing a child’s room on the west side of the house, you can potentially encourage their imagination and artistic inclinations. Similarly, the northwest direction is associated with opportunities and mentorship. This course can help children develop qualities such as communication and adaptability. By designing their room this way, you can create an environment that supports their learning and social interaction. Placement of stairs in West facing houses according to Vastu

Living Room Vastu Direction

In the vastu areas of west-facing houses, the position of stairs occupies an important place in the master layout. Let’s delve into the new guidelines for installing stairs according to Vastu principles:

East Facing House

Internal staircase for houses to the west. An internal staircase not only gives a special note to the aesthetics of the house, but also requires careful attention during its installation. In Vastu, it is recommended that internal stairs should be oriented from east to west or north to south. These orientations are believed to promote a harmonious flow of energy in the home. However, deviations from these instructions can lead to negative consequences, including a negative impact on the health of the population. Therefore, following the recommended guidelines is essential to ensure the well-being of the family members inside.

Living Room Vastu Direction

External staircase for houses facing west. Installing an outdoor staircase also carries significant weight

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