Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog – Scan…Hand…Repeat – an apt description I read on a breast cancer website. Living with metastatic breast cancer is like a never-ending story.

I was in shock when I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer / metastatic breast cancer on my back. It all stemmed from constant pain in my back, which turned out to be a compression fracture of my spine. My oncologist saw me and said he would see me in a year. After nine years I seemed to have dropped off the radar. Three weeks later, to his surprise, I was back. A PET scan confirmed that the cancer had spread.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

After I recovered a bit from the initial shock, the doctor told me that although my condition was not curable, it was manageable. Ironically, I feel no pain. My treatment started immediately – Ibrance (taken orally) plus Faslodex and Xgeva (both monthly injections). I am two years into my new routine of monthly appointments and quarterly scans.

Woman With Advanced Breast Cancer Focuses On Quality Of Life With Chronic Condition

The roller coaster ride has begun. I feel relieved when I go to the doctor and find that my blood is fine. When I have a scan appointment, I worry until I have it and get the results, which so far have shown me to be stable. Then I wonder when it might change.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Other than that, my life hasn’t changed much as a result of my diagnosis. I gave up golf because I wasn’t sure about the sensitivity of my back. I spent this time doing other things like traveling, making cards, and working out at the gym. I still run a local cancer support group that I founded in 2011.

This plan worked well for about a year until the pandemic hit. Again my life has changed a lot. There was no travel. There was no contact with family or friends. No more personal training at the gym. My going out was limited to doctor visits and grocery shopping. My support group hasn’t met in person in over a year. I provide monthly email updates.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Stage 4 Cancer: Treatment, Survival Rates, And Support

My condition has improved a bit lately. Now that I’ve been vaccinated, I’m slowly allowing myself to eat out and meet friends. My husband and I plan to travel to Tennessee this summer for a family reunion with our children and grandchildren. This is the first time since December 2019 that we will all be together.

We all have to find our way out of our situations. I can’t define cancer as who I am. Like I said, my current situation hasn’t really changed my life. However, it inspired me to think about what is important to me and how I want to live my life.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

I am still a positive person. I still want to make a difference in other people’s lives even as I continue to scan, manipulate and repeat.

Stage 1 Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatments, And Prognosis

Next What no one says about self-care What to put in your chemotherapy bag “A stage IV cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down. However, despite the obstacles that come with stage IV, many people with the disease continue to thrive for many years. You are more than you evaluate. We are stage IV breast cancer patients living our “chest” day and night. Continue our breast cancer journey as we navigate through the good, bad and weird moments of stage IV. We would also like to invite other Stage IV recipients to share their stories and connect with the countless women around the world who understand what you are going through and are here to support you.” -SAMMIE, Level 4

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Hello wonderful people! My name is Sammy and I was diagnosed with stage IV METS breast cancer in the lung. I’m a breast cancer blogger at Learn Look Locate and I’m here to help. Let’s go through Phase 4 together.

I am Tricia Irene and I have been living with stage 4 de novo metastatic breast cancer since April 2019. My goal is to turn my diagnosis into as many opportunities as possible and to inform others about the changes I’m making. Whether you have cancer or not, I’d love to have you on my journey! I promise it will be great!

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Pembrolizumab For Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hi, I’m Gina. I am under 40 and living with stage 4 breast cancer. Contrary to popular belief, there is life after stage 4!

I was told it was a chronic disease that could be treated, so I decided to get it under control. I was diagnosed at the end of 2014 and in addition to taking aromatase inhibitors, I started dealing with it immediately … I changed my diet, managed my stress levels, took remove toxins from my home. I found myself changing in the environment in which I lived. The cancer had progressed. I have seen immediate improvement and my scans have been clear since 2016!

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Leslie Ferris Yerger is a Tedx speaker, author of Probably Benign, and founder of In November 2017, Leslie was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer after a mammogram and ultrasound that came back clear. Now she’s committed to leading the next generation in breast cancer prevention so her story won’t be yours.

Breast Cancer Resources, Real Stories, And Support You Need

My name is Lori. In 1998, when I was 34, I went for a lump test and was told I was too young for breast cancer. Four months later, I was diagnosed with de novo metastatic ductal breast cancer (ER/PR+, HER2-) that had spread to one breast and all of my lumbar vertebrae, my left hip, and the top of my left femur.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Alisha, from Australia. For me, owning my judgment is the biggest thing. I have always admitted and said that I have cancer, but cancer will never affect me. I will not let this disease stop me from following my dreams and achieving my goals. I will not leave or lie down to waste my time on this earth.

Hi, I’m Jamie, 42 years old and was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2018. I’m a single Filipino flying here in San Diego, California where I get my treatment and I have to say that it is a very scary and challenging journey! I use the pen name “Jaymee Wins” when I write my books, create online content, and inspire the world with my story. To me, self-remembering is seeing the glass as half full even in difficult times and celebrating the little things in everyday life. Having stage 4 cancer at a young age is definitely not fun, but with the right support, consistent willpower, faithful prayers, lots of self-care, and a daily dose of humor on your side, you can succeed.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Video: Highlights In The Latest Treatments For Metastatic Breast Cancer

My name is Fran Brian from UK. I had primary cancer at 35, had a mastectomy, chemo radiation and reconstruction, then took tamoxifen for 5 years.

This site is intended to be an authentic haven for Level 4 throwers. Our goal is to start a global movement and change the conversation about Level 4. We hope this page will be a source of hope and optimism, as well as a resource to connect others around the world as they navigate their Stage 4 diagnosis.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

With curated news and features on metastatic breast cancer research, Metastatic Trial Talk provides you with information about the latest clinical trials, research and treatment options that you can share and discuss with your doctor.

Encouraging Cancer Quotes For Patients To Inspire Hope

The mission of Imerman Angels is to bring comfort, support and understanding to all cancer fighters, survivors, past survivors, and caregivers through personal, face-to-face connections. face with someone. Connect with them to find an angel to help you on your journey through Level 4.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Learn more about Locket, LLC © Copyright 2019 – 2021 | All rights reserved Privacy Policy | Terms and conditions: At age 35, before most women start getting screening mammograms, Kate Watson was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. The disease had spread to several other places in his body, including some lymph nodes in his chest and cancerous spots in his spine, pelvis and thigh bones.

“It was terrifying. I remember thinking, ‘This can’t possibly be happening,'” recalls Kate, whose two young daughters, Audrey and Olivia, four and two, were at the time “I have a very healthy lifestyle. I exercise. I have never smoked. I have no family history of breast cancer.

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

Inspiring Breast Cancer Instagram Accounts

Kate, the day she finished her sixth and final treatment with one of her chemotherapy drugs. He then switched to his current medication combination, where he had fewer side effects. (Courtesy of Kate Watson)

“How was I among eight women who developed breast cancer and the 10 percent who had stage 4?

Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Blog

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