Living Room Wood Flooring

Living Room Wood Flooring – This modern living space has lots of windows and a brick fireplace. A palm tree and zebra print rug add tropical organic contrast to industrial shelves and exposed metal roof supports, while wood flooring helps pull this hip look together. , lives in the city.

Before decorating, furnishing or renovating a room, there must be enough space. When chosen carefully, the best flooring options will provide years of great looks, durability and comfort.

Living Room Wood Flooring

Living Room Wood Flooring

When choosing a floor, a little homework goes a long way. You’ll want to consider the style of the home, your budget, the amount of wear and tear you expect, and the look and feel you want to achieve. From simple wood flooring to stone or concrete, living room flooring options are numerous and offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

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As styles change, so do our options, says architect Bob Wetmore of Cornerstone Architects. “With the development of the soft modern movement, we often design painted concrete floors or cleaned wood floors,” he said. “We also like to use cork floors, which are very durable to walk on and keep your feet warm in the winter.”

Living Room Wood Flooring

One advantage of working with a trusted architect or contractor is that they can quickly help you narrow down your options. But whether you go it alone or hire a professional, experts agree on one thing: Don’t make decisions based on a small sample in the showroom. See how it looks on a larger scale.

“Compare samples side-by-side and try to see the product in an actual installation,” says architect Robert Tuthill. “Seeing the ground as a whole composition is sometimes very different from seeing it as a small sample.”

Living Room Wood Flooring

Best Plank Floor

And, of course, once you’ve chosen the materials, proper installation is key. A firm, strong and important ground should look like this. Especially in living rooms, a decorative rug serves to anchor the furniture, but the floor material is the foundation upon which the rest of the room stands.

When renovating an old house, luck sometimes smiles on those brave enough to throw away a corner of worn-out old carpet: there may be pristine wood underneath, which can often be sanded, painted and sealed. With so many stain color options, the floor and room in general can be made to look fresh, polished, and updated with little effort and expense. There isn’t a large pool of workers, and you can’t buy expensive items. There is great satisfaction in doing so much with so little.

Living Room Wood Flooring

But what if your wood floors are damaged or need to be extended? A practical and economical option is to combine them. “Make the most of what you have,” advises architect Carol Sunström. “If you have hardwood, consider matching and refinishing. I prefer large continuous areas of one material rather than different materials on the floor in each room, which reminds me of a patchwork quilt.”

Light Wood Floors, Light Colored Engineered Wood Flooring.| Barlinek

If you want to start from scratch, you can expand your horizons a little. There are hardwood options that are perfect for your space, giving off age and patina. “We love the warmth of the reclaimed pine,” says Jane Frederick of Frederick + Frederick Architects. “It’s sustainable because it’s recycled from old beams from demolished buildings. The slabs are 8 inches by 12 inches wide—the patina is beautiful.”

Living Room Wood Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpeting is still a popular choice in bedrooms, not so much in living rooms. Designer Rachel Oliver says, “Unless my client specifically requests it, I never use wall-to-wall carpeting in high-traffic or public areas. “They’re generally less expensive than wood, and many styles are easier to clean, but they can absorb odors, liquids, and stain in high-traffic areas.”

However, Oliver has a trick to take advantage of the cozy feeling that wall-to-wall carpeting provides: In addition to the rugs he likes to spread around the space, he sometimes cuts the rug and ties it to the desired size. A bedroom – it provides all the comfort of a carpet, but is easier to remove, clean or replace.

Living Room Wood Flooring

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As for the right size, Oliver recommends stretching a large rug 12 to 24 inches around the perimeter of the room. “It offers a uniform, clean look,” he says.

“The right rug can give any home an upscale look, regardless of price,” he says. “There are indoor/outdoor rugs that are soft enough for babies and even children to play on. Natural jute, seaweed, and sisal rugs are popular, but can be hard on bare feet.”

Living Room Wood Flooring

“Stone has a strong, idealistic feel that tends to work in public spaces,” says Robert Tuth. A stone floor isn’t just for certain architectural styles (think old-world great rooms or spacious modern spaces), it’s perfectly appropriate and beautiful, and in some cases it can be very regional. . With natural tones and features formed in the earth years ago, a stone floor is a sophisticated, unique and highly durable option. . This can be one of the more expensive options.

Luxury Vinyl Living Room Flooring

Using natural stones such as marble, slate, travertine or limestone requires careful installation. Cracks, chips, and stains Depending on the type of stone used, certain hazards can occur if the area is not properly prepared. Remember, stone flooring is cool in hot weather and completely cool in cold weather.

Living Room Wood Flooring

Minimalism and industrial chic options make the use of concrete a great choice for interior spaces that have moved beyond the garage and into the home. . Painting, staining, scratching, and polishing—just a few of the options available—can dramatically transform an existing concrete slab at relatively low cost. These floors can handle anything, but the opposite is also true: most people can’t handle them. If you drop something on a concrete floor, it is likely to get damaged. This material is not distributed, but it is not a concern in living rooms that we do not frequent.

Also, “concrete floors are inherently sound reflective,” says Bob Wetmore, who advises careful consideration of the placement of sound-absorbing materials such as rugs, drapes, and furniture. “But the advantages of concrete floors are their durability and practicality. With the right adhesives, cleaning is usually all that’s needed with a damp mop.”

Living Room Wood Flooring

Beautiful Wood Flooring

Whether choosing the warmth and pattern of wood, the beauty of stone, the freshness of concrete, or another type of flooring that speaks to you and the architecture of your home, weigh the pros and cons and get expert advice. Finally, if you regret your choice, throw a rug over it. You might as well do it anyway.

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Living Room Wood Flooring

Handcrafted locally in the foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. Add a unique look to your project with reclaimed and vintage flooring options.

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Looking for a better option than cashier and flooring you can trust? You found it. Find out how our process is different.

Living Room Wood Flooring

Located in Sevierville, TN, Tennessee Wood Flooring is a family business that manufactures unique, high quality hardwood flooring in Tennessee! Our American-made hardwood floors are available in a variety of woods, colors, finishes, and sizes to ensure our products look their best in their final environment.

Unlike many hardwood flooring products found in big box stores, our hardwood products are designed to last for years, including the strengths found in retail and industrial environments. From the modern hardwood found in commercial apartment buildings in California to the rustic reclaimed barn wood used in the living rooms of Tennessee homes, our hardwood products are custom-made for each customer.

Living Room Wood Flooring

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Tennessee Wood Flooring is a versatile manufacturing company. Due to the ever-changing housing market and rising lumber prices, we are proud to offer Tennessee Story Book Cottage packages. Every day we continue to do what we love, creating unique wood products that money can buy using the highest levels of creativity and craftsmanship. Our storybook cabins are built by the Casey family of Gatlinburg/Sevierville Tennessee. Clean stains and dirt from your engineered wood with this expert guide. Designed for flooring that instantly warms a room without compromising character, the flooring is high quality, durable and very easy to clean.

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