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Local Seo Services For Businesses – Fifty or more percent of searches these days never make it to the search engine results page. This depends on the information the business has added to their Google My Business pages. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Local SEO means nothing to small businesses, and there is no single company platform (Google My Business) that has a huge impact on which businesses are visible and which are not. The following posts briefly explain what you need to do to achieve a good ranking.

Below are the key features that can improve your Google Maps ranking. Local SEO is only one part of SEO, but many of the things you do in local SEO must be in place for more advanced SEO tasks. If your budget allows for limited SEO tasks and you are a local business, you should first meet the local SEO requirements and work on your 2nd page SEO website. And then some more. The following tasks must be completed in the order in which they are…

Local Seo Services For Businesses

GMB has many categories to choose from and you can choose more than one for your business. Make sure all your services and products are featured in the categories you choose. As the main category option, select the category that best fits your entire offer. Then add other subcategories. The category options may not always match your product or service, but be sure to choose the closest option available. If you’re not sure which primary and secondary categories to choose, check out the competitive categories to get some insight.

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Pizza Restaurant has “Pizza Restaurant” as its main category, “Italian Restaurant” and “Restaurant” as secondary categories. The order of the secondary categories may not seem important, but choosing the right primary category is more important.

You need to choose the best name for your GMB Listing because it is the most important factor for your Google Maps ranking. GMB rules that your official business name must appear in this field. You can add any keywords you want. The official GMB rules state: “Your name must clearly reflect the name of your business on your storefront, website, stationery and as customers know it.”

In the website field, you can add your business website. Also a contact page, menu page and more. can be added. This website address information is needed so that Google can automatically collect other important information from your website. Below are some important things you need to rank higher on Google Maps…

Most web designers are not SEO experts. They look for the look and feel of your work or marketing partner to make sure everything is in place. If the above information is set incorrectly, it will harm the search engine results.

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If you find these violations, please contact Google to change or remove them. Everyone should play the game fairly.

Directories put your name, address and phone number on them. You can personally visit over 100 directories and edit each one yourself or with local SEO partners to help you. Many directories get their information from aggregators. If they have information about you, it’s not right on your GMB or your website, or it’s hurting your SEO. Local SEO partners have sophisticated software that collects the information contained on your GMB page and website and ensures that it is shared with data aggregators and the most important internet directories. The more information you provide to Google, the more information Google can provide to its searchers, and the higher it will “rank” you in its results.

These are some of the most common fields that most business owners will find on the Info tab of their GMB dashboard…

Some categories of businesses will see more or fewer fields, but these represent the most common ones. Fill in as much information as possible for each field. The more detailed information you can provide, the better your ranking will be. The business name and the categories you choose are the most important of these. You want this information so that people can use it and understand you better. It’s not all about SEO. It can also be about convincing a prospect to call you or try your business.

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Online reviews are important in many ways. One is that people want to see that a large selection of people who work with you like their experience. They want to see that your reviews aren’t dusty and that you get good reviews every month. The text of reviews is sometimes included in Google Maps results if it matches or is related to the keyword used in the search. So it’s reasonable to conclude that the more reviews you have, the better your chances of matching certain search phrases. It is very important to respond and view good and bad comments. If you respond, they’ll know that your customers care about the reviews they leave, and that tells Google that you’re a good candidate for improving their search rankings. Asking all your customers to review you and then responding to reviews is a great way to help your local SEO.

Conventional SEO wisdom holds that more direct posts on GMB will increase your local SEO rankings. The more you use Google’s GMB platform for listings, the more local search rankings you’ll be rewarded with. If you don’t post regularly on GMB every week, the effect of posting will wear off over time. Again, local SEO partners have sophisticated tools added to GMB to make this process easier.

Adding photos to your posts shows people your goods and services over time and is a great way to convert prospects into customers. Perhaps more importantly, Google says that “submitting and updating business information on Google My Business will help your business rank locally and improve your presence in Search and Maps.” Google wants you to have more photos than your competitors, but they don’t want them all taken on the same day. He wants to add them once a week or as you add them to your posts over time. Better yet, it shows the true story of your business in photos over time, as it turns into one big photo dump of how your business is doing on a day-to-day basis. Metadata added to photos when they are submitted is important to help you as well.

People can randomly ask public questions on your list and anyone can answer. Anyone can say anything in a Q&A, so you have to watch them and answer them quickly and accurately. You can use it yourself and turn it into an FAQ-style bar on your business profile. Google says… “include frequently asked questions in your listing so that users who find your business on Google Search and Google Maps can get quick answers to common customer questions.” The information in your Q&A helps direct searches for your business, so just like with reviews, the more questions and answers you have, the better for showing up in searches.

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Without the right software, it can be difficult to see what you’re doing in different locales. You need to visit different local areas and search for keywords in each of them to see how you rank. A good LOCAL SEO provider can prove to help with reports that show you and your competition’s position. A graphic like the one below, but with more detailed business information, shows what you’re doing in certain areas of town….

Like any other SEO, Main Street Marketing has yet to see a small business that can outsource SEO or Local SEO on its own. Not once…NOT ONE…NOT EVEN CLOSE since we started in 2006. You need help to achieve the desired results. You need someone who knows how to do it all together. Someone who can come up with an affordable way to put the right information in the right places to change the search results. Main Street Marketing has developed a Local SEO service that all small businesses can afford. The Local Marketing Essentials package combines GMB updates, citation management, online reviews and website marketing to give your business a competitive edge locally. If you’re ready for more serious local marketing, you’ll want to upgrade to our Internet Presence Package. > More details

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