Local Grants For Small Businesses

Local Grants For Small Businesses – UPDATE: Applications will be accepted until Friday, February 5 at the end of activities. The Application Review Committee will then proceed with the necessary follow-up and processing procedures. If there is additional money, a second round of grants will be announced and opened.

Small businesses in the New River Valley have access to up to $15,000 in small business grants to help combat the effects of the COVID19 pandemic. Floyd, Giles, Pulaski and Montgomery counties jointly created a $1.6 million regional grant fund, known as the New River Valley Small Business Resilience Grant, to support the recovery and resiliency efforts of small businesses in the region after the outbreak of COVID19. Funding for these grants was provided by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development as part of a community development block grant to help areas mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the regional economy. Because of this source of funding, they are unable to offer grants to businesses located in the cities of Blacksburg and Christiansburg, as well as the town of Radford.

Local Grants For Small Businesses

Grants of up to $15,000 are awarded to eligible businesses in the region to offset business impacts. This grant program will be administered by Giles County, on behalf of its surrounding communities, under the oversight of a regional application review committee and project management team.

Small Business Grant Program

Eligible expenses include: rent or mortgage payments (up to 6 months, between March 12, 2020 and the date of application), expenses paid that were directly related to COVID-19, from March 12, 2020 from the date of application, equipment purchased since March 12, 2020 to conduct operations to help businesses maintain social / physical distancing, PPE Expenses for employees or customers, purchased since March 12, 2020 and used in the business location to conduct business operations, technology or subscriptions to help inform the ongoing work public health situation, supplies or cleaning or port services.

Eligible businesses are those whose principal place of business is located in one of the following counties: Floyd County and towns within, Giles County and towns within, Montgomery County except Blacksburg and Christiansburg, Pulaski County and towns within. The business is locally or regionally owned and must be located in the Newydd River Valley. They have 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees (40 hours per week) at the date of application. The business was operational on March 12, 2020 and is realizing a direct negative impact from COVID-19 (e.g. lost revenue, reduced sales, closed or suspended operations, reduced employment or business interruption). They have eligible expenses that are not already covered by other CARES funding or any other source of supportive funding (e.g. PPP, local COVID-related grants, Virginia Reconstruction grants, etc.), and must be up-to-date on all fees, licenses and taxes in March. 1, 2020

The application is available online at gilescounty.org and hard copies are available at county and city government buildings in our area. Interested businesses are encouraged to contact their local tourist board to discuss eligibility and answer any questions. Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed with funding being distributed on an ongoing basis.

You can learn more about the NRV Small Business grant on the AM Hodge Podge show on January 30, 2021.

Grants For Small Businesses The Top Ways To Maximize Your Grant Funding Potial

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Eight Small Local Businesses Awarded $5,000 Grants Through Starter Company Plus Program — Ptbocanada

No matter what type of small business you have, there are grants available to help your business grow. Read on for details on 21 grant options and databases.

Small business grants offer money to grow your business in a variety of ways. In many cases, you can use grants for things like operations, marketing, or expanding your team. Knowing which programs you may be eligible for is essential so you can start applying.

In this article, we will cover the basics of grants and give you tips on how to get more.

Small Business Grants are seed money given to entrepreneurs to grow their business. Grant money is considered “gifted” and you don’t need to pay it back. Sometimes you may have to pay tax on the amounts received, so take this into account and speak to a tax professional.

Counties Race To Get Grants To Small Businesses • The Times Journal In Condon, Oregon

Tip: Search through grant databases, such as GrantWatch, to find grants available in your area. GrantWatch is an online hub for over 26,000 grants in the US and Canada where you can easily browse various funding opportunities by filtering your specifications.

A loan is finance that you have to pay back to the creditor who lent you the money. A grant, on the other hand, is money “given” that you don’t need to pay back.

You will need to apply for grants and loans, but applying for a loan takes into account your ability to repay the money while applying for a grant takes into account your merit as it relates to the rules of the grant.

There are many types of grants available to small business owners and they are grouped into four main categories. Your eligibility for these grants will depend on your products and services, how you own your business, and your company’s mission.

Microbusiness Grant Program Accepting Applications

There are many grants available for entrepreneurs. Seek funding from the following sources to help your business. These grants were available at the time of publication and may no longer be available.

The US Department of Health and Human Resources created Grants.gov in 2002. It is an e-government program managed by the Office of Management and Budget. The program provides resources and support for grant seekers to find and receive funding.

The website allows you to search for federal grants and check your eligibility before applying. You can also track your grant applications after they have been submitted.

Although some grants have conditions such as industry, type of business, size and location, your local chamber of commerce should be able to connect you with grants that are appropriate for your situation. Their team can also provide funding services, advice and resources for your small business.

Big Companies Offer Emergency Funding For Small Businesses

The Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) is a competitive grant program for small businesses. This program helps fund entrepreneurs in the research and development industry to support science and technology innovation.

A solid business plan is essential before applying. A plan will explain the direction of your business and how it can benefit your community.

Technology transfer programs for small businesses are similar to SBIRs but focus on the technology industry. This grant is given to businesses in the technology industry.

FedEx is running a Small Business Grant competition to provide funding for aspiring entrepreneurs. The competition is tough, with almost 18,000 applicants for the tenth annual scholarship in 2022.

New Grants Up To $25,000 For Women Business By She Boss Talk

This grant is open to small business models whose story is “worth telling,” so if you’re thinking of applying, identify what makes your business unique.

The National Association of the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grant was established in 2006. Over the years, NASE has awarded approximately $1,000,000 to entrepreneurs to help them grow small businesses.

You must be a NASE member to apply for this grant, but winners can receive up to $4,000 to fund marketing, team growth, and other needs.

There are a number of small business grants just for women, and more appear every year to tackle financial inequity.

Grants For Small Businesses The Types You Can Expect

WomensNet founded the Amber Grant Foundation in 1998. Its mission is to help women small business owners finance their dreams in honor of Amber Wigdahl, one of the grantees.

According to WomensNet, the first week of each month, $10,000 is awarded to a woman who follows her entrepreneurial passion, from “scientific inventors to bakers.” At the end of each year, it also awards $25,000 to a woman.

Each year, the Live Your Dream Foundation awards $2.1 million in educational funds to women on behalf of Soroptimist International. This foundation focuses on women who have survived sexual violence or other traumatic events.

The Live Your Dream Foundation offers programs and funding that help women gain confidence, develop their careers, and overcome unexpected situations. While prizes range from $1,000 to $10,000, becoming an international finalist allows winners to receive a maximum of approximately $16,000.

Types Of Small Business Grants You Should Know About

This grant program is for sustainable, environmentally friendly, women-owned businesses around the world. Cartier offers three types of funding: regional awards, awards for diversity, equity and inclusion, and awards for innovators in science and technology.

The American Association of University Women not only offers academic and research scholarships, but also career development scholarships for women seeking change.

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